[High blood pressure]100-day pack with a blood pressure lowering diet?currency combination

woji *** 04thththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththth-07 wonderful
Receive goods,Shipping is very fast.The red gift box is very festive,The shelf life concerns?gt more than 1 year,Also remove the bottle packaging?Indian products is not very attractive.When i bought it Customer service recommended a monthly pass.Saved a lot of money

sjia *** 12-01 wonderful
Recent blood pressure,A little highI usually turn around to buy things.Look at this combination to buy and try them out.Customer service is very professional,I asked many questions and answered patiently.After a month of taking the effect is not bad,Stick with it

Shangshu Dimension *** 09-29 wonderful
My mother has high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.I am getting dizzy, when i’m excitedHave been taking medicine for many years,I have gort, that western medicine has serious side effects.Eating too much hurts the liver and stomach.After eating the combination for a while,Works well,The blood pressure was very stable,I didn’t choose coenzyme in the beginning.See the introduction of coenzyme,Buy another bottle, so that they sp?ter can eat

Chen *** 09-28 wonderful
Years of high blood pressure,Taking antihypertensive medication,Usually take some health conditioning products,Did mini fish start?l to eatSp?ter with lecithin,Are all bought here,This time I saw the introduction of the trestle combination,I feel better than i deserveThe main thing is only 4 yuan a day,Will come back after dinner.

Little 77 *** 06-22 wonderful
W?during the k?physical exam, blood pressure was high,Often have a headache,Looking for high blood pressure, to find Huitou fish,Take a look at the combination introduction.After half a month of eating, less headache,I feel better than beforeIt’s hard to remember whether it is early or late?t was after ingestion.I plan to to buy some food for my familyIf you buy it this time, is it cheaper to buy a VIP card

Yanq *** 11-30 wonderful
My wife ate almost 3 months,Dizziness and tightness in the chest are less,I checked my blood pressure at 130.This combination worksWhen i bought it I also came with a bottle of Calcium Magnesium Zinc from Asmon.Customer service Andy said the effect w?re betterReally good,Come after dinner

Baby 19 *** 06-04 wonderful
Shipping in a week,It took more than ten days to receive the goods,It’s a little slow.Father has high blood pressureBige addiction,The doctor said, that stroke is easyBlood pressure rises without taking medication,Dizziness,I bought this buck combination for himIt feels ok after eatingLess dizziness,Did not dare to stop the drug,Look forward to better results if you eat it together.The little pill box is goodEasy to carry aroundgive it like

More wind than Qinghua *** 10-06 wonderful
After eating it for a while I will rate it.The combination is goodThe blood pressure is now very stableReally effectiveI measured my blood pressure and found that he much h?was ago.I thought, that the ?elders in my family have had high blood pressureIs it geneeticH?listen to how friends imagine this combination.I was shocked, when i received itA box full4,5 bottles,The amount of half a year.There are no gifts after buying so many ~

mixi *** 05-03 wonderful
Courier received,SF Express is very fast,The processing fee for cash on delivery is very expensive.Grandpa has fish?l eath,This time buy him this combination,After twenty days of eating, my grandfather’s reactionfather is better than that of fish?l.I am also happy,Praise

Palm D?mon *** 08-09 wonderful
My wife bought it to lower blood pressure.It works, when you eat itI was often dizzy beforeNow it looks more energetic than beforeAfter receiving the goods, scan WeChat and contact customer service, to best the removal?run.Nobody paid attention for longOnly returned in the afternoonThe service needs to be improved


Baked for a lifetime *** 04-30 wonderful
Bought for momHas she been hyperlipid for many years?mie,I’ve been on conditioning medicationI’m worried, that taking medication is still harmful to health?is fine.I bought this basic package for her at the Huitou Fish Mall.The general feeling is goodThe price is also acceptable,Mom has it?taken for a monthSaid it’s pretty goodWhen she finishes eating will she keep buying it for you.

Gan Weida 1 *** 04-25 wonderful
This basic package feels good,The price is not very expensive,I bought it for my dadHas he ever had fish?l eaten,This time I went to Huitouyu and found it pretty good.After consulting with customer service I have decided to buy it.Father a? approx?for two months,Said it was really goodMuch better than just fish?l to eatVery happy!

yuha *** 09-06 wonderful
I got the updated version of the normal version of the hyperlipid this time?mie combination eaten.The normal version is still fine because a health product has just been launched.For me the h?be here demand that the updated version is more suitable for me.The blood lipid problem is still somewhat effective.Praise Xiao An, who turned to the fish.Very enthusiastic,The shopping experience is very good.

loaf *** 05-03 wonderful
Old customers,Wandering around and found this combination launched,Get a copy right away,He’s got high blood fatI have fish?l eaten,The effect is not very obviousTry it out,He said, that is easy to swallow,It’s not that hard to eatI plan, at the n?next time to apply for an annual pass.I still have to buy it.

Wu Yue Noodles *** 05-12 wonderful
Do I Have A Family Inherited Hyperlipid?mie,Often socializing and drinking because of work,Irregular Ern?leadership and calm,I also worry that my K?rper by myself?is digt.I saw this and wanted to buy it and try it out.Logistics is fast,The product shelf life is relatively fresh,The customer service is also very enthusiastic about return visits.It w?re better if I can make some presentscould.

B?girl 9 *** 07-07 wonderful
I can not wait any longer, to dismantle it as soon as i get it.The packaging is very tight,The price is very good too,Much cheaper than buying it individually,The packaging is not very delicate,Not good to give away!

Do you rely on Pus Z?gladly *** 02-21 wonderful
I have gort, that there is in studying the hyperlipid?mie through grandma are several anomalies.After you understand w?choose this combination for her,It also comes with a coenzyme Q10,Also eaten for a whileSaid it has some effectThe specific indicators turned out good,It’s perfect, if the logistics speed at the n?next time is faster

zyno *** 08-15 wonderful
I have fish here?l and lecithin bought,The effect is okGiven that I think that the effect should be betterJust try to buyI also bought the optional vitamin B and coenzyme Q10 together.It takes almost three monthsIs effectiveIt is closeda health product,I have to stick to it for a long time ~~~~~~

4079 *** 04-03 wonderful
The k?My husband’s physical exam showed high levels of lipids.I bought this for him.Logistics is fast,?open the 5 full bottles,lots!Very inexpensive,It’s only four yuan a day.After a while eatThe blood concentration is not so thickVery pleasantly surprised!

Dahongyuan *** 04-29 wonderful
Not long to eatBut it’s a little effectivePeople are more energetic than beforeDizziness and tiredness are also relieved,Will keep eating.


anna *** 10-26 wonderful
我 是 回头 鱼 的 Vip 之前 给 奶奶 买 的 是 普通 版 的 组合 吃 了 一阵 有些 效果 但 还是 不太 不太 能 满足 我 要给 奶奶 降 血糖 血糖 的 需求 听 客服 介绍 说 还有 这款 升级 版 我 了解 了 一下 还Not bad 价格 也 还能 接受 给 奶奶 买 了 一套 她 用 的 这段 时间 自己 感觉 效果 是 会 明显 一些 也 去 去 测 过 血糖 值 有 降低 点 Will be back 的 ~

Sang Shujuan 1 *** 11-28 wonderful
I used to have insolvencyresembled thirst.Still can’t sleep wellGo to the hospital to check for high blood sugar.I’m?are taking proper medication, but my stomach is not good.The last time I saw this combination was in the mall.My sister often buys face masks on itI feel more comfortableThere wasno effect,Sp?ter told me customer service, I shouldn’t eat or drink.After two months the blood sugar finally fell.lich,Customer service is very professional,Still eatingAfter watchingCan it fully?be controlled permanently ==

Creative dream 1 *** 09-30 wonderful
I have the luck, to come across this combination?en. It is cheaper than gnc’s blood sugar formula.The gift box is authentic,It is a bit of a hassle to take itIt’s morning and night againHard to remember

Invincible*** 02-19 wonderful
The AU?The packaging of the product is very careful.valid,Is a gift boxHowever, there is no detailed paper manual.Chinese label only,In process.

minm *** 09-07 wonderful
It is worth it, a hypoglyc?taking mixed medication, that can recover after weaning. Now feels taking an N?combination of nutrients somewhat?en effectively.The price is acceptable,Natural Ingredients Are For The K?rper not nice?dlich

Doll*** 06-26 wonderful
The price of the full members w?re cheaper.My husband has diabetesThe inheritance took medicine.Because I fear that the medicine will be healthy,I have an additionalBought an additional bottle of milk thistle in the basic set.My husband loves To smoke milk thistle, can protect and soothe the liver *,I hope, that the amount of drugs sp?ter can be reduced,

zhan *** 02-20 wonderful
If I ?get older I smoke a lot and don’t like sports.Do you have high blood sugar?Bought for the t?equal maintenance,Before the private doctor suggested Taking propolis,Simply search online,I foand, that Huitouyu ranked very high,I bought propolis from Australian Healthycare.It’s kind of useful.This time I bought this propolis combination product.Used for a whileIt feels better than just eating propolis.It’s only 3 yuan a day.It’s just that delivery in Hong Kong is too slow.
Happy morning *** 05-12 wonderful
?elderly people, who like to sweet?eat things, have had high blood sugar for many years.It’s been almost 3 monthsI took this combination introduced by customer service.The effect is really goodMy family has been very concerned about this disease in the past.Now the blood sugar is almost adjusted and people are energetic,Thank you for the enthusiasm of the customer service,Give yourself 32 likes.

Tea vi Qing *** 06-26 wonderful
I don’t work outsideen and hope that my family is healthy. I have this N?combination of nutrients plus vitamin B. Abba said that the packaging is exquisite and a great?e box is.The quality?t of 6 bottles is good, but a bottle does not have a Chinese label.Did you forget, to post it?Ask customer service is crappy too?ftigt

jess *** 09-06 wonderful
According to the evaluation, lowering blood sugar is very effective,Do you use the discount activity?ten, to start!The packaging is relatively simple,There is also a small dustpan in the gift box,Not very upscale!There is 1 bottle of propolis, 2 bottles of Chromium and 3 bottles of Lipons?ure.The date is still new!My mother’s type 2 diabetes is taking this health product now w?while taking medication.Hope the blood sugar level stops rising!If it’s good buy another milk thistle.To protect the liver,Dilute the side effects of the drug!


me *** 01-11 wonderful
This combination has half an annual amount.The product packaging is very careful.valid and the date is very good,Customer service is also very patient,After discussing many questions I answered myself quickly.I also bought the that I bought with the monthly membership price.The price is in fact much cheaper,I’m?want to give you a thumbs up ~ the product is well used and i will be back!

Ai Jingjing t *** 12-02 wonderful
I saw this combination by mistakeOnly what i needMy type 2 diabetes index has always been high.Blood pressure too,The description information in it is that what I’m interested in,And it makes a lot of senseI bought a simple meal to take a lookTakes as prescribedI didn’t dare before stop western medicine.I’m feeling pretty good right nowIt’s just that some pills are biggerIn people with a small neck, it is m?may not be easy to swallow

skyc *** 11-01 wonderful
Papa has a bad heartBlood sugar is high too,I’ve helped him before many health products to buy.The effect isBut it is expensive,To see this combination feels very inexpensive.The packaging is also nice?n,There are several bottles bige and small,Enough for half a yearThe only downside is the express delivery.It’s really slowOnly arrived in half a month.

lian *** 02-27 wonderful
Mother has had high blood pressure and high blood sugar for several years,Always tired A headache,Very useless,I learned from my colleaguesHer father ate the Huitou Fish global blood sugar formula.The effect is okBut the price is not goodNow it has launched a targeted combination of this product.Attractively priced,Tell me, I should tryAfter seeing it I found it very suitable for my mother.I have togetherPurchased additional coenzymes and Ming elements.Mom insists to eat every day,I’ve been eating for almost two monthsShe said, she is better than beforeBuyback, after she has finished eating.
zhul *** 05-13 wonderful
Old customers,I bought coenzyme and propolis myself.General effect,I think, the effect of this combination should be better,The gift box is very angry,The gifts are not badAre there 3 bottles of fish?l in,1 bottle of lecithin each, Propolis and Ern?nutritional tablets.180-day amount,Not to mention the product quality?t,I used it.You k?Buy with confidence.

smin *** 03-22 wonderful
At the beginning of last year, Huitouyu began Buy coenzymes and propolis with food.I think the effect is okayWhat I didn’t expect is that there is now a combination outfit,Still such a discountStarted resolutelyI also have add?bought extra coenzymes,It is recommended use the VIP price to purchase.Attractively priced!Customer service is very good too,good service,Be patient!

