【Basic medical and health】 knowledge of the test?vention and treatment of high blood pressure

1. Knowledge of the pr?vention and treatment of high blood pressure

1.What is high blood pressure?

Without antihypertensive drugs,Systolic blood pressure ≥ 140 mmHg at rest,And (or) diastolic blood pressure ≥ 90 mmHg can be diagnosed as hypertension.Patients with receivedhter hypertension k?However, they can only be diagnosed once.The blood pressure must be three times higher than the normal standard on different days.It can be diagnosed.

2.The dangers of high blood pressure

Does hypertension mainly cause?chlich Sch?to the heart cerebrovascular?rem, Kidney and eye fundus.Stroke, Heart disease and kidney failure are h?common complications of high blood pressure.Disability and high death rate,The damage is serious.

3.Symptoms of high blood pressure

In the early stages of hypertension, symptoms are often asymptomatic or mild.Often get sick quietly and emergency?ll causeRecognized as the “silent M?rder “.The h?most common symptoms are headache, Dizziness; easy to tire,Irritable,Inattention.

4thWho is anf?llig for high blood pressure?

overweight or obesity, eat too much salt, drink too much alcohol, Smoking and sedentary lifestyle are the main risk factors for increased health.had blood pressure.People with one or more of the above diseases suffer from h?more often from high blood pressure.

5.What exams should patients with high blood pressure do?

Blood lipids, Blood sugar, Urinary routine and kidney function should be checkedTo fully evaluate and guide the treatment.In particular, it must be understood whether high blood pressure affects the heart, the cerebral blood vessels and the kidneys sh?digt.

6thHypertension medication

Under the guidance of a doctor,Appropriate selection, long-term compliance and regular use of antihypertensive drugs are the basic guarantee for continuous, stable and effective antihypertensive effect.

7thFive taboos for taking medication for high blood pressure

(1) Avoid using drugs without authorization.Partly for advertising,Gort, to convince medicine.

(2) Avoid lower blood pressure.

(3) Avoid taking drugs without measuring your blood pressure.

(4) Avoid Discontinue antihypertensive drugs at will.

(5) Avoid taking drugs without symptoms and pain.

8th.Self-regulation of patients with hypertension

(1) Adhere to medicine: take medicine as directed by the doctor,Do not stop the drug at will.

(2) Comfortable: “Be satisfied and indifferent,Quietly frustrated “,Minimize mood swings.

(3) Light Di?t: low-salt and low-fat di?t,The t?equal sodium intake should be less than 6 grams.It is not advisable, overeating every meal.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Quit smokingren, Alcohol restrictionand try light tea.

(4) Adequate rest: go to bed early, instead of staying up lateGuarantee around 7 hours of sleep every day.In Erg?nzung,You k?You can take a nap for lunch (half an hour to an hour).

(5) Get up slowly: wake up in the morning,Don’t hurry to get upDo you move the limb first?en, Head and neck on the bed.In order to wake up to ver?changes of the K?adjust posture,Avoid dizziness.Then sit up slowlyDo you move your upper limb?en a few timesGet up again.

(6) Moderate exercise: Do not do any strenuous exercise.It is advisable, Hike, Tai Chi and Other Activitiesten to w?heal.

(7) control weight,Prevent Obesity.

(8) It is important the blood pressure h?to measure frequently.The most effective way to detect high blood pressure early, consists in measure blood pressure regularly.Regular blood pressure measurements are the only reliable?ssige M?for hypertensive patients, understand blood pressure readings.Regular blood pressure measurements are an effective measuretaking to control high blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular?ren diseases.

9.How can you prevent high blood pressure?

(1) Adequate Ern?leadership,Limit sodium and fat intake appropriately,Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

(2) Stop?reduce smoking and alcoholthank.

(3) Do you insist on adequate k?physical exercise.

(4) maintain a normal weight,overweight and obese people should lose weight.

(5) reduce mental stress,Maintain mental equilibrium.

(6) Adults should measure blood pressure at least once a year.

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