Five types of fruit who cannot eat high blood pressureNot even Apple!

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For patients with high blood pressure,There is a lot of attention in the Ernleadership,A little discountsweetness leads to that blood pressure rises instead of falling.Also the t?like vitamin g?nzung fruit has a lot of attention!What fruits k?So can’t eat high blood pressure?Which fruits should i eat?Today I’ll take you with me to find out!

1. What fruits k?Can’t eat with high blood pressure?


It has the function K?body fluid to f?turn, To moisturize drought, W?derive rme, Relieve cough and reduce phlegm.It also has the effect lower blood pressure and eliminate heat and pain.If patients with high blood pressure or heart disease are dizzy, Have palpitations and tinnitusEating pears has benefits.Pear is also good food therapy for patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.But eating too many pears will hurt your spleen and stomach,Help moisture,Make gastrointestinal dysfunction,Cause diarrhea and other diseases,Therefore, people with cold stomachs and a lack of spleen should not eat.


Raw food is good for qi, st?rkt the K?rper, helps digestion, st?improves the spleen and stomach and lowers blood pressure.It has some effect on the prevention and treatment of suppurative pharyngitis, Tonsillitis, Diabetes and Erk?lungs.Because citrus fruits are rich in carotene,If you overeat does this cause a carotene?mie (commonly known as orange disease).Symptoms such as vomiting, Loss of appetite and fatigue.


Raw garnet?apples,It has the effect K?to produce body fluid, to quench your thirst Stop diarrhea and stop bleeding.For those with insufficient K?body fluid, dry throat, dry mouth, Polydipsia,Can as a good Ern?nutritional therapy.Pomegranate also has a good effect on coughs, Drunkenness, High blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis, Liver disease, etc.But eat more pomegranate around the Z?without hurting.


Juice can stop diarrhea,Eating on an empty stomach can cure constipation.Eating after a meal can aid digestion.W?during pregnancy reaction of pregnant women,Eating from?apples can provide vitamin C?use.But ?Apples are rich in sugar and potassium salts.People with nephritis, Diabetes, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure should eat less.


Raw food can invigorate Qi and blood, Muscles and bones st?rken, cleanse the meridians and make urination easier.Eating long can lead to life?to nag.Good for treating high blood pressure,It can also make people energeticAnd has the effect Inhibit germs.Because grapes have more lemon?ure, Apple?ure etc. contain,If you eat too much at once,Injury the spleen and create internal W?rme.Patients with spleen and stomach deficiencies and diabetes should eat little or nothing.

Secondly, what fruits k?You can eat with high blood pressure

Kiwi is also called “kiwi”.Kiwi tastes sour and cold,It can eliminate heat and diuresis, reduce blood stasis and increase blood flow f?turn, Resist inflammation and swelling, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.For patients with high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and arteriosclerosis Eating kiwi fruit helps control blood pressure.


Bananas k?can the human bodyprovide body with potassium ions, that lower blood pressure.The sodium ions which increase blood pressurehen and sh?digen, are very low.Especially with essential hypertension,Potassium has a greater impact on blood pressure than sodium ions.Limit Sodium and Increasedo you have potassium,Obviously for the prevention and treatment of essential hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage.

Mango is rich in vitamins A and C,Good for eyesight, delay?cell aging,It is also effective in preventing Alzheimer’s and inhibiting atherosclerosis.It can prevent high blood pressure and cancer.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P,Can the elasticity?t and Z?improve blood vessels ability.Relieve the effects of calcium ions on blood clotting.Therefore, eating lemon can prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.


Tomatoes are very nutritious,Enth?is not just protein, multiple vitamins, several trace elements,It is a h?Commonly used food for the treatment of high blood pressure, Dizziness and he?have blood lipids.

3. Which vegetables are good for high blood pressure?


Records of the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Spinach can pass through blood,?open the breast membrane,Under the atmospherere,Quench and moisturize thirst.Both spinach and spinach roots have the effect of to lower blood pressure and replenish qi and blood.Especially in winter is the season for spinach,High blood pressure patients k?Can eat more spinach.


Brasenia is a precious wild and aquatic vegetable.Enth?lt protein?, Aminos?uren, Vitamins, Histamine and trace elements etc.It has the effect Heat, Diuresis, Eliminate swelling and detoxification,Evidence of high blood pressure.

3.Shepherd’s money?rse

Shepherd’s money?rse enth?lt acetylcholine,Sitosterol and quatern?re amine compounds,Not only can it lower blood and liver cholesterol and triglyceride levels,And it also lowers blood pressure.


Celery is full of butyl phthalides,Can inhibit vascular smooth muscle tension,Reduce adrenaline secretion,This lowers and stabilizes blood pressure,In addition, k?many active ingredients in celery such as flavonoids, Dietary fiber, Chlorophyll, Butylphthalide, Aminos?uren, uns?saturated fat?uren, Minerals etc. lower blood pressure and sugar.Lipid lowering function.

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