Are you planning to whether water *** 09-04 wonderful
Bought for grandma,Hope usefulThe customer service here is very enthusiastic,I also called and asked for my k?physical condition,Has many good suggestions?ge made,I think, that this website is very reassuring,I think the product is good too.

Baby in water 2 *** 06-14 wonderful
It is a bige box and there are several bottles. It’s really worth half a year. I bought the annual pass and bought it at the member price. The price is not at all worried. Happy ~~

yira *** 11-29 wonderful
At home for?older people bought,They originally used western medicine,I think, that the burden of Western medicine for the K?body too big isI’m?Would you like western medicine to be slow with this?eating a combination of nutrients,At the beginning I bought a combination of the basic version,The effect is not very satisfactory,Now it’s a little more expensive.The effect is betterSlowly see whether western medicine can be replaced,And compared that fish?l with a friend, that was bought abroad,The same.Not bad.
?Open Dawen *** 02-06 wonderful
Given the fact that Huitou Fishnet this kind of Ern?has currency combination, it feels very suitable for me.I just bought the basic package and wanted to try it out first.My blood pressure is highI usually like to drink wineI urinate h?often and can’t sleep well,After almost 3 months of eating I feel that the effect is thereAt least I wake up less often at night than before.Others are not yet apparentBut will insist on eatingIt will take a long time until the effect becomes visible.


Zhang Ming 11 *** 01-31 wonderful
I bought it for my dad to tryDaddy’s blood lipids and blood sugar are highEvery time when I eat fruitDad is carefulThere are so many seasonal fruits in summerBut to see how hard he controlsAfter reading the introduction of this combination,So i bought it for him to eat for a while,The previously measured blood sugar was too highHas the h now?closest point of normal range is reached,Still usefulGo on.

1376 *** 12-24 wonderful
very well,Uncle a? him full of praise,The effect is very goodThe price is also very impressive,Do not worry,Be assured

shiy *** 11-13 wonderful
Old customers,I used the normal version of the Ern?currency combination bought.Since there is a little h?here price combination gives m?I would like to buy them and try them out.It is not so, that everyone says that you get that what you pay for.There is a reason to be expensiveAs long as it’s usefulThe price is not greate thing,Au?Besides, it’s not too expensive.Hope it works

Evaluation after 45 days: The old man’s words are still rightI’ve eaten it for a long time.Does it really feel better than the regul?re version to eat.I can feel it,不错
5181 *** 01-15 wonderful
Au?I also bought Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B. The 9 bigen bottles are much cheaper than buying them individually, but the express delivery is very slow.

Love flying 38 *** 05-02 wonderful
Zuf?llig,Because I didn’t understand I have often asked customer serviceCustomer service is very patient,Without impatience, very good impression.Express shipping is fast,The packaging looks very advanced,The gift should be goodBut why don’t you buy so many little things?

4078 *** 09-29 wonderful
At home for?older people bought,I’m?want to lower their blood lipids and blood sugar.I have eaten Coenzyme Q10 and lecithin before.I don’t think the effect is greatgood.Let them try thisThe price is also cheaper,After a while, it takes effect.Will keep eatingI hope, to see better results ~

Taocheng 28 *** 03-16 wonderful
I have high blood lipidsAnd diabetes,Buy This And Eat It With Hypoglyc?mix drugs,Not sure about the effectiveness,If it works,Will keep buying

hat *** 12-17 wonderful
I bought a lot of products from the Huitou Fish Mall.First time an N?buy a combination of substances,Very satisfied,Inexpensive and of good quality?t,The date is very fresh too!I hope, that my high blood lipids and blood sugar can helpnnen!Take a while to see the effect.Good words,Will keep eating!

9220 *** 03-22 wonderful
Have been eating for two monthsIn fact, it is much better than just eating chromium before,The effect is obviousI’m very satisfied!It w?re great, when the activity?th more intense w?ren,After all, it’s a bit of a hassle so much to buy at once

Blue and whitee doorume *** 08-21 wonderful
Mama ate for a monthI always feel boredAfter eating for a while now I have the feeling, that my K?has strength.Full of energy,The blood sugar will still be highIt’s not medicineAt the same time, I was taking the Chinese medicine prescribed by the doctor,It w?re biggood, if you insist on eating to restore normal blood sugar


Pan Xiaoxin *** 07-05 wonderful
The customer service is very attentive,It also sends out a voice to ask about the recording situation,Very touching.The quality?t of fish?l is very highThe little one is translucentBut the soybean lecithin particles are too big,The mother-in-law said it is difficult to swallowAfter more than a month of eating Have no complaints go?rt,The effect is pretty good.At the n?The next time you buy back, you will be provided with a calcium-magnesium tablet.People are getting oldWatch out for blood vessels. Is it too late?t, to regret if something goes wrong!!

Sky Resources *** 12-17 wonderful
I’ve been eating fish for almost a year?l and lecithin.Type of function,This time try the combination too?change.The price is much cheaper than buying it individually,Selected?half basic package,The 6 bigThe bottles are heavyFish?l is a mini guy,Small capsules are easier to swallow than those that I bought before.I’m very satisfied.SF Express delivers quickly,I paid cash on delivery,The fee is a little expensive.

4458 *** 06-04 wonderful
40 people,Often travels and drinks alcohol for many years high blood pressure,Blood fats are high too,It feels good, to use with antihypertensive drugs,Milk thistle capsules k?can preserve the liver,Do You Avoid Drug Man?the,Ready to upgrade from VIP,Long term purchase.

Zhang Jianliuyun *** 12-24 wonderful
I used to look back to buy facial cleansers or something.Buying health products for the first time,Husband can eatfast deliveries,I hope the price can be cheaperThe coupon threshold is too highNo need to waste.

Tongtongning *** 02-02 wonderful
Both the blood pressure age M?Both men and blood lipids are quite high.I don’t have a lot of money to honorI can only buy some health products for her,Said noFear, To spend moneyTats?I was really happy about itCoenzyme q10 is also optional,The bottle inside has no inner box,The logistics are too slow and must be gest?be rkt.I hope, that survival is good for the two old people ~

Jin Xiaoli *** 10-14 wonderful
This type of health product still needs to be consistently eaten.The situation has improved over time!The gift box is very heavy,VIP is affordable,The fish?l is pure in color,I hope, the authenticity?t to keep.

mjgh *** 09-16 wonderful
My wife is often dizzy and awkwardhe breath,Go to the hospital to check high blood pressure.Blood fats are very thick,The doctor prescribed medication,It is recommended some fish?l buy lecithin and eat it.I’ll stop here and take a lookHave you ever had fish?l eaten,But the effect is average.I did not expect, that this combination is good.I’ve been eating all the timeMy wife’s symptoms have eased a lot.Although there is a Chinese labelBut the way to eat is still a bit complicated
qz13 *** 07-04 wonderful
Do you have high blood lipidsBecause I stay up late to make contacts or something,The beer belly is very large,And a little high blood pressureAlso compared the normal version of the combination of high blood pressure and hyperlipid?mie,I w?still think somethinghigher price,Do you always believe that you get what you pay for.Now I feel pretty relaxed after eatingHave spirit too,After a month or two, do you go to k?physical examination to the hospital

bsbs *** 11-12 wonderful
It’s already a second order,I usually get a puffy face after taking antihypertensive drugs.After taking this combination health product,The side effects are greatly reduced,It may be, that milk thistle plays the role of understanding *,Review 141/89 this month,,The doctor said, he is going in a good directionStill very useful

Wang *** 06-25 wonderful
H?Look at this basic combination recommended by the customer service lady.Six bottles are k?eastern.Our father is getting oldNeed the K?care for rper.After almost a month of eating, he himself felt more comfortable.I bought another set for grandma this time,The packaging can be more sophisticated and of higher quality!


Every fall party *** 01-26 wonderful
This combination works better than the normal version, that I used before.Now my blood sugar has dropped from 9 to 6.5.And the headache and dizziness have improved a lot too,That ruined my life very muchchanges!W?During that time, I have contacted customer service many times and asked many questions.They patiently told meVery well,I will always support you.

zjm0 *** 11-30 wonderful
No F at all for 100 days?deletion,The price is pretty good,The box is ok,The layout inside needs to be improved!It’s okay, to eat alonegifts are not so good ~

K?nig *** 04-08 wonderful
Grandma has high blood pressureBlood sugar and blood lipids are also a bit high,When I saw this combination I wanted to buy them so grandma could try.Didn’t have much hopeAfter all, will I?older,Took a lot of medicine tooThe effect is not very satisfactory,This combination is taken with western medicine,I did not expect, that the blood pressure of my sizemother would sink after a while of eating.And the number of n?waking up is not so nice anymoreas before.This combination is really effective,You k?you can also try when you need it.

Bige head tassel *** 04-14 wonderful
I brought lecithin and fish to my grandma?l from abroad.kind of hardI watchedllig, that this combination, that I looked back on was pretty goodI even bought a bunch of coenzymes and vitamins for grandma,The fish?l is the same as that that I bought abroad.The price is in fact relatively cheap,It’s cheaper than what I brought from abroad.I will always follow you in the future.

1546 *** 04-21 wonderful
Since this combination makes perfect sense,I bought it for my dadThe product logistics display will be sent from Hong Kong.Should be realThe packaging is not bad,There is a ?Similar gift box inside,?opened it and looked at it8 bottles together,And they are all greate brands,Customer service is very patient,I asked a lot of questions without being impatient.Recommend the monthly card member, with which I buy.Attractively priced!Like a ~

rong *** 03-20 wonderful
I bought it for my motherAfter more than two months of eating, a few days ago I said to myself that the effect was pretty good,Can sleep wellI am very happy too, that too h?ren,I’ll keep buying it for him after dinner.

putty *** 04-16 wonderful
Return to the old fish customers,I am very relieved by their products,Will be shipped from Hong Kong,They are indeed realThe effect of this package on lowering the three H?hen is very good.There were no side effects.Before I only have fish?l and coenzyme eaten,The effect is still not apparentAnd the price is not that goodGood product to praise!

1376 *** 05-15 wonderful
Mom and dad grow oldThe three H?hen will followI’m?I still don’t want to that they are taking medication early.I bought them this combination product,After a while of eating, any blood glucose test is normal.Mom’s mind is better than before.The effect is pretty goodHuitouyu customer service representatives are very professional,Has many good suggestions?ge made,Thanks ~

Breeze a *** 10-25 wonderful
High blood sugar was not reducedI often feel dizzyI can meando not control.Boss fish and meat,Sp?ter I realized that the price of this combination is good too.After eating for more than 3 months, blood sugar was stable at 5.At 0,Very little rebound,I think, I’m getting better, if I keep eating.

xjin *** 06-23 wonderful
Many Thanks, Huitouyu, for the good food.Very inexpensive,The product was eaten for 2 months.don’t feel badI plan to sp?ter buy multivitamins and coenzymes together.I think, the effect will be even better!


cui2 *** 12-29 wonderful
I have fumin q10 and fish?l taken,Are all fish bought on Huitou,This time i saw that the combination contains exactly the ingredients?lt, that I ate before.It feels better to try it out as that that you eat.The most important thing is stability?t,Is taken for a long time.Also attached is the experience with the treatment of heart disease in recent years: First, medicine,Should you be taking or taking medication, second, Di?t control,Fewer ?l, less salt, less sugar,Stop?to smoke and alcohol,Eat more vegetables and fruits again,Eat less red meat, eat more fish and do some exerciseright.Lose weight.

x19 19 *** 01-27 wonderful
The old man has a bad heartThere is a ph?angina noun,Have used Chinese medicine for conditioning,Sp?ter I saw the combinationThere are regul?re and updated packages,I’ve read the introductionnot bad,I originally got the regul?re version bought, to add?nzen,But the effect is not very good for my fatherIt can only be said that it is more beneficial than just eating CoQ10.Sp?ter I switched to this more expensive version.It has been a while,The effect is much betterISS on.In addition, it is combined with vitamin C, to get a free shipping SF.Really fast

