Asymptomatic hypertension is more terrible,Remind the young people Measure blood pressure!

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Original title: Asymptomatic hypertension is more terrible,Remind the young people Measure blood pressure!

Hypertension refers to a chronic, non-communicable disease, which is characterized by a systolic blood pressure ≥ 140 mmHg and a diastolic blood pressure ≥ 90 mmHg.Patients are often asymptomatic in the early stages,Or just dizziness A headache, Palpitations, Have tinnitus and other symptoms.

At the surfaceche,Is it your own?permanent illness,Is it ts?an important risk factor for the heart, cerebrovascular?re and nephropathy.If it’s not properly controlled does it get sickCauses diseases like stroke, Myocardial infarction and kidney failure,In severe F?llen can a pl?fatal death occur.Roughlyhr 70% of fatalitieslle by stroke and approx?hr 50% of fatalitiesll myocardial infarction in China is closely related to high blood pressure.

3/4 of the young and medium-sized patients with hypertension

According to the National Health Commission in 2016, the Pr?valence of high blood pressure in adults 18 years and older in China?> 25 years.2%,Number of patients 2.700 million,Every year there are 2 million deathslle attributed to high blood pressure.Chronic disease surveillance data show this in adult hypertensive patientsMore than 3/4 are young and middle-aged,AndThe incidence rate is increasing faster than witH?elderly people.In Erg?nzung,The proportion of people whose blood pressure is normal, increasit.It is an important source of the rapid increase in the number of high blood pressure patients in China and the main reason for the continued increase in pr?valence.

High blood pressure “targets” young people whoThis has some relation to genetic factors,However, the main reason is the unscientific and unhealthy life and eating habits of young people.Don’t worry about weight eat for “strong taste”,excessive sodium intake, Love of fried foods, fatty meat, etc.Do you eat more?saturated fat?uren, h?frequent or excessive drinking, long-term smoking, irregular work and rest,Persistent nervousness?t.These important factors which lead to high blood pressure are more or less present in most young people’s lives.

Asymptomatic high blood pressure is more terrible

He?hter blood pressure is actually a vital index, a vital sign.Suffer from high blood pressureMany people have symptomsBut some people just don’t feelSuch people are they?most honest.When you feel that your blood pressure is high and you feel unwell,Explainren you that this is your K?rper is who protects himself.If you can’t feel itIt is m?resembled that high blood pressure the organs?digt.As K?can these people as early as m?like finding blood pressure problems?It is actually quite simple,Blood pressure should be measured regularly!


Normal adults over 18 have blood pressure at least every 2 years.


blood pressure is measured once a year over the age of 35.


Systolic pressure 130-139 mmHg,People with a diastolic blood pressure of 85-89 mmHg are anf?llig for high blood pressure.The blood pressure was measured every 6 months.

Twice is a bit dizzyBe vigilant!

Dizziness is that h?Most common symptom of high blood pressure.And has high blood pressure dizziness during the day?really time to gather.Because high blood pressure has two peaksThey are 6-10 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.W?during these two periodsume blood pressure will riseTherefore, the likelihood of dizziness will greatly increase during this time.Patients with high blood pressure should during these two periodspay special attention.

Heart rate is over 80,Danger!

2016 ver?published the Europ?Ische Society for Hypertension to reach consensus on the treatment of patients with hypertension and increasehter heart rate.Heart rate should be used as an important indicator in a comprehensive evaluation of high blood pressure patients.However, very few people with high blood pressure in China currently watch their heart rate.Often ignore?doctors and patients have heart rate problems.

The heart rate is a pr?dictator for the activation of the sympathetic nerve.Rising heart rate means excessive activation of the sympathetic nerves.It can be high blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis, Heart failure, etc. f?rdern.Therefore, an increasing heart rate is an independent?ngiger pr?cardiovascular doctor?re events.Patients with Gew?similar hypertension,Heart rate management is required when the heart rate is 80 beats?ge per minute.Patients with high blood pressure combined with coronary artery disease or heart failure, whose heart rate is 70 beats?ge per minute exceeds however, need to undergo heart rate intervention.

