High blood pressure needs to eat less fruit?Reminder : have high blood pressure,Why not eat 5 more fruits?

Many people in life know thatthe high incidence of hypertension is in middle-aged andelderly people.For hypertensive patientsBecause of the hoten temperature in summer,It is easy, Cause blood pressure fluctuations.Symptoms such as tightness in the chest and palpitations will follow.Hypertension h?not only related to age,Is also closely related to the t?like life connected,Especially Di?t.

Friends with high blood pressure,Compared to long-term blood pressure control drugs, do a good job in life intervention and conditioning,On the one hand it helps stabilize blood pressure control,Avoid the risk of side effects, caused by high doses of antihypertensive drugs.on the other hand,Fruits and vegetables are rich in a variety of active ingredients,Rich fiberMineral components, which are beneficial for pressure control,It is also a good choice for hypertensive patients, Eat appropriate foods and lower blood pressure.

Bananas: Bananas are rich in potassium ions,There can also be too much sodium ions from the K?retire,To achieve the effect of assisting in lowering blood pressure.However, it is often unscientific exclusive?Let’s rely on eating bananas for treating high blood pressure.W?while eating some bananas appropriately,Patients with high blood pressure must also take antihypertensive drugs regularly for a long time.W?while improving lifestyle,take more exercise,Lose weight,To get effective results!

Whitethorn: White?thorn has some effect on lowering blood pressure.Whitethorn containslt flavonoids, Triterpens?ure, Ursols?ure and other active ingredients.Can play an important role in lowering blood pressureVery suitable for the h?Frequent consumption by patients with high blood pressure.People with high blood lipids k?can also be whiteeat thorn, to lower blood lipids.Whitethorn can the activity?t the B-Hydroxy-B-methylglutars?Inhibit ure-coenzyme A reductase.To inhibit the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol,And can high-density lipoprotein increase?hen,Reduce low density lipoprotein.

Watermelon: Watermelon is not only juicy, tasty and rich in N?value.There are also the effects W?rme too kl?ren and W?to relieve arms, K?body fluids to f?thirst and thirst, Breastfeeding diuresis and irritability.Watermelon can lower blood pressure,This is because that watermelon contains citrulline?lt, an antihypertensive ingredient.Citrulline is found in the human bodyrper to arginine.Then it becomes under catalysis of nitrogen oxide synthase in vascular?Ren endothelial cells converted into vasodilatory nitric oxide.F?do you change the blood flow to the K?rpers.

Jujube: Can Jujube Get Cancer?fattening and lowering blood pressure.Compared to other autumn fruits, fresh datesThe content of several N?nutrients comes first,Like vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and so on.Vitamin C can soften blood vessels, High blood pressure, prevent coronary artery disease and arteriosclerosis.Fresh jujube has the effect Spleen and stomach too n?listen, Blood to n?listen and replenish Qi.People who are deficient in qi and blood and who have poor spleen and stomach function should eat more.Eat 8-10 pieces a day.must be aware ofPeople with excessive phlegm and constipation should eat with caution.Because the data is hot? are,Helps in heating the fire.

Apple: The latest research found that women eat 75 grams of dried?apples per day,Can lower bad cholesterol levels by 25%,At the same time receivedhen you have good cholesterol.Recommendation: Zus?in addition to the t?like eating an apple Drink some apple cider vinegar.Considering, that?apples are eaten right, did this under normal circumstances?nd some effect on lowering blood pressure.It containslt main?cider vinegar,It plays some role in regulating blood pressure.But if you have high blood pressure you still need to take medication.Food generally has no therapeutic effect.

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