Transparency star *** 01-28 wonderful
Understood,As a product is out of stock?and the delivery is a few days latet isDelivery is not on time.I slowly looked at the product 1 box,All are real.Dad said his heart hurtsTake western medicine,But i have go?rt, that medicine hurts the liver,Buy some health products and eat them together,Come back, if it works

lkm yang *** 02-12 wonderful
Have eaten this brand of q10,As I saw, that the combination is better I bought a set.The logistics are fast,I looked at the look of the bottle, all in foreign languagesNo outer box,But it is good, to have Chinese labels.You k?can control the type of intake.After more than 20 days of eating Now the feeling of heart trouble has really improved,has an effectCustomer service also called to inquireVery responsible,m?gen

szdu *** 09-11 wonderful
Look at the Ernintroduction,Bought childlike Fr?eligibility.She has had cardiac bypass surgery for a while,Currently in recovery phase,Eat some health products faster,The need to exist is that the price is a little highI’m?want a discount for the n?next buyback

To w0 to l?sh *** 10-01 wonderful
I bought this menu for grandma,I went to my grown-up’s housemother, to h?ren, like the old man said i always feel nervous?s and knock.Many thanks to customer service for patiently answering various questions,Great.The combination is also great,The red gift box containslt also instructionsIt is more convenient for?elderly people

1506 *** 03-19 wonderful
Always have a bad heartI went to the hospital and said it’s an arrhythmia.The neighbor recommended this heart combination,I’ve been eating for 30 days nowMy heart feels better than beforeIt workedOrdinary members are too expensiveThe monthly ticket, that you request saves a lot of money

Fan Jiaxia y *** 07-27 wonderful
Can you see it, this combination is rich in Ern?leadership,Are good for the heartEspecially coenzymes,Acting at home crucial to my father’s healthWhen i bought it I bought the vitamin C from Jianshengsheng.Hope it can improve dad’s heart disease.

Warm heart*** 10-22 wonderful
First time buying,The logistics are a little slow,However, the mail speed from Hong Kong is already considered high.Bought for my wifeSomething is wrong with the heartStarted to eatWorks well,The only bad woman complained of eating problems too often.
Egg *** 09-17 wonderful
It was my first time buying a combination product from Huitou Yujia.Purchased on delivery,The attitude towards customer service is good and many questions were asked about the customer service.physical constitution.Carewrap properly,fast deliveries,It’s just that SF Express’ processing fee is too expensive.Now I just expect to be worth the moneyIf the effect is good, the repurchase is not paid on delivery


lixi *** 11-10 wonderful
I have bought health products from Huitou Fish Mall many times.It feels good.This time I bought a number of well-coordinated health products, to test the effect.This shipment,Express shipping is very fast,Very satisfied!!!It is packed in a gift box, if it wasis opened.The only dissatisfaction is that I’ve spent so much money to buy, without giving away gifts!

My rui p *** 01-21 wonderful
The N?combination of substances is very good,It comes from natural absorption,T?like nutritional energy?is really used?tigt,Go easy on the heart and brain blood vessels.Foodsupplements and exerciseadd and complementbenefit each other,The combination of the two is healthier.Buy and eat with my wifeLong life expectancy without illness.Thanks for the five-star praise,The chance, to come back are high.

hele *** 11-04 wonderful
Well,I compared several brands online.CloseI realized that Huitou Fish Mall’s VIP discounts are cheaper than health products.Buy it to make sure that it is realThe mother has to add Q10 lecithin?nzen, because she takes antihypertensive drugs all year round.So I bought her a basic suitShe only ate a weekI say, that I get more energetic in the morningI think, that the effect of eating regularly will definitely be better.

Zibing Guizi *** 02-26 wonderful
The second time I bought health products for my mother-in-law on the Huitouyu website.I have this N?second time boughtI bought it with grape seeds.The stuff was received quicklyThe gift box is very high quality,Nothing is brokenThe date is less than half a year from the factory.Often times can eating lecithin and fish?l soften the blood vessels.Does not cause a blockage,Old people have poor metabolismI’m scared of getting sickI hope, my mother-in-law is healthy,Woman can also save snacks.

Xiao *** 07-11 wonderful
I have arteriosclerosisThe doctor suggested that w?Do you eat some imported lecithin and fish while taking the drug?l,My friend recommended this cardio-cerebrovascular?re Ern?from the Huitou Fish Mall.I asked the doctor and said that I can eat it?could so i quickly bought a set.If it works, i will buy it for a long time.

Snail my *** 09-21 wonderful
At that time, I wanted my mother to do a number of Ern?buy educational products.I also compared several shopping centers before buying,Compare by content and dosage,The cost performance of this combination is the h?next.Sure it’s realThe date is still very new,Mama is already eatingThe effect will be sp?ter checked. Also express the powerReceive earlyThe wrapped gift box does not look good,Also crushed.

shy*** 04-29 wonderful
I previously bought GNCs Soybean Lecithin and Fish at the Huitou Fish WeChat Mall?l bought.Because the old man said that he was often constipated and dizzy,After taking lecithin there is an enhancement effect,This time Beckham customer service recommended this combination to me.The combination containsIs there also coenzyme Q10 and multidimensional nutrition?nutritional tablets.Protect the blood vessels of the heart and brain.Forget it, the price is OK,Although the brand of lecithin is not GNC,But the content is 1200mg.The effect must?to be similarWorth 4 months,Prepare to to let the old man insist for a while to eat, to see the effect.

stand *** 06-26 wonderful
This combination was recommended by an old comrade in arms.After his wife took treatment,I think the effect is very good.I’ve been greasy for social gatheringsI drink oftenSo I bought it with the liver protecting milk thistle.I hope, this can prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Small paste 32 *** 03-31 wonderful
After signing up for VIP membership, I gave this gift box to my grandpa.With milk thistle,Grandpa said that after a while full of food he was more energetic than before.
jian *** 07-09 wonderful
My mother is a little fat and tends to having high blood pressure when she is impatient!Before buying this combination is there any more regul?re version of the three-high combination in the mall, which I eat first.Mom ate the two models and compared the effects.It’s better for you.Associated with taking blood pressure medication,May soften blood vessels.Now blood pressure is pretty well controlled.


Tian *** 01-25 wonderful
After waiting more than a week I finally got it.The combination is a red gift box packaging,Looks very nicen off,There is a bottle of S?palm tree, two bottles of lycopene, two bottles of Men’s Multivitamin,Both lycopene and multivitamin k?nnen on F?security against erasure.Others don’t knowBut I’m the old VIP hereI think it’s realIt is much more cost effective than buying the prostate formula from gnc.Expect better results.Hope shipping can be earlier.

taox *** 09-27 wonderful
The second purchase,Grandpa had eaten a setThe ingredients are all natural,no side effects,This time I selected another bottle of GNC pumpkin seed capsules on the basic packaging?holds.Grandpa feels that his K?rper is much better than before.I can not afford it, at night h?urinate frequently.sleep well,Spiritual head and feete,The bottle is very dirtyThere is dust.

Catch *** 12-05 wonderful
Father always had problems with the prostate.I always have S?palm taken.Sp?ter I also tried the combination of the normal version of the prostate, which is better than S?palm tree.It still looks a little unsatisfactory.I recently saw him on this h?higher pricechanges.He said, the effect is pretty good.In fact, the main thing is to pass!Is the Huitou Fish packaging pretty full?ndig.Fast delivery and logistics in Hong Kong.The point is, that members are affordable.Come back.

Comrade Ziyu *** 01-22 wonderful
High age,Have prostatic hyperplasiaAlways h?urinate frequently and urgently,I h?tte not thought that it works even after a few days of eating.Sp?ter I realized that the number of n?public toiletslength has been reduced.Only slowly felt the ver?change,It is normal, Having vitamin B urine.Customer service keeps asking about my situation,Very professional,And it can be great for a long time.be eaten in abundance,I’m very satisfied

Handro Sky 2 *** 08-23 wonderful
It has an additionalharmful health effects on the prostate,I often sit in my officeProstatic hypertrophy found in hospital,Took it with western medicineAt first I didn’t feel muchLasted almost 3 months,The urine is now better controlled than before.Not difficult to urinate,I won’t have endless urine drops.Is taken for a long timeIt will be effective if you accumulate ~~ every day

hany *** 07-26 wonderful
Just make the packaging a little rough,Everything else is alright,The effect,I haven’t eaten in a few days.Feel a ver?change,If you need to protect the prostate?right,Let me tell youI have to train moreThere is a regular life planNo matter how it is said this is also a tool this one is great?,Sp?reevaluate

5451 *** 12-01 wonderful
?The elderly at home have had prostatitis for many years.Always eat lycopeneHowever, this is the first time that a combination is bought.I am still very relieved by the quality?t of the goods,Express shipping is faster too,The VIP membership has just expired, when i bought it.Almost a thousand yuanDidn’t give me a discountHope that there will be more discounts in the future!Particularly loyal customers like me.

jhn1 *** 05-24 wonderful
I have used several products to treat prostatitis,It appears, that the effect of this combination is best.The purchase price w?During the event is affordable WeChat customer service attitude is good,Fast delivery,The product is authentic,Corresponds to the description,Do not worry,Eat worry-free.

debb *** 02-01 wonderful
My husband f?hears a taxi every day,Always sitSometimes I often hold back urineIt’s irregular nowWith regard to the evaluation it is said that this combination is good for the front,Bought it for him when t?equal maintenance,The price is a little highThe capsule in the red bottle is a bit big,I hope, it works,,

Happiness*** 05-31 wonderful
This N?Nutrient combination feels really good in chronic prostatitis.Reason?I don’t get up at night to go to the bathroom.One capsule every morning Noon and evening,Easy to takeReady to passThank you for your recommendation,Praise


1388 *** 05-14 wonderful
Products of conscience,I’ve slept wellI am with a small devicewe woke up.And it’s not easy to fall asleepOften representedumt,I often prescribe Chinese medicine and only drink it for a while.I accidentally spotted this updated package from Huitouyu.It’s been almost a month since I took the sleep upgrade package.I sch?love Huitouyu very much, because he has such a good product.I sleep much better nowThe collagen peptide tasted too?a little fishy,But it’s alright to drink with milk.Now I sleep almost till dawnPeople are more energeticNo side effects have been found yet.I will keep taking it
sch?rfen *** 12-06 wonderful
In fact, this combination is more effective for eating.Is it better than the regul?re version.Sleeping deeply, Doorume are missing,I sleep till dawnAnd get up very well in the morningkeep your mind clearPrepare a half VIP card and hope for more discount.

1240 *** 01-13 wonderful
I bought collagen peptides for my wife Before I stayed up all nightSaid it’s useful,I decided, this combination too?change,3 boxes of peptides to love plus two bottles of other products,The VIP is only a thousand yuanThe price is much cheaper than buying alone,Important is, that the effect is betterWoman can fall asleep before 12 noon every day,Energetically at the n?next day,Thanks to customer service for the recommendation!

ruob *** 10-19 wonderful
今天 下午 拿到 的 产品 不少 是 蓝色 礼盒 包装 不过 快递 有点 暴力 有 一盒 胶原 蛋白 太 被 压坏 了 不过 不 不 影响 钙镁 锌 挺有 分量 缬 草根 颗粒 颗粒 有点 大 每一 瓶 上面 都有 中文 标签 晚上 就打开 吃 了 感觉 挺 不错 吃 起来 比较 方便 保质 期 什么 的 都有 跟 图片 一样 但愿 会有 好的 改变

Meix *** 01-15 wonderful
The arrival speed is very fast,Carewrap properly,The selectedcontains basic package plus a bottle of tryptophan with five hydrocarbons,I sleep lightlyNot easy to fall asleepExpect the effect.

cries *** 02-18 wonderful
fast deliveries,The packaging is ok,After eating for a while I came, to rateTo be honest, is this combination really good,No complaints,The effect is m?not usually particularly obvious.But after a month insistNow I sleep peacefully every nightDon’t wake up without a reason.

l?chuckle *** 11-15 wonderful
My friend’s father didn’t sleep wellBought it for himThe effect was increasingnot very good,It took a couple of weeks to sleep betterShould be realThe gift box has a faceBut no matter how high quality the inner packaging is, she will be perfect ~

Crac *** 07-04 wonderful
Have used this sleep primer combinationnot bad,Maybe it has something to do with the person?similar K?building to doI just eat every dayThen I slept very well all nightI must say, it is more suitable for meThe price is a little expensive, but acceptable.I’m?want to buy a kit for my parents at home,I don’t sleep well if I ?get older.There is just something that for ?older people is suitable to adjust to them.
Sweete swallow *** 11-06 wonderful
There is something uninteresting to say that the fried chicken is working well within a few days of use.After all, this is not medicineI used it on purpose for two months to feel the improvement in sleep.Now I’m sleeping deeper than beforeNot easy to wake upI don’t get tired during the dayAnother sentence R?for 3 months,Will buy back

Xiyu Dolphin *** 02-18 wonderful
I bought it once before I looked back.I’m not done with food yetDad said it’s pretty goodI used the voucher expiry and gave Ma Ma a box.Hong Kong has fast delivery,A bige box


uniq *** 02-06 wonderful
My mother has menopauseOften irritable and insomnia can only fall asleep by taking sleeping pills,The daughter on the left bought her this combination product for fear of too much medicine and side effects.After a few days of eatingWorks well,Now I can sleep peacefullyI won’t wake up until dawn all night.I am very relieved,No wasted moneyThe fly in the ointment is that the amount of collagen peptide is somewhat small,Not eating enough for 90 days. Others are fineIf you have insomnia k?you can try it.recommend!

