High Blood Pressure Is Most Afraid Of These 4 Foods,But there are also 3 types of food, that you cannot touch at all?nnen!

these days,The idea, that “high blood pressure is a chronic disease”, took root in people’s hearts.But a lot of people don’t know.Once hypertension is inappropriately controlled,Can cause a number of complicationsThe consequences are much feltmore honest than you think.M?rz through April each spring is the period with high incidence of hypertension.When is the season?changes,Hot and cold k?Can easily lead to vasoconstriction and rise in blood pressure in hypertensive patients.The blood vessels k?can’t take the pressure and break easily,When effective preventive measures?took not to be taken in time,There is a pl?additional cerebral haemorrhage, a stroke and other dangers.

Although received?lower blood pressure can cause dizziness,A headache,Blurred vision,tired,Fatigue,A number of complications such as insomnia,But some patients with mild hypertension,There can be no complaints either.There are also some patientsEven though the blood pressure is highhowever, over a long period of time, a tolerance mechanism has been established.So they don’t care.But high blood pressure is more of an invisible killerHis ascent will not all at once t?be dullBut in the course of time but on the blood vesselsHeart,Brain,Retina,The kidneys cause irreparable damage.the.So we have to improve the unhealthy lifestyleTo avoid or delay the occurrence of high blood pressure?gladly.

Although high blood pressure cannot be cured,But as long as the patient takes it seriously and manages it scientifically,Most of the blood pressure can be well controlled.In addition to taking medication on time, patients cancan also eat food, that help regulate blood pressure.The following are the three foods the blood pressure control on the f?most humane are summarized by the American expert on clinical nutritionleadership, Natalie Butler.

The potassium contained in spinach can reduce the elimination of sodium by the kidneys.rdern.To buffer the sodium salt, to raise blood pressurehen.And research found that adequate consumption of foods containing potassium has a protective effect on cerebral blood vessels.In leafy vegetables,Spinach is a greatit Kali.It is best, when eating fresh spinach to w?hlen,If you can’t eat fresh spinach?nnen,Quick frozen spinach is also possible.resembledThe N?nutrients are well preserved,And easy to stow away.

Black mushroom.Black mushroom is a food that lowers blood pressure.No matter what kind of food,The antihypertensive effect is not lost.changes.Wax gourd lowers blood pressure and has lower sodium levels.Therefore, it is an ideal vegetable for those with kidney disease.hunger ?demenia and high blood pressure.It is a good product for lowering blood pressure.Purple eggplants are often eaten,Can prevent that the cholesterol level in the blood rises,It can also improve capillary resistance,Hence, it has good cardiovascular function.Seaweed is rich in N?nutrients,It is a treasure trove of calcium and iron absorption.The alginine in seaweed lowers blood pressure.Seaweed containslt many uns?saturated fat?uren,Can blood vessels?remove adhering cholesterol; Fiber in seaweed,Can the stomach gl?killF?change in cholesterol excretion,Control your cholesterol intake.The calcium in seaweed also helps reduce cholesterol intake,Low blood pressure.

What foods should not be eaten by hypertensive patients:

Spicy and refined foods k?Can make the stool dull and difficult to discharge.Easy to cause constipationIf the patient has a bowel movement,He?ht the stomach pressure,A sharp rise in blood pressure,Trigger cerebral hemorrhagesen,Therefore, spicy and sensitive foods are forbidden for hypertensive patients.

The organs of animals are rich in N?nutrients,Gew?similar dietsis an effective additionnzung zu N?nutrients,Especially iron and vitamin A,But for hypertensive patients,The internal organs of animals are a healthy killer,Since it is also high in cholesterol,Hence k?can people with high blood pressure Hyperlipid?Mie and obesity do not freely eat animal organs.

Drinking Alcohol Can Raise Your Heart Ratehen,Vasoconstriction,High blood pressure,It can also f?rdern.Accelerate atherosclerosis.Strong, long-term drinking,It is easier, a relationshipinduce reducation of the pulse,Worsen high blood pressure.Therefore, patients with high blood pressure should avoid alcohol.

Hypertension is a very serious condition,Must be taken seriously!In 2018 I wish you a healthy K?rper!

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