Massage 5 points, to help lower blood pressure


Baihui Point is on the head of the human K?rpers.The top center of the headThe acupuncture points k?selectedbe held by moving the midpoint of the line between the two ears straight up.

Baihui Point,Also known as “Three Yangs and Five Meetings”,It is the intersection of the three Yang of H?nd and feelen, of the Governor’s Canal and the Liver Meridian of Fu? Jueyin.Modern research shows that massaging Baihui can regulate the function of diastolic and contraction of capillaries,Relieve arterial spasm,To achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure.

Quchi Point

When taking Quchi acupuncture points The patient should sit upright, bent the elbow,The deepening on?u?er end of the elbow strip is the quchi point.

Quchi Point,It is the combined point of the Shouyangming Colon Meridian.Quchi has the function To dispel wind Relieve pain, W?rm to remove and the surfaceche to alleviate.Traditional Chinese medicine treats h?often high blood pressure, Sore throat, Upper Limb Pain?en, Numbness and other diseases.Modern research shows the massage Quchi acupuncture point,By improving the function of the vascular endothelium, slow down the process of atherosclerosis,This in turn leads to a decrease in blood pressure.


When you earn Hegu Points,?open a handThumbs up,Use the horizontal strips in the middle of the thumb, to point to the tiger’s mouth with the other hand.Thumbs down,The point, that the tip of the thumb reaches is the searched Hegu point.

Hegu-H?hey,It is the original point of the Shouyangming Colon Meridian.It is an important hub for the movement of qi and blood.Massaging hegu points can balance qi and blood, the meridians and collaterals kl?ren, Qi and resuscitation f?it has a good effect on pain, Fever, mental illness, etc.

Taichong Point

The Taichong point is on the back of the depression in front of the first and second metatarsus?node.

Taichong Point,It is the Shu point and the original point of the liver meridian of Fu? Jueyin.It has the effect to calm the liver wind, to revitalize the spleen and moisture, blood circulation to f?and relieve pain.It is the basic point for treating high blood pressure.It can also be used to treat cerebrovascular?ren diseases, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, etc. be used.Modern research shows that stimulate the effect of the Taichong point, to improve blood pressure.The antihypertensive effect?Not only is it similar to some clinical antihypertensive drugs.And the effect is usually l?longer.

Hegu and Taichong go?ren to the original acupuncture points.The combination of Hegu and Taichong is called the “four gates”.The two rise and fall one gut and the other,One yin and one yang one qi and one blood,The coordinated use has the functions of viscera, Yin and yang, Qi and blood.

Zusanli Point

When taking Zusanli acupuncture pointsDo you press with the palm of your hand?che on the top of the knee.The tip of the middle finger down,Are you pointing outwards?en.

Zusanli Point,It is the main point of the foot-Yangming gastric meridian.It has the function Regulate the spleen and stomach, to revitalize the center and replenish the qi and the meridians and collaterals etc. to eliminate.This acupuncture point has been known as a famous acupuncture point for curing all kinds of illnesses and for stk?rpers.Massage Zusanli can regulate gastrointestinal function,Inhibit nerve excitement,Low blood pressure,It has always been used to treat high blood pressure.

Specific massage method

The thread fl?The surface of the finger belly is placed vertically on the acupuncture point.Focus on acupuncture points,Press rhythmically and work together with kneading movements,The range concernsgt approx. 2cm,When massaging, the fingertips are at the acupuncture points close to the surface of the skin.che, without moving.From easy to difficultDo you take local pain and r?everyday skin.The massage points are performed in the following order: Baihui, Quchi, Hegu, Zusanli and Taichong.Massage each point for 6 minutes each time.30 minutes in total,Do it once every morning and evening.

To be carefulAcupuncture massage is only used as an aid to lowering blood pressure.Patients take western medicine orally, are not allowed to stop the medicine themselves.

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