Feiyu Walk *** 01-03 wonderful
I finally got it after waiting more than a week!The gift box looks outsidelooks pretty good,The inner packaging is a bit inferior!For the ?elders in the family,Sleep is getting lighter ever?older i will.Hope it helps!Is this a food product?nzung, which is much better than sleeping pills.No side effects and no dependenciesnigness!

Mons *** 07-14 wonderful
The second time,I feel much better nowExquisite packaging,Delivery is fast too,Just complain about the service setting of this express,Now I don’t even bother Calls to t?run, let alone send them.

sjh _ *** 06-05 wonderful
The food was the same a few days ago,I wake up, after sleeping two or three hours every night.Sp?ter asked the customer service, to persevereThis is somewhat effectiveWake up,I won’t wake up with a headache like when I take sleeping pills.No side effects,The price is also reasonable,

ming *** 11-13 wonderful
Grandpa bought him melatonin from Gnc because of insomnia,It feels a little usefulI have just seen, that the Huitou Fish Mall is a regul?re version and has an updated version.I also compared itSince I didn’t buy a combination do i have the regul first?tried re version.It feels okayThe effects are better than eating melatonin,To get a better effect, did I want to do a comparison and bought this improved version of the N?combination of substances.It took a long timeThe effect is indeed better than that what i ate before.Now grandpa can fall asleep every day around 10 a.m.Said that the n?next day was more energetic than before,I don’t fall asleep when i play cards.I still take itGive me a bigit compliment, to return to the mall ~
Small D?mon D?mon *** 07-30 wonderful
I used collagen peptidesPers?actually i think that it is better to use a combination.And the price is cheaper than single purchase,Vip z?down to just over 900I also added two more bottles of ingredients,So inexpensive to buy

Zhu Ling Xuexue *** 07-14 wonderful
Must persist.I am from here,I didn’t feel anything when i started to eat.But eating for a while helps.I bought the basic package,Jiansheng Health also selects calcium-magnesium-zinc.holds.No doubt authentic,Old customers are convinced of the product.

kerr *** 05-30 wonderful
Take it every night before bed according to Chinese instructions.The quality of sleep?t has improved for more than a month.I drank at nightumt,And all are light sleepA small devicewe will wake upI can sleep till morning after i took that.sleep well,A good mood,My wife said that my complexion is getting betterCome back.
zrxz *** 12-01 wonderful
父母 睡眠 不是 很好 在 回头 鱼 搜索 觉得 这个 组合 挺 适合 的 就 买 回来 试一试 3 盒 胶原 蛋白 肽 2 瓶 褪黑素 和 劼 草根 礼盒 装 的 还蛮 大气 的 不过 普通 会员 和 vip 价格 差太多 再 便宜 点 就 行 效果 好的 话 再 额外 搭 个 5 颈 色氨酸

jiel *** 07-09 wonderful
I started to eat when I got the combinationThe valerian root capsule is very large.,My mother said it is a bit difficult to swallow Customer service Andy was warm and patient,It is better, if the ger?t l?is longer


Meme 39 *** 11-23 wonderful
Bought for momMy mother is in her fortiesGive her more erg?tongues,Women have to rely on maintenance um sch?n to be.I hope, that time doesn’t brighten my mother’s face.I also bought another sheep placenta for her,The effect is really goodMy mother’s skin has obviously improved a lot after eating.

Little fish love *** 11-25 wonderful
The skin has improved a lot,The skin is smooth and delicate,Very good choice,And the price is very highJust a few dollars a dayIt’s cheaper than the grape seed and VC, that I ate alone; biggood ~

ralf *** 08-06 wonderful
I have the regul?re version already eaten,This is the first time that I ate this combination.Try it out first,But after three or four months I obviously feel that the skin is better than before,This combination really works.There are also gift packages,not bad,Just too many bottlesTwo bottles each,It takes up some space.

sq09 *** 04-26 wonderful
I bought it for the first time from Huitou Fishnet.I asked a lot of questions about customer service.Andy understands my skin condition in detail,Also tell me some things to consider.Eating this is easier and saves time than putting on skin care products.The effect is pretty goodAfter about half a year of eating, the skin has really improved,My face was boring beforeThe skin feels smooth nownzend,Also firmly,to thank!

wnr8 *** 03-22 wonderful
I get acne a lotDark spots on the face,I bought this combination with propolis,I have gort, that this combination will lighten and remove freckles.Anti-aging,So m?I would like to try.

A leaf in the hidden sky *** 03-11 wonderful
Since eating grape seeds and the combination of vitamin C and vitamin E,It really works.I’ve worked a lot on the computerCauses skin cloudiness and spots,Because I drink more water every day w?while eating health productsThe skin has also improved.The attitude towards customer service is very good,Will patronize.

Young flower *** 03-23 wonderful
I am a regular customerBought again,The effect is really good after having eaten it before,The skin ver?changes are pretty big,Sch?ner skin tone,The skin is hydrated,This product works so wellIt surprises me,The effect is retained after purchase.Huitou fish service is as good as ever,I will keep eating
chz0 *** 03-01 wonderful
The package is receivedI am very happy with this purchase ~ It is more cost effective than that, that I bought before ~ Three products,6 bottles in total,The price is also very high!Huitou fish delivery speed is also very fast,The service is also availableHaha,Will the n?next time come to buy.

Guabuko *** 10-16 wonderful
Before the first purchase, the skin was always soft and white., to envy the other.After the baby is born, make sure that the baby’s face turns yellow and fine lines appear day and night.Now I ate two groupsMy skin has improvedNot so yellow anymoreThe class on the face is getting on?bright lighter and lighter,I find it a little strangeIf it can be that effective I decide to keep taking it.In the future I can have a hot?e be a mother and wait that my daughter will grow up wearing the same clothes?gt.
yite *** 10-15 wonderful
My skin is pretty cleanNo spots or acne,But the skin is darkerBut since the combination of bleaching and spot lightening,Colleagues said that my skin knows a lot has become,Looks tightBecause I make mistakes every dayhave toRemover,With age, the skin will become more or less, will suffer some damage,It is suitable to use this maintenance.


7063 *** 12-31 wonderful
Since I got the combination of collagen, Took grape seed and vitamin C,It really works.I stayed up lateCause dull skin, Acne, enlarged pores,Sp?ter I bought this combination conditioning,Slowly the skin gets betterAcne and pores are growingugly disappearedThe attitude towards customer service is also very good,Will patronize.

llam *** 12-20 wonderful
Relatively satisfied shopping,I’ve been eating it for a while to rate it.Quality?t guaranteedIs real,VIP is also very inexpensive,Continue ISS, After such a long period of use, the pores are no longer that large? as before.The face is smoother too.

Gold World Purple Water *** 08-27 wonderful
Women are over 30 years old,Collagen is lost very quickly,?getting older,Dark yellow,Rough,Many questions comeThe combination has been eaten for almost a year,My skin just keeps getting betterIt feels slipperyLooks younger than my sisterHaha.I have both gest?rekt as well as normal eaten,The understand?effect is in fact much better,Is Xiaogui,It k?can only two S?New meals are exchanged.

The Sch?nnity of number nine *** 07-20 wonderful
Huitou Yu old customers,Has always been goodFirst I wanted to buy a basic package,Think about it with sheep placenta and vitamin E,The effect is really goodSisters?similar to usI always look better than her skinThe complexion becomes lighterHis face looks more naturalreally good!

slbj *** 02-25 wonderful
The effect is really great!I’ve never used it beforeI found my skin really badI started, search for different productsFinally got this combinationhold!After eating for more than a month, obviously felt the effect!The skin becomes sensitive!Come back!Always use!

1580 *** 08-04 wonderful
I’ve already eaten grape seedsCan you see it, there are combinationsI have a regul?re version bought.Seeing the effect of other people is okayBut that’s the way it is for me.So I bought this updated version and tried it first.After three or four months I obviously feel that the skin is better than before,The combination of the updated version really works.There are also gift packages,not bad,Just too many bottlesTwo bottles each,It takes up some space.

1394 *** 05-17 wonderful
I bought it for the first time from Huitou Fishnet.I asked a lot of questions about customer service.Andy understands my skin condition in detail,Also tell me some things to consider.Eating this is easier and saves time than putting on skin care products.The effect is pretty goodAfter about half a year of eating, the skin has really improved,My face was boring beforeNot flexible,The skin feels smooth nownzend,Also firmly,to thank!
yaya *** 10-07 wonderful
After a while,The effect occurred slowlyNow the skin has returned to the state that she was in three years ago.Every morning i feel that my skin is light and slippery.The price is also very high,Two bottles of collagen, two bottles of grape seeds and two bottles of vitamin C are only more than 700.Will continue to exist.

Zhu Dao Shen Qi *** 05-12 wonderful
Bought for momMy mother is in her fortiesGive her more erg?tongues,Women have to rely on maintenance um sch?n to be.I’m?do not want that my mother is too old.I hope, that time doesn’t brighten my mother’s face.I also bought another sheep placenta for her,The effect is really goodMom was obviously younger after eating.

gree *** 08-26 wonderful
The skin has improved a lot,The skin is smooth and delicate,Very good choice,And the price is very highOnly 6 yuan a day,It’s cheaper than the collagen that I used to eat


Zhao Li is strange *** 01-01 wonderful
The subject had pain in the right upper abdomen some time ago and after an examination found that it is a hepatobili?re disease acted. He bought a combination and a? it a while and it was a lot better. He said, it is much better but the pill is very big? and difficult to swallow

Lucy *** 06-23 wonderful
My mother had acute hepatitis B last year,Now healedHave drunk Chinese medicine to protect the liver,In an emergency my mother bought her a liver protection combination and bought it together with glutathione.The price is not expensive.Things soon arrivedShe likes it to her mother.5 Stars

I only fish 2 *** 03-16 wonderful
I had liver disease a few years ago while working in a plastic factory.Just take medication for maintenance.Zuf?Andy recommended this combination.I’ve bought it for the second time nowFeel well,The chloasma on his face was fading?ugly.

gtmm *** 04-11 wonderful
I often see grandpa and liver protecting tea, before i know, that he has hepatitis.I recovered.I secretly bought a liver suit for grandpa,The red gift box is suitable for giving away,Look at the shelf life of more than a year.

Fengyunmi *** 06-06 wonderful
I bought it for my friend who often works night shifts in the hospital.Because I often stay up late is my K?for a little too much to eat,So he usually eats milk thistle and vitamins,Besides milk thistle and vitamins it containslt this liver combination black propolis and lecithin.Help, the K?restore rper.Something good,It’s just that the box sent is collapsed.The gift box inside was also crushed.
Hare *** 06-17 wonderful
Father has alcoholic liver,The normal liver combination, that I ate beforeThis time, try the updated version.I know? Not, whether it is better.

