Have high blood pressureThese 2 timesume every day,The blood pressure will be its H?reach the peak,How do you

The number of people who suffer from high blood pressure, has increased in recent years.Not just middle-aged people and?elderly people,Many young people also suffer from essential hypertension.The occurrence of the disease h?ngt with family?other factors together,My own Ern?Leadership is also a major reasonLong-term intake of too greasy, salty, high-fat foods,It can cause high blood pressure, it is the culprit of many cardiovascular diseases.

After high blood pressure,The most indispensable are antihypertensive drugs,And you have to take it on time every dayThis is the only way to control blood pressure within an appropriate range.but,Human blood pressure?Changes also have timeframesume,There are two timers every dayume, in which the blood pressure is H?peak reached.Do you really understand

High blood pressure patients wake up in the morningThe blood pressure will riseThat meanst, the period from six to ten in the morning.It is also clinically called “Morning Peak Hypertension”.This is a manifestation of blood pressure, who rises from a trough.If blood pressure is measured at this time,I found a significant increase in blood pressureIn particular the symptoms?older hypertensive patients are more obvious;

And when it came on stage from two to three in the afternoonThe blood pressure will gradually increasestabilize again,But between four and six in the afternoonIt stepped back into the H?high blood pressure point,This condition is also called “L?” In clinical practice.ffelblutdruck “.When the blood pressure w?during these two periodsume is not well controlled,It is easy, Cause cardiovascular disease,Like angina, Cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.

In this case,At the H?high point,What should we do?

1. Don’t do things affecting blood pressure control

In these two times?umen things should be avoided that stimulate blood pressure.For example, excessive mood swings should be avoided.The people are angryThe blood pressure also fluctuates.Especially in these two times?umenThe blood pressure rises rapidly;

In Erg?nzung,Patients should in these two periodsalso avoid umen, make an effort to defecate.Especially in hypertensive patients with constipation.If you w?Have hard bowel movements during peak blood pressureWill the pressure in the abdomen?let it rise,It is also not f?useful for checking blood pressure,It can even lead to an outbreak of cardiovascular disease.

2. Antihypertensive drugs must be essential

When treating high blood pressure,Add?useful to control average blood pressure w?During the day, you should also watch out for the early spikes in blood pressure.Patients should long-term antihypertensive drugs w?heal.And adjust the time of taking the drug,Balancing blood pressure throughout the day;

Long-acting antihypertensive drugs not only reduce the number of drugs taken in a day.At the same time it can be the stability?t of blood pressure w?check during the day.In combination with the high blood pressure peaks of our K?rpers therefore advise?doctors the patient, take antihypertensive medication after getting up in the morning.Not only can Chenfeng stabilize high blood pressure,It also reduces the complications of cardiovascular disease.

If the patient is taking antihypertensive drugs,The blood pressure is still very high throughout the day.Especially at peak times,The blood pressure has increased significantlyht.This can be inappropriate drug use,More k?physical exams should be performedRegulate antihypertensive drugs as recommended by your doctor.

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