Have high blood pressureEat well!I’m?do not want that blood pressure rises.These 4 points should be considered whenmust be observed

The incidence of high blood pressure has graduallyincreased slightlyAs we ageMany people are still at a relatively high risk of disease.This requires control in life.Some people understand m?Usually not the relationship between high blood pressure and Ern?leadership.No di?tetic control,This often makes high blood pressure worse.Lead closelich to different cardiovascular?renal and cerebrovascular?ren diseases.

What should I look for in controlling high blood pressure?

1. Eat less salt

excessive salt intake leads to h?often to an increase in blood pressure.And hard to controlThis is because that the salt contains sodiumlt,The Erg?increase in sodiumht the blood concentration significant.Therefore, the blood pressure has increased significantly.Of course k?Patients with high blood pressure cannot take salt.When the salt is too lowIt also affects other functions of the K?rpers,It is best, the t?keep salt intake in the area.Avoid exceptions.

2. Control your fat intake

Presentis the Ern?Most people’s diet is inextricably linked to fat intake.Whether cooking or eating meat,Will absorb some fatBut patients with high blood pressure need to control the amount of fat they consumeOtherwise, can it easily become hyperlipid?mie come.When cooking food,It is best, no frying to use.Stew and other methods k?can effectively reduce fat intake.What if you erg?nzen,High blood pressure patients k?Can you do more bad?saturated fat?add uren.Do you avoid sat?saturated fat?uren.Can This Increase The Risk Of A Hyperlipid?reduce mie.

3. Avoid alcohol

In general, drinking alcohol can reduce blood circulation f?rdern.But if you drink a little more alcohol,It can put a strain on the circulatory system of the K?rpers receivedhen.At this point, the symptoms of high blood pressure become more severe.There are many patients with high blood pressure due to the rise in blood pressure after drinking.Embolism occurs locally,It also caused cardiovascular disease.

4th Erg?use more vitamins and minerals

Hypertension is a typical disease of the metabolic system.Therefore it is best on a Di?t to concentrate which the metabolism f?rdert.Many types of fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals.If you eat more can it f metabolism effectively?rdern.And eating more fruits and vegetables can give the K?rper also help to adapt.It is not beg?llig for long-term high blood pressure.

In the life of hypertensive patientsPay more attention to control of heat and salt.These are h?often the main factors which cause the onset of cardiovascular diseases.In addition, you also need to stopto drink,Drinking alcohol in patients with high blood pressure is nice?dlich.Sometimes the influence of alcohol can even lead to an acute attack of cardiovascular disease.It is not f?essential for the control and treatment of the disease.

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