Evaluation after 46 days: Dad said the updated version is good,Let me buy this kit for him in the future and let him take the drug combination for a period of time.Go to the hospital a few days ago to check, whether liver function is normal.
Lisa *** 06-22 wonderful
The time, which is spent on liver discharge * at night, is used for work.I’m afraid, the K?body will not eat it k?a colleague who often works overtime, recommended this to me.He also often jokes about liver pain from working overtime.He ate for a whileI also bought a set of liver protection,Take care of your Krper,Don’t you worry about the quality?t,They are all real overseasMilk thistle and black propolis have just left the factory for less than six months.When purchasing with vouchers, 30 yuan was also deducted!!

Temperature sound line *** 08-14 wonderful
Because my husband often drinks alcoholThe liver is particularly painful,So I looked back to buy milk thistle for my husband,Sober until n?next day, without feeling sick.This time I plan assigning other health products to my husband.Beckham recommended this liver combination to me,Lots of portions,Can eat half a yearThe logistics are a little slow.

Do you want to ring fruit 0 *** 03-19 wonderful
If you eat snacks at night and eat very fatty things, the liver can no longer excrete *,Take health products for recreation,The VIP price is cheap,Very good five points!

A thousand miles of purple line *** 07-16 wonderful
fast deliveries,Logistics is fast too!Papa was sick and was taking too much western medicine.Some time ago the doctor asked at the hospital and said that liver cirrhosis can occur in the future, if the liver is not properly adjusted.I bought a set for dad than I activity?ten did.


Three fat Xin 0 *** 01-07 wonderful
The product is sent from Hong Kong,Should be realThe basic package consists of 4 largeen bottles for 120 days.The price is really not expensiveTry it out first,If the effect is good, buy it again and recommend it to friends.When I was only 45 years old I suffered from degeneration of knee function.Pain when climbing stairs,I hope, this product can bring me good results,Let’s check the effect after a while.

Yi Rong Qing Yun *** 11-09 wonderful
Bought for health care,I know? just, that the knee is important when I am old.Watch out for climbing and running.It is always good, this pr?vention to take.Health products must be eaten regularly, to see the effect.Customer service is very patient,excellent service.

appl *** 07-26 wonderful
Father had bad legs and feet after a strokee,Others introduced it to eat collagen,In the past, food was brought back from the US by others,At the time there were some effectsBut still the feeling that the effect is not at home,And it’s expensiveI bought this combination this timeAccording to the introduction, the effect should be the best.Dad just started to eatI know? Not, how it works.I hope, that it after l?becomes effective after prolonged use,If it works, it is bought here for a long time.

zhan *** 06-26 wonderful
Often especially goes down the stairsSometimes it stings.When I went to the hospital to see a doctor, did I ask for some bone st?rke and collagen.I was just looking forI just got the st?rke of bones seen in this combination by Huitou Fishnet,It’s just that collagen is not in the combination.It is an additionalexpensive purchase,So I bought it togetherCustomer service Xiaobei also answered many of my doubts.Why is it so tunedIt really makes senseYou k?can be sure!

1378 *** 04-09 wonderful
The combination is absolutely good!I like sports,I particularly like to play football and like to run.Long-term use can protect joints,Especially the kn?chel and knee joints.This can extend their lifespan.to nag.It is effective after ingestion,Even the problem of the cervical vertebrae?ule, that has been bothering me for a long time?ftigt, has improved a lot.Good products are recommended.

Zhu Yunmei 0 *** 02-03 wonderful
I chose this combination of health products for bones and joints, by w? from left to right?kept.All aspects are reasonableAfter reading the reviews and the sales volume, they are all pretty good.There was accan eventThe price is super nice?ppchen,I only started eating yesterdayThe effect should be goodWant to insist long to eatIt’s just that delivery is a little slow this time ~

Jiax *** 05-24 wonderful
Grandma’s legs and feete have been bad since last year,The cartilage of the knee is badly worn, etc.There is no M?opportunity, to go to the hospital to say Calcium to supplement?eat more eggs and milk. Taking medication for calcium energy?Use does not seem to have any effect. Sp?ter I realized that the Huitou Fish Mall has special combination products for this aspect.The event price is also very cheap,So I took a group to make grandma eat itHope there is a relief effect ~ the product packaging looks good,The box is very angry!

tty gold *** 06-16 wonderful
I bought it for myselfTo see that this combination is very good,Very reasonable. After all, women lose calcium very quickly. I’ve already hurt my knee once and too much walking can lead to melancholy therefore I have to take good care of it.Health products should be eaten for a long time.The effect will be obviousI previously had a VIP annual membership card,The price is very affordable ~ Unfortunately, I bought so many and didn’t give myself small gifts.

Leisure time love things *** 04-13 wonderful
Father,Mom eats.My father’s leg has hurt for many years.I ate simple calcium and magnesium tablets.The effect is still not obvious.I bought him a combination of low pricesThe effect cannot be said.Since I got this updated version?have changed i feel betterThe combination of this price is even better.Will keep buying after eating.

vovs *** 07-13 wonderful
After the previous sports injury,Always have consequencesI hurt my knees a lot.Occasionally I saw the bone and joint combination of Huitou fish on the?public account.I have tried, to buy a set,I feel pretty good after eating for a whileThere are no side effectsAnd the amount is very large,Customer service recommends the purchase price for members.Very inexpensive!


benn *** 12-19 wonderful
Great!Even though it’s the first time to buy,But I think it’s real!Packaging is also very good!!

1591 *** 11-12 wonderful
To be honest, I really didn’t see any effect at the beginning.I also insisted long to come before I saw the effect.Really good,The express delivery is a little slow,Everything else is alright.

Qiqi *** 10-05 wonderful
After a while eatIt feels really goodThe whole person is full of energy all dayEvery time when my back hurtsWhen i feel weakAfter eating lunch in the morning it will be much better.No exaggeration,I ate it anywayDifferent spirits!good stuff

Can Ruoyang 7 *** 10-28 wonderful
The packaging looks very advanced,I sent 5 bottlesThe price is very good,Can l?eat for more than three months,And it’s only 6 yuan a day.The only bad thing is that the pills something big are,Not very easy to swallow.

zhcg *** 08-03 wonderful
The logistics are quick and the couriers are very enthusiastic too. In the beginning I didn’t have much to do with food but after i approx?had eaten for a month my sleep improved my energy levels improved significantly and I was less tired after life.It feels a lot better than eating rhodiola

Kawaii heart *** 08-03 wonderful
Pers?after all, it’s still somewhat effectiveAfter ten days of eating I can feel a little effectPeople aren’t so tired eitherKeep eating and look whether the effect is better.Keep buying and eating if you have.

sjsi *** 04-12 wonderful
Not bad,Indeed, it is effectiveI ate anti-fatigue productsBut the effect is not very obviousThis is really differentI will buy back after dinner

Song*** 07-02 wonderful
The logistics speed is still very high,Do you add?Added DHA and Coenzyme Q10.A bige box,Like the product launch,Not practical yet,Hope there will be good results Second time shopping at Huitou Fish Mall,I fell in love with this platform really slowlyWill continue to watch out.

siwo *** 08-19 wonderful
Not much to sayMy husband has been eating for more than three months and his k?physical fitness is very good.I won’t be tiredI had back pain when I drove for a long time.Not now,It is very nicen,He is very concerned about the maintenance,People in their 30sVery energetic,I often take it on business?travel with,Keep eating every dayReally easy to use,Are you planning a VIP membership card,Anyway this is almost finished,Even if you buy other products in the future,It should be a lot cheaper

Tutu *** 09-13 wonderful
Still very usefulWhen you buy so much can you give me some small gifts ~


Good morning Xijia *** 01-08 wonderful
My husband and I are college classmatesThe relationship has always been pretty goodBut to what extent is that not very harmonious *,Husband always hasty,Then I found many products online,Sp?ter i chose this m?Similar combination package from Huitou Fishnet.After listening to the customer service proposal?rt had I bought a monthly card member, the price is much cheaper,The combination can be eaten for 3 months,My husband has no side effects after taking it and is in a good mood.In the evening it is something l?longer than before.The effect is obvious.

Jia Ke Zi 1 *** 01-10 wonderful
The logistics are greatgood,I have kidney deficiencyIt is easy, Feeling back pain.I mainly have this combinationbought, to improve them.Unexpectedly, the effect is really there,After about 20 days of eating the energy has improved a lot,** The service life has been extendedannoys,Now the lover is also very fond?available,very well,Five points of praise

Xiner Mom *** 08-03 wonderful
Shipping in Hong Kong,The packaging is very careful.valid,Huitouyu Global Shopping’s customer service is very patient.Asked a lot of questions and gave very professional answers,This combination is a total of 5 bottles,1 bottle of Tongkat Ali,2 bottles of maca,Are all big?en releaseIndian brands,There are also 2 bottles of multivitamins from By-Health.Ausl?Indian products have Chinese labels, on which is indicated how to take them.Very well,It is only recommended that the Chinese label can be bigger.It looks a bit exhausting now.

Buy Itoon *** 12-20 wonderful
Return to the old network customers,Became a member of the annual pass,The price is still very good,I ate maca aloneThe effect isBut it’s not very obviousWhen I see this combination I feel pretty suitable.After a while,The effect is really goodBetter than eating a single productworth buying!

Blue*** 06-15 wonderful
Time is always short when I am familiar with my wife.Reason?disarmed in a minute,I am so sorry,My daughter-in-law has opinions about meThis shop is sent confidentially,Does my privacy protect?re good,After a while,Now it can take up to seven or eight minutesMuch better than beforeAnd hard is really hardWill keep eatingThis combination is for 3 months,Expect better results.

me *** 09-24 wonderful
I know? Not, whether it’s the work pressure or not.The whole person gets tired easily,Especially sex,The nod in his early three?igern is actually early *,After seeing many * kidneys I decided to closelich for this basic package for m?Similar * features from the Fishnet Mall.Pers?I actually think the matching is very sensible.Now I’ve improved a lot in all aspects than before,I am also very active when i have sex with my wifeA game can last more than ten minutes.Will stick with itFive points of praise

keai *** 09-03 wonderful
The menu is good,K?nguru essence is triggered with the previous onesIndian comparedIs real,Well matched,And the product data is very new,It is effective after ingestion,Will come often in the future.
wxyz *** 06-19 wonderful
I always feel I don’t have a lot of energyNot much desireBaidu accidentally saw this combination package.don’t feel badAfter i took it didn’t it disappoint me?asks,My state of mind has improved a lot lately,Bo * H?rte increases,Take it onThe effect is pretty good.

1351 *** 02-10 wonderful
The effect is very goodIt used to be very exhausting and not very energetic every day.When I get home, m?I don’t want to do anything I’m?just want to go to bed ** Life is also optional.I saw this combination on the internet and learned about it.The customer service Andy people are super nice and patient too, to answer my tricky questions.I took a group to tryBy the way, I also have add?Ordered extra oysters.I ate it for almost a monthNow is the combat effectiveness?t increased sharply,The desire is particularly strongBo * time and H?rte have increased significantly,The energy is also very good and will keep eating.

