After high blood pressure,Food, which must not be touched,Speak clearly immediately!

Hypertension is h?common cardiovascular disease.It is characterized by high pr?valence, high disability and high mortality.This is because that high blood pressure h?Often target organs such as the heart, Brain, Kidney and peripheral blood vesselscan dig.This feltseriously harms people’s health.In everyone’s general concept, is hypertension a disease?elderly people,Middle-aged people only and?Elderly people will suffer.It is therefore self-evident?finally to believe that young people do not get high blood pressure.However, the statistics of recent years clearly show thathypertension is getting younger,Even teenagers k?may have high blood pressure.Although high blood pressure is partly related to age?ngt,Factors like mind, However, the environment and lifestyle also have a major impact.en influence on it.

Since many friends have high blood pressure,So, what should we do,To check the blood pressure stability?t?Today we will summarize which foods patients with high blood pressure should not touch!

1. Smoking and drinking

If you have high blood pressure, Dyslipid?suffer from mia and other diseases,The doctor recommends quit smokingand reduce the alcohol contentthank.This means, that,Do you have to quit smoking?ren,Alcohol can in moderationto be drunkBut not over the top.No matter what kind of wine,The main ingredient is alcohol,So we have to control alcohol consumptionAnd different winesThe alcohol content is also different,and so,When drinking alcohol, be sure to pay attention to the alcohol content of each wine.It is usually recommended for patients with high blood pressureDo not drink more than 50 ml of alcohol per day.Rice wine or red wine does not exceed 100 ml per day,Beer does not exceed 250 ml.Alcohol has a high alcohol content,When drinking, pay more attention toCan’t drink too much.Naturally,Patients with high blood pressure,You k?we drink, without drinking.

2. Salty food

For all friends with high blood pressure,You must never eat foods like cucumber,In addition to cucumbers,High salt foods like Korean kimchi and salted fish,Shouldn’t be eatenThe doctor will often remind usPatients with high blood pressure need to control their salt intake.Do you pay attention to the easy Ern?leadership,This is by no means alarmingFor friends with heavy tasteOnce you have high blood pressureYou need to pay more attention for your own foodcontrol management,Always stay away from pickled foods like pickles.You should also control the amount of salt, when you cook at home.Not too much.

3. Foods high in cholesterol and fat

In order to avoid, eating too much cholesterol, Patients with high blood pressure Eating animal by-products should be strictly nkt.High fat foods k?Cannot be eaten by high blood pressure patients.Like lardFat cattle and other foods.To much fat,Fat easily settles on the W?nd the blood vessels.He?do you hen the viscosity?t of blood.To prevent the further development of high blood pressure,Or bring other illnessesThese high-fat foods should be consumed sparingly.

4th Spicy food

For hypertensive patientsSpicy and irritating foods are not good for controlling blood pressure.It can also lead to that the blood pressure continues to rise.Bring you a host of side effects.therefore,People with high blood pressure,You should be eating less of these spicy foods in your life,Like chilli,Onion,Mustard,Ginger,Garlic etc.,W?bright light,Eat nutritious foods.

In summary: to the di?tetic conditioning of hypertensive patients,It is not enough, just a “low-salt Di?t “to be followed.In addition to controlling salt,Adequate and healthy dietsleadership,It is also very important for those with high blood pressure.Some healthy lifestyles, that we usually talk aboutIt is also important for patients with high blood pressure toMore importantly.Final?end I have to emphasizeDon’t expect to eat one or more foods, to lower blood pressure.There is no food which can effectively lower blood pressure.We value healthy eating habits and structure.The aim is the general adaptation of the Ganzk?body functions.W?while it helps to stabilize blood pressure,It also helps Reduce cardiovascular disease and other health risks from high blood pressure.

I wish you a healthy K?rper in 2019,Genius?e life

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