Can a drug for high blood pressure be bought in a pharmacy?

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Yes,But without a history of medication,It is not recommended to go to the pharmacy, to buy yourself.Eat antihypertensive drugs indiscriminately.There are many types of antihypertensive drugs thatThere are many side effectsIncludinglich kidney?the,Dry mouth etc. are the side effects of some antihypertensive drugs.first,That meanst, Diagnose high blood pressureGive medicine to the doctor.Many pharmacies now have “free blood pressure measurement”,Do not measure high blood pressure just once,Just go to their pharmacy, to buy blood pressure.High blood pressure once,Cannot be judged as high blood pressure.PresentI see many high blood pressure patients working in a pharmacy.Insufficient knowledge of high blood pressure and insufficient knowledge of taking medication.

1.Misunderstood?ndnis, that high blood pressure drugs coagulate?often usedcan be changednnen,Patients with high blood pressure are not recommended to change the association at random.If you cannot lower your blood pressure by taking the original medicine?nnen,Also, change the bandage under the guidance of a doctor.Unauthorized dressing change,Not only is it not good for lowering blood pressure,And can a h?lead to increased blood pressure.The blood vessels k?can’t take the pressureAnd cause brain hemorrhageHypertensive complications such as cerebral embolism.

2.A misunderstanding?Knowledge of high blood pressure may stop the drug.Many hypertensive patientsI know? Not, how to take medication.I think, i don’t feelI think my blood pressure is not highDo not take any medication without authorization.Before the blood pressure was tested,People with abnormal blood pressure need to take medication in a timely manner.Normal blood pressure is very important.Before the complications of high blood pressure,Symptoms, that you will not pay attention toDoes not prevent complications,It’s really hard to deal with.

3.The pharmacy sales?ufer will introduce health products, to lower blood pressure.At the h?Most common are fish?oil capsules,Soy lecithin, etc.Some patients do not understandI am not taking antihypertensive drugs in a timely manner.This is also a big onehe mistake.Let’s not say whether it is really useful.Useful and helpful,High blood pressure still needs to take antihypertensive drugs in a timely manner.Patients with high blood pressure,Do you often talk about drug abuse?exercises,It is known, To have side effects.The complications of hypertension are more terrible than the side effects of drugs.

4thcheck your blood pressure from time to time,Only for headaches,When dizzyI thought, I h?kills high blood pressure.Just measure itJust take medicine.very scary.

Understand high blood pressure correctlyDo you check blood pressure stability?t.It is a must have for hypertensive patients.Closelich,When you lower your blood pressure for the first timeDon’t go to the drugstore to buy it.Does it have to open?medical prescription can be purchased.after this,When buying the drug, pay attention to the manufacturer of the drug.Specification,Is the name consistentDo not just take and take the antihypertensive drug.Do you avoid this misunderstanding?ndnis,Minimize the side effects of the drug.高血压药能自己在药店买吗?

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