Jiangnan so *** 03-24 wonderful
In general it’s okayI bought it, before looking at the review.Will be a little worriedBut after you get the combination,I checked whether it is real.It is more than the H?lfte the time.I feel more energetic than beforeMy wife also said that now I always m?become more similar.Best?made by his wife,I think, I have to keep taking itIt is a good combination indeed.


scqz *** 10-03 wonderful
My husband ate for a whileI ate celery seeds that my friends brought from Australia.Encounter with spinning fish,The price is very cheap,It’s lower than that what a friend brings.Compare itIs real,Now is the urine?ure of my husband dropped to 370.It is basically not a taboo to eatThis basic package is effectiveRecommend to everyone

Sch?n *** 09-30 wonderful
Sent quickly,The goods are authentic,The shelf life is very fresh.This combination is really effective in preventing the onset of gout,After more than two months of eating blood urine?ure decreased significantly and tended to return to normal?t,I plan to that n?next time to become a VIP member.Buy the recommended glucosamine and calcium magnesium tablets

Wood pi *** 04-28 wonderful
Customer service is good,Very satisfied ~!I bought it for my dad ~ 30 years of gout ~ I ate it since i bought it.This time I went to the urine?ure and it was normal.I am very pleased, that the family’s health products were all purchased from Huitouyu Global.Really good,trustworthy

Yaya Huamin *** 11-28 wonderful
After a while eatThe regul?re version of the gout combination, that I bought beforeHowever, I am of the opinion that this combination has a more obvious effect.To be continued

xzh2 *** 03-20 wonderful
Very helpful,I have joint pain in my foot?,The pain is not strongI didn’t take medicineDo you usually pay attention to the Ern?leadership,After more than two months, I can feel better day by day.The logistics are very slow,And the attitude is not goodI hope I can take care of it.

liwe *** 03-24 wonderful
My uncle has had a foot since the operation two years ago.gout.It hurts a lot,The feete are swollen,Every time when i get a painkillerI? a while onmuch better,The feete are not so swollen,The pain is not so strongGreat!

by *** 10-13 wonderful
After a while eatIndeed, it is effectiveUrine?ure takes gradually?ugly,But you still need to get on with your Ern?pay attention.Customer service is very good,Answer each question very patiently!Come back after dinner

szha *** 08-31 wonderful
Well,Mama said it worked,She is satisfied,Fortunately, I bought Viguli along with calcium and magnesium tablets.Can you give me something if you nnext time buy so many?

jian *** 08-07 wonderful
Really inexpensive,This package costs an average of 5 yuan per day.Eat longAnd the service here is very good,If you don’t understand ask customer service, me at the L?sung to help.Very well,I will check it, after eating for a whileI will buy back if it is good ~

chri *** 10-25
receive,Mama started to hope to be effective


Wang *** 05-15 wonderful
This basic combination is really good for endocrine regulation.I just stay up all night to readIrregular work and rest,That endocrine is v?messy,The first manifestation is the st?tion of the aunt,Dysmenorrhea,I got some stamina after a whileDysmenorrhea is basically cured,The aunt is normal tooReason?come on time,My skin has improved a lotThere were Pl?ne made to buy back.

growth *** 10-03 wonderful
Feel really goodm?gene!As a heart!My aunt is finally normalIt does not hurt, when I come,My friend also said that I look better than beforeIt may have endocrine regulatedSo it’s not that yellowI have no h?common acne.Still very goodCan Buy Back Unlimited Buyback

Wanwan time and space *** 04-30 wonderful
Effective,Now I insist to eat every day,My aunt came after eating this set 20 days ago.so surprisedAnd the acne is goneI won’t get angry easily over a little thingI feel, that this is really a women’s gospel.It’s easy to use and has no side effects.I will buy back after eating this.

lvda *** 02-10 wonderful
I only ate evening primrose before,The effect is not particularly good,If you sp?ter see a cheap combination, try it.It’s okay for menstrual cramps.But menstruation is still a little regularI bought this expensive oneNow i have the feeling that the effect after eating is okay.Menstrual conditioning is very regular,The follow-up will have specific implications

zhan *** 10-03 wonderful
I feel, that my K?is well regulated,Now I don’t have dysmenorrhea and my aunt is bright redIt’s not so dark anymoreThen the skin is much betterNot so bleak and boringSch?n beM?dchen k?You can really get this package

mxh1 *** 08-04 wonderful
My sister said that her menstrual period is always delayed?gert isAnd there will be pain in the roomI consulted customer service to buy this for you.She said, the effect is not bad,That n?next time m?I would like that she’ll buy it herself,Things at Huitou Fish Mall are really conscience,This member is not free.

Rogue carrot *** 12-20 wonderful
Recommended by customer service,I know? Not, what to eat.I bought this recommended oneIt feels good, to eat thatThe price is a little expensive,Can’t afford it!

Xiao Xuan 3 *** 03-09 wonderful
Bought a lot,I bought the recommended essence of holy berries and aloe.9 bottles,I feel like eating for a long timeBut it’s pretty inexpensiveIt’s cheaper than buying one at a time anyway.

Yaoyao Road *** 06-26 wonderful
My daughter is under big this semesterem pressure,Irregular menstruation,But also dysmenorrhea,Buy and seeNow my daughter has eaten for almost half a yearMenstruation is regular,The crowd is also more than beforeThe color is also normal,I have already applied for a VIP card, to buy them again.This should be a lot cheaper.

st19 *** 06-11 wonderful
First time buying,It feels good to eatEndocrine has also improved,The acne on the face is obviously reduced,Very happy.Keep eating every dayWill see the effectCheap and good,Logistics is fast,The courier is very helpfulThe packaging is intact,Really praisedWill buy back.


benb *** 12-01 wonderful
When menopause comes is the temper a little irritable,Very bad mood,I bought this group of products and a? for a while,I feel much calmerThe weather was muggyVer?annoyed,It feels a lot better now. Like the real product,5 star rating!

Fox *** 02-12 wonderful
Very inexpensive,Bought it for my motherShe’s almost menopauseI’ve been in a bad mood latelyBuy them to adaptI tried it myselfThe effect is pretty goodBecause the usual work and rest are not regular,After i ate this I feel very good for endocrine regulation.It is also very convenient to takeMy mother feels better slept after a whileThe temper is not so grumpy anymoreAnd eat it with royal jellyReally good!

Lili Rui *** 12-23 wonderful
Improved mood irritability,My temper is much betterThe skin has become elasticA better range of products,The membership price is particularly inexpensive.

shjc *** 08-04 wonderful
Diminished?estrogen level,There will be a lot of discomfort during menopause.Irritability and insomnia qu?len people.Thanks to this product,I feel better than before.Huitouyu customer service is very good,Answer all questions,The date of manufacture of the product is also very fresh,Carewrap properly,m?gene!

huws *** 01-07 wonderful
Same as the description.This combination package is very effective for hot flashes and night sweats? in menopausal women.I will stick with it.I hope, improve my menopause.

huws *** 01-07 wonderful
Same as the description.This combination package is very effective for hot flashes and night sweats? in menopausal women.I will stick with it.I hope, improve my menopause.

Xi Xi Niu brother *** 05-25 wonderful
Although the 45-y?her not in menopause, I have very little menstrual flow and darkening and blood clots Early symptoms are hot flashes, Night sweats?, Temperament problems, exercises and Ged?loss of knowledge.Particularly poor sleep quality?t,The quality of sleep?t has improved after a while of eating.The hot flashes are significantly reduced,I plan to after eating ~ to buy back

Midnight Lucky *** 05-07 wonderful
It feels like a good combination.At least it’s a pretty good effect for me.Because the bottles with out?Indian products are all in English,Huitouyu is also very useful in bringing Chinese labels to any bottle packaging.Say how to take itVery well,It’s just that the W?are a little small on the label.The proposal can be bigger,It doesn’t seem too strenuous.

jih2 *** 05-11 wonderful
This menopause combination has add?Adverse Effects on Menopausal Syndrome.I insis to eat every day,It is effective after eating,Especially helpful for sleep,Feel well,And this combination packaging is pretty nice?n,Giving is also a good choice,worth buying.

Son of david 8 *** 04-22 wonderful
The regul?re version of the meal, that I ate beforeI seem in a better moodBut there will still be hot flashesEspecially when I wake up after a napThe pillows are all wet.Consulted customer service,She suggested that I try this updated packageAnyway I have a test mentality?t,Au?Besides, it’s not too expensive.Buy it to eatMaybe it is really useful?

Evaluation after 53 days: This package is really good for menopause,The hot flashes are relieved after almost 2 months of eating.Menstruation is also normal,It turned out, that I didn’t sleep well in the evening.I hardly wake up at nightThanks for coming back,I will keep eating


lili *** 04-03 wonderful
The breast swelling and the pain of my mother were before the daughter is not feeling wellTake her to the hospital and found out that there is hyperplasia + kn?gavePrescribed some medicineBut I was afraid of side effects so i bought her this food?fuel.It took about?half a year,Said it’s pretty goodThe mammary glands do not swell or hurt before menstruation.The lump is also a little smaller,Ready, start a groupI hope the price can be a little cheaperAfter all, it’s a regular customer.

3583 *** 12-22 wonderful
Patronize again,I persreally think that the effect of a combination is okay,The price is acceptable. Use the voucher to buy this time,Quite cheap,The shelf life is fresh too

Wu Bao purchase w *** 12-16 wonderful
My daughter tr?Would you like to stay tight for a long time?Sche and z?not even when she sleepft. As a result, she suffers from lobul?r hyperplasia. After taking this basic combination, she is relieved.Affordable and authentic satisfaction

Big lazy 5c *** 06-04 wonderful
The baby has a lump in its breast after weaning.Pain from time to time,It is not convenient going out with childrenI was looking for the Huitou fishing netAfter seeing the review, they said, that she was good and placed the order.It is safer, in a largeto buy a mallFast logistics,Attentive service,Every bottle has a way to take itTried for ten daysThere are no side effects.

gxwz *** 12-09 wonderful
Really good,I could my feete not catch, when i started to eat.After eating a sentence, the difference is obvious.The cake is much smallerThe pain was also w?eased during the holidays.Now the first sentence is doneI quickly filled up another set before the VIP expires.It is also endowed with the sacred berry of Aojiabao,This time I paid directlyThe processing fee, which was charged for cash on delivery last time, is too expensive.

Spring ao *** 03-10 wonderful
Compare severalThis Ern?The training set was the last choice.Is a portable gift box,There are also many productsThere are 3 bottles of vitamins,3 bottles of lycopene,1 bottle of evening primrose,But the product in the box has no outer packaging,Is it a little nice?big to give away,I hope, that the mother-in-law has an effect after taking it.Recently I gort, that many people have breast cancer,I really have to pay attention!

jsdt *** 07-10 wonderful
Fast delivery in Hong Kong,The date is long tooI am an old fan who has turned back to the mall.The combination effect of these?Change is better than just taking evening primrose pods.The daughter-in-law said that she recently lost her head of useful fluid.Not easy to get upset.Will let her stick with it ~~~

ying *** 11-07 wonderful
After waiting more than a week I finally got it.Too slow!The basic package, that I brought home to my mother is also holy berry.I h?rte keep saying that her chest and armpit?hlen were uncomfortable.Therefore, customer service recommended this combination.The packaging is still pretty strong,The VIP price is also inexpensive,It’s just a courier and it’s perfect.

Caixialing *** 05-25 wonderful
Often staying awake all night * room pain,I saw this combination by mistake and decided to to try them out.The bottle is a little dirtyAlways share a boxI feel the pain eased a littleI know? However not, whether the period has subsided or whether it is a psychological effect.In a nutshell, I feel a little more relaxed* Glandular hyperplasia is a h?frequent illness,Staying up late is too stressful it will make the condition worseSo I also watch sp?ter on itIn a nutshell, this health product is very natural,No hormones,No doubt authentic,Everyone buys rationally
Hongye Lily *** 10-07 wonderful
I just got the product after a deal?get ftsreise.The gift box can be redesigned to a high end point.There are 8 bottles in one bigin box,This time I also bought a tablet with holy berries.Members only spend 4 yuan a day,Really fried chicken is a good dealft


Wuji *** 11-26 wonderful
A very practical combination. Oral administration is indeed helpful in gyn?ecological inflammation. My mother has irregular menstruation and inflammation. The medicine prescribed in the hospital is only for?u?essential application.It was said on the internet that h?Frequent washing of the genitals affects the normal flora?would benefit. So I bought this for her and said it is good. I haven’t had a gyn since then?ecological drugs bought more.

噫 Mi Princess *** 08-14 wonderful
This has a certain regulatory effect on the K?rper.I’ve bought this cranberry in Switzerland before.But the effect is good without the combinationLately the vaginal discharge hasn’t turned into slag,Much improved,And no adverse effectsThe menstrual cycle is normal,I’m?Just wanted to complain about the capsule of this combination product.Are too big,Not easy to swallow,If the price is acceptable.

Chen *** 01-26 wonderful
First time buying,It is in a red gift box.The dates of the six bottles are very new,It’s just that there is no inner boxThe probiotic bottle is very compact,Brath?little looks goodThe capsule inside is white,Take a look at the processing,Vitamin C tablets are a greate bottle,Z?cut it down to a few dollars a dayThe VIP is not free, haha, it’s still pretty cheap

czzz *** 11-25 wonderful
There wasn’t much reaction at firstI? more than 3 months, before I felt a littleI’ve been wearing tightsThief?they are always wet and yellow,Clean nowRecently my friends said that my improvement has improvedIt seems effective.Professional customer service,Answer patiently for me.The basic package, that i bought was recommended to two friends,I hope, that I will come back in the future and do more activity?ten can do.The price for regular members is still a bit expensive.

1385 *** 10-23 wonderful
Much cheaper than the individual product,I’ve been using it for almost a yearThere will be no itching and no r?give down below,There is no smellIt’s really good, gyn?Treat ecological diseases such as * dao inflammation.no side effects,The infection is not repeated over and over again,SF Express is fast,Be assured

Wang *** 03-28 wonderful
I can not wait any longer, to pick it up as soon as i get it.Because it’s raining todayOutside?it’s a bit wetFortunately, there is nothing wrong with the box.The packaging is very tight,The product has enough weightOptional basic combination plus lotion,It is real!Thank you for the customer service lady recommendation,The service is there!I look forward to improvements!

Zhang Feili 7 *** 03-02 wonderful
Ate cranberriesBut it generally feels like this combination.changes toUnexpectedly, the effect is unexpectedly good. This must be used for a long time.The period cannot be seenGood quality?t and fast delivery in Hong Kong,This is because that customer service will not be restored

zhan *** 03-09 wonderful
Old member of the Huitou Fish Mall,I bought face mask cleaner here,Gift package,Things are uprightHowever, the logistics are as slow as ever.This combination is for my daughterShe has chronic pelvic inflammatory diseaseDo not pay attention to hygiene in normal times,Whitehe smell,The lower abdomen is always painfulHope it works ~

Cocoaism *** 07-26 wonderful
For almost half a year my wife who used to take medication will relapse.Use thisI’ve never had a urinary tract infectionNot tingling urine lately,Not h?frequent urination,Prepare for a long-term VIP card buyback upgrade.

3055 *** 10-25
The packaging is good,And the logistics are particularly strong,It is real


3421 *** 12-14 wonderful
Not the first time, that I bought itThis combination has been eaten for half a year,The combination effect is really good,It is better, as if I eat evening primrose alone.My aunt turned black beforeThe crowd is still inheritedpoor,It’s normal nowThe complexion also improves after eating a box.People are more energetic.The date, that I bought this time is good,But there is a bodybuilder’s bottle of vitamin E with the wrong Chinese label.At first I thought, I h?tte sent the wrong product.

gdf9 *** 05-25 wonderful
It took a while, to rateIt’s really greatI often feel badfrig, after eating a few days.I kept going and found that my sleep was better.I won’t wake up in the middle of the nightEnergetically w?during the day,What is even more amazing that the menstrual period has become regular.This time i believe that things to which I returned are realAnd the logistics are fast,The gift box is beautifuln packed,not bad.

Baby wyatt *** 11-08 wonderful
I’m 48 years old this yearIt’s a sign of amenorrheaCustomer service said there is a decline in ovarian function so I recommend this combination,After 3 months of eating, the menstrual volume is h?than before.und,Now I sleep hard at nightI feel better

yoyo *** 03-30 wonderful
I’m?wanna have a baby with my wife recently,But she is always not interestedGo to the hospital to after?look for estrogen deficiency.To supplement the conditioning for a certain period of time?nzen,So I bought this combo for her at the Huitou Fish Mall.I chose the basic package with holy berries,Seven bottles are pretty big,Can eat for 6 months,The VIP price is cheaper,Will be useful to buy back

wsq soup *** 05-05 wonderful
The mother’s vacation is brought forward by a week each time.The amount is very smallHeadache uncomfortable,Dark yellow face,The effect of this combination is better than I thought.This month my mother’s period is normal and old.The skin looks whitehe looks like before,Not so boringMama is happierIf the product is cheaper,I will definitely come again!!!

Shadow 20 *** 10-10 wonderful
According to the evaluation, this combination is very good, premature egg failure?cke to prevent. Buy them and give them a try. It is really necessary to care for them during menopause. The combination recommended by Customer Service Xiaoan is very suitable for me. The advice is also very professional. It arrives a little slowly and the bottle is a little rough.Others k?nnen ~

leo0 *** 03-15 wonderful
I have more doubts about the first purchase.The first, what you will receive when you receive the goods, ist, check them out first.3 bottles of Beijian + 2 bottles of vitamin E + 1 bottle of evening primrose,Beijian checked whether the F?security against erasure is real.There should be no problem with other productsReady to takeRecent severe insomniaAnd night sweats?,Hope it works ==

a man*** 07-18 wonderful
Express delivery is a little violent?tig,A whole bige box was crushed by a corner,I hope, to be attentive in the future!So that Ma Ma the eggs?can maintain ~ I also put up a holy berry slice,I can still accept the priceThe shelf life is fresh too!

qian *** 05-15 wonderful
Very inexpensive,My aunt has premature ovarian failureLet me buy her some customizations,pretty good,There are Chinese instructionsSoft capsules are easy to take,Swallowed with water is OK

cxf3 *** 05-15 wonderful
It was dry after delivery,My husband always complainsIt’s been almost half a year since I have this N?I took a combination of substances.** Life has improved a bit,Ern?educational products have no immediate effect,I suggest, You stick with it


Caramel Kasumi 1 *** 12-18 wonderful
Insist to take it every dayThe bowel movement is very easy,The K?body fat is released,My face is rosier than beforeNo pimples on my faceThe complexion is much better than beforeThe product rank * is very good,Very mild in nature,Will not have diarrhea after eating,Trustworthy product!

Peng Ai Keke *** 12-11 wonderful
Something good,Customer service Beckham has a very good attitude,Job.Pai * has a largeen influence on the Sch?nity,I no longer have acne.I had acne because of too much vitamin in my K?rper,It wasn’t long agoI really like this combination ~

1540 *** 01-21 wonderful
After taking it with chlorophyll for a while, i feel betterR?fair complexion,I feel, that my energy is fullbuy again,I will be a long time in the future

Long Ying Haojie *** 09-11 wonderful
I have been killing acne for a long timefumes,I accidentally read the review of this combination and said that the effect of curing constipation and acne is good.I bought it and triedCustomer service Xiaoan also bought an additional?Useful chlorophyll to choose from.In fact, constipation is much better after eating this time.Even the complexion is much betterThe gift box is also very good,Many thanks to the Fischh?Huitou distributors for this good product combination.I plan to to buy a set for the little sisters, who are also affected by acne!

Amoy Hehe 7 *** 05-30 wonderful
The effect is goodLaxative,Pai * has a largeen influence on the Sch?nity,Now I have normal bowel movements every dayChair is simpleI no longer have acne on my face.The skin becomes very smooth,The complexion is much better than before.Huitouyus Ern?Currency combination helped me many problems too l?sen.I still eat nowno side effects,Won’t have diarrheavery healthy,A very safe product,Suitable for long-term use,Many Thanks,Will be bought back when used.
Tingting Weiwei *** 03-07 wonderful
I got the anti-acne comboThe gift box is very nicen,It also corresponds to the recommended carotene and chlorophyll,I took it for 3 days according to the instructions,The effect is really goodI will keep buying it after dinnerGood things are shared with friends.You bought it and it worked fine.

Aoxun Tr?ume *** 06-30 wonderful
Things are realIt’s not the first time, that I do it in this business?ft bought.And the price is very reasonable会 再来

wwow *** 04-20 wonderful
Every time when is the season?changes, is the skin anf?llig for?l and acne.It’s not easy, getting angry after eating.And after using it, the acne on the face got easier.Has the skin tats?improved,Smooth and elastic,Friends, worth the constipation to attempt,,I wish, the business?ft the Huitou Fish Mall w?re successful and better.So let me give you five pointsPraise!

nuan *** 08-31 wonderful
Friends say that I’ve lost myself a lot latelyhave changedThe skin becomes supple,The dark rings are goneAsk me, which cosmetics I use so safelyI told you, that the constipation was cured,no cosmetics at all,Pai * has a good sh?unity effect,So the complexion is also great,I recommend it to my friendsI hope, they are effectiveEveryone is healthy and healthy!

king *** 10-25
Baby got itLooks very good,Hope it’s useful!


Infant*** 01-31 wonderful
Great,The effect is very goodMy daughter likes to eattaste,And the price is good tooIts worth it,Children like to eat and we are very satisfied as parents ~

Love and affection*** 04-24 wonderful
Bought it for my niece,I have gort, that their grades have dropped dramatically,He also likes to eat it.Eat more than the H?lfte,Your teacher said that she’s been very focused on class lately.The grades slowly picked up again,I am really happy, to see such an obvious effect.

organic _ *** 05-23 wonderful
Now elementary school students are under greatem pressure,I learned a lot,When I saw this combination I wanted to buy them so my son can try them out.After a while eatThe son said he can be supported much faster now,It’s not so easy to forgetAfter eating this receive a VIP membership card.In the future, insist to feed him.

Huaisha Feixue *** 01-04 wonderful
I’ve given DHA to kidsBut it feels ineffectiveThis combination is very differentThe effect is pretty goodChildren m?are it alsoIt is very useful to n?listen.

2594 *** 04-01 wonderful
早 收到 了 试过 以后 才 来 评价 宝贝 们 都很 喜欢 吃 looking forward to 之后 的 效果 希望 宝贝 们 越来越 聪明 眼睛 眼睛 越来越 亮 还有 客服 也 挺好 的 有 问题 就 很快 的 帮 我们 解决 了 客服 表现 的 真的 很 到位 打算 吃完 还 来 购买 一直 钟爱 回头 鱼

yxml *** 07-07 wonderful
The price is very cheap,It’s much more cost-effective than buying every single product.It’s only 7 yuan a dayIt’s nothing compared to the snacks the children eat.The effect is not badHuitouyu is trustworthy indeed.

Imagination*** 06-20 wonderful
Granddaughter’s grades have been rising rapidly lately,He said, has he had a good Ged lately?danger,Back things up quickly,Should the function of this combination be,Haha,Come and buy after dinner.

4609 *** 06-22 wonderful
pretty good,The packaging is often careful.valid,The logistics are also very fast,Baby ate for a few daysNo complaints,I hope, the child eats useful,Make your baby smarterHaha!The price is a little expensive ~

jenn *** 07-15 wonderful
I was surprised, when i received the goods,A full box,I even bought walnut peptides,Seven bottles,The price is very real too,It feels, as k?Cub Cub would eat for a long time.

Sleep green *** 06-20 wonderful
Works well,My kids love to eat tooThe price is very good too,The packaging of the package was a bit rudimentary?r, when i bought it.Hope it can gest?be rkt.


Sun 22 *** 01-19 wonderful
Customer service is very professional,Because it’s a new productI did not understand much and consulted a lot.Xiao An introduced himself patiently to me,He also helped me quickly a problem in intermediate logistics too l?sen.The effect of the baby is goodHighly praise customer price.The service is really good!

Spend a good 16 *** 11-17 wonderful
I’ve also given DHA to my boys once before,But I don’t feel much effectThis time I’ll try this combination with high spiritsUnexpected, the effect is unexpected,Zizai also likes to eat,Now all kinds of reactions are very quickRemember things very quicklyReally good product,Didn’t disappoint Huitou Fish Mall?usts ~

chuc *** 12-05 wonderful
The activity?t useI bought it with a VIP membership card.Said it is on the Ged?the children’s awareness,I wanted to buy it and try it outThe price is pretty good,It’s a lot cheaper than buying one at a time.My son likes to eatThe effect is still being observedIt will come if it’s good.

Xiao *** 03-18 wonderful
The price of this combination is really good,It is very conscientious 22 yuan to fold into this upgraded version.And can eat for so longIs it m?resembled to send a small pill box or somethingIt is not convenient for children to go to school, to eat and carry.

Susu Four Friends *** 11-25 wonderful
It is also the first time that I bought itRecommended by customer service, who askedI did not expect, that it will be pretty goodThe child ate for a monthgood results,I concentrated a lot in classWell worth it for parents to buy.

6473 *** 10-17 wonderful
Recently the teacher consulted,Said that my daughter concentrated a lot in class,Best?editing and reading speed are also much faster,It should be this combinationThe price is a little expensive,Do more activity?ten ~

such*** 08-26 wonderful
I have received the goods soon,I just got the package today?opens,Haven’t eaten yetNow the kid has just entered first gradeNot very good Ged?danger,So I bought it for my kidsExpect the effect!

Jing *** 10-07 wonderful
This improved version of the combo is really good,Although the price is a bit expensive,But a good price-performance ratio?ltnis,The express speed is too slowAnd the outer packaging is damaged?digt,I hope, pay Attention to.

Hua Hailin 1 *** 10-25
Children are under pressure to learnThink, that eat the Ern?supply of the braincan useI can’t see the effect for now期待
Yina *** 10-25
Seems to work,You k?Can buy a psychological comfort


kosh *** 12-09 wonderful
I bought it for my son.He’s under pressure to studyThe mind can’t take itTell me after dinner that the effect seems to be a little.Ged?knowledge is better than beforeBut it’s still easy getting tired.Often fell asleep while writing homework,That n?next time m?if I still want to buy him the extended version to eat,Those, have become members of the annual pass,The price is also acceptable!

htg6 *** 09-02 wonderful
The kid is in junior high schoolLearning is not focusedNot so good at memory?danger,The notes k?can’t keep upI consulted customer service after i got this student?seen combination.The attitude towards customer service is very good,Answer all questions,And very professional and fast,Since the matching also makes sense,I have definitely orderedPlus additional?precious walnut peptides,The price is pretty good,The products are all shipped from Hong Kong,It is real,The packaging is also very angry,My child eats well and I will be back ~

grac *** 08-24 wonderful
Looking at this combination the rating is pretty good.I bought a basic version and tried it first.I have the Jiananxi fish?l eaten in this pack.It’s just that the effect of eating alone is not particularly apparent.Have the product compare students’ memory combinations.It’s the same as that that I bought.After eating more than three months I have the feeling, that the Ged?my boy’s knowledge is a little better than before.Tell me, that memorizing the text has never eaten,Let me buy it for him after dinner.

tjdl *** 12-08 wonderful
The set, the last time I bought plus some other products,I ate nowMore focused,Won’t be distractedThe effect is not badThis time it’s about storage and buyback.

long *** 06-11 wonderful
For my M?dchen,Now in high schoolHeavy studies,Long brain time,The complexion is not good at all,Learn more and quickly forgetI’m?just want some results?buy fuel, that are good for the brain and good for their eyes.I bought thisI’ve been eating for more than 2 monthsThe effect is not badMy daughter said the brain is easier to learnNo problem.

Guan *** 06-30 wonderful
The child is 14 years old this year,I am about to soon entering the third year of junior high school.It’s just before the entrance exam.The pressure to learn has doubledTo see that his recent performance has declined,Bought a set for him to eatI hope, help him to k?nnen, to reduce the pressure of study.

Little monkey 9 *** 05-11 wonderful
My little M?girl is much smarter after dinnerAt that age she should make it up to her.This student did?license package is very good,The matching products are all known greate brands,Every product has a Chinese label.Huitou Yu is very careful.

潆 憆 小竹 *** 08-24 wonderful
Haven’t eaten yetI know? Not, whether it will work.The packaging is good.
rj20 *** 06-12 wonderful
Given the college entrance exam,Not enough brainMy roommate asked me to buy something about my Ged?to improve.I’ve seen a lot onlineI was planted because I accidentally saw this combination.The most obvious feeling after eating is that the concentration is more concentrated.It’s fast too remembering thingsGreat!I will n?next time consider a j?To become an annual membership card.Then buy the additional?delicious walnut peptides together!

Cocoa vi *** 07-25 wonderful
The combination, who ateFooduse of the brain,The effect of relieving brain fatigue is good,It is also convenient to takeI feel less tired in classHelped me a lotWill insist on eating!I hope, that I n?next time can send a small pill box, which is perfect!


Good l1 *** 12-17 wonderful
I was so surprised to get this combination,Next to the packaging box there is a gift box inside,Particularly beautiful?n.Then the products are 10 pieces together,4 boxes of walnut peptides,DHA2 bottles,2 bottles of memory chewable tablets,2 bottles of vitamins,Are greate brands,And every product is provided with a Chinese label, on which is indicated how to take it.Very well,Huitouyu is really hard!

wln9 *** 08-18 wonderful
The dates are very fresh,Not bad,Remember that the pressure on children is now no less than that of adults.The learning task is difficultDo you need something, to replenish your brainI’ve been eating until nowThe effect is really goodThe daughter said she isn’t that nervous?s,Not ?afraidLearn things and learn in,Especially good.Though the price is a little highCompared to previous academic performance,I still feel very happySpecial value!

Chen Ya aa *** 03-08 wonderful
My son in junior high school ain’t very goodBut he also worked very hard.I do my homework every day sp?t, after i went homeStand on the n?up early next day,It hurts, to see me,Since I bought him this version with improved students?have helpedIt really does have some effect after eating.Although the notes are not pl?will rise sharply,But his Ged?chtnis has really improvedThe knowledge points taught by the teacher k?can be digested faster than before.You don’t have to spend too much time doing homework like you did before.Increase speed sharplyht,The money is worth it ~

guoq *** 09-23 wonderful
I ate it for a monthThe teacher said that he became very active by having his H?nde raised.The mind is much better than beforeWon’t be listless all dayThe key is that the Ged?chtnis has greatly improvedAs long as it is helpful to himI’m ready, Spend money!Huitouyu’s customer service Xiaobei service is particularly good ~ Thank you!

Chin*** 04-03 wonderful
I accidentally dated these students?seen combination,Many reviews say that eat the Ged?chtnis can improve.I bought it for my cub to try,He will n?Take the college entrance exam next year,It’s time, to prepare.After giving it to him for a whileWe say, it feels really goodMemorizing word formulas is much easier than before.The things, that I remember every day are half as much as before.The knowledge points in advanced math classes are easier to understand.I hope, Zai Zai passed the college entrance exam in the n?next year successful!!

Qiqi *** 06-15 wonderful
It took my son half a month to leave a comment.It’s rare, that I’m so seriousThe effect of the food is pretty goodCan that Ged?improve knowledge,It is easier, to concentrateIf you have a Huitou Year of the Fish Card membership,The price is considered cheap,After all, there is half an annual amount.

Lime*** 02-10 wonderful
From the review,It looks good,I also bought a set for my daughter to make up,To make learning easier for her,After a month of eating,The effect is really goodWill consider buying back!

lew1 *** 06-25 wonderful
I have the basic version for my M?you bought it beforeThere are additionalprecious walnut peptides,The effect is okAcademic performance has greatly improvedThis time I just bought the extended version,It’s a little inexpensiveThank you to the customer service Xiaoan, who recommended me to buy at member price.Lots of discounts.Praise for your service.

zhul *** 09-12 wonderful
Bought back from old customers,The Huitou fish products, that my two children always ate,The effect is very goodThis combination to improve the Ged?Will students benefit for the big memory eaters?Junior High School currency combination bought.It is very suitable for children in middle and high schools,You k?can buy with confidence, when you need it.

Slightly smoky *** 08-16 wonderful
I bought it for my son about his Ged?ability to improveAfter a while,The effect is very goodI am very energetic every dayThe teacher also praised the improvement in grades,I’ll buy it for him when he’s finished eating!As long as the effect is good!


Hanhui was usedhnt *** 01-20 wonderful
27 years old,I feel dizzy at workNo longer specifyPoor work efficiency,I can’t attract attentionIt is particularly easy feeling tiredI have this group of food?eaten food,It is biggood, your feetto catch e.Better spiritsI have also had Noos brain test before?eaten ready.But the effect is very generalUnexpectedly, the collocation works well in this combination.VIP is not expensiveThe gift packaging is also very nice?n,Very suitable for me ~~

white *** 07-02 wonderful
买 的 基础 套装 和 核桃 肽 看 评价 说 是 搭配 吃 更好 满满 的 一 大 箱子 红色 礼盒 看起来 高大 上 呀 够 够 我 妈 用 一阵 儿 儿 每一 瓶 都有 中文 标签 核桃 肽 扫 了 码 是 正品 我 是货到付款 顺丰 速递 很 给 力 就 手续费 有点 不划算 呢

Hubi *** 11-11 wonderful
Husband office worker,I usually work on the computerNot only are the eyes sore,My head is tired tooDizzy,The Ged?denial is not as good as every dayI bought it with the mentality?t, to try6 bottles in total,The amount is not particularly large,It’s gone after three monthsIf it works,I am going to buy my father-in-law a number of old-age allowances.Refilling the brain improves the Ged?fear.

lany *** 02-20 wonderful
I ate it for a couple of days before I got to comment.The K?rper is normal,It’s nothing bad,Things are safeYou k?we can eat with confidenceThe capsule looks very upright,But the particles are too big?,Stuck a little in my throatTo the Ged?ability to improve you have to eat for a long time.

Xiaoyutai 1 *** 02-22 wonderful
The DHA content in this combination is very high,I’ve used other brands of DHA,However, the effect is not as good as with this combination.Consistent use every day has helped me a lot.Anyway it’s not easy, now sleepto get frig.There are more productsThe time, the ben for everyone?is done, is different.I can’t remember it clearly.

Little Monster China 6 *** 11-02 wonderful
A teacherI have to submit class materials every dayI have to take care of all m?like things to care about the students,I don’t have enough sense if I ?get older.I’ve seen this on the internet about the Ged?ability to improve and bought it.After a long period of use, state of mind is better

You Xiaodian on *** 08-12 wonderful
The son is preparing for the civil service examination.Bought, to check,I ate it for 3 months,not bad,The most obvious is that the concentration is more concentrated than before,Said to rememberRemember firmlyEspecially liked the taste of walnut peptide powder?llt my son very well.If the price is cheaper,Will buy back for a long time!!!

little *** 03-10 wonderful
Papa is in his fortiesI often feel dizzy during the day.The brain is tiredA slightly cheaper combination after eating for a while,so so,But it is better, than just eating phospholipids.Z?don’t you like swap it for the more expensive one and take it further.It is better for him to be more expensive.not bad.Better Ged?danger,And the mind will be better than before.

qinx *** 09-16 wonderful
Bought it twice.I usually plan to work overtime and stay up late.The mind cannot take it.Ask customer service to introduce this basic combination that I bought.It improved after ingestion.Lately have been long hours.The brain is still sober.

Lei lei zc *** 03-28 wonderful
Bad Ged?danger,I’ve always had a heavy head latelyI found out about it onlineI bought this basic package plus GNC taurine tablets.Hope it will ?make changes,I use it firstFeedback


See you 0 *** 12-08 wonderful
Product received,I took it on purpose l?longer than two months and then came to a comment.I h?rte, like my mother said that Grandma had some effects after taking it.,Ged?knowledge has improvedSleep more peacefully,In a nutshell, it has improved.The price is not badIt’s about a few dollars a day when it is spread.But if you n?next time order,I hope, the logistics can be efficientbe higer,,,,,,,

1368 *** 12-12 wonderful
This is the second purchaseGive one to my motherprecious grape seed,Allegedly help protect brain cellsIt can also delay aging?gladly,There are no side effects anyway,Will go on!!!I’ve bought so manyI’m looking forward to a present from the H?traders at the n?next time

ddwd *** 01-20 wonderful
My wife has been taking medicine for almost a year and he is also taking western medicine.Alzheimer’s was also improved,Cheaper than buying alone,The logistics are also relatively quick.I also gave a little pill boxeasy to carry,But eat on time

zhao *** 01-01 wonderful
The basic package bought for grandma was received,DHA is a greate bottle,The date is freshThe packaging is also very tight,VIP prices are still acceptable,But i still hope more activity?to make

Wang *** 04-18 wonderful
Andy is a very sincere little M?dchen (first like it) ~~~~ I m?do not want any other customer service in some shopping centers,The product is so boastfulIt feels, like taking your family’s parcel to cure all diseases.I urge them to, quickly place an order.The most disgusting.As for the specific effects, Grandpa still takes it.I will keep buying it if i use it well.
ling *** 09-01 wonderful
The normal version, which the father-in-law first used,Not much effectSp?ter I changed to eat this upgraded set.Has been insisting for a monthAmnesia is much better than before.The price for this is a little expensiveBut if it worksIt is worth it, to spend some money.At least it didn’t disappoint?asks.When it is finished,Will buy it again

thing *** 03-06 wonderful
I am over 50 years oldThe brain gets tired easilyI often feel a little dizzyAte DHA,But the effect is averageSp?ter recommended the customer service, that the game would be better.Passed 3 months,The effect is better than DHA alone,And the customer service Sch?nheit is very professional,I also patiently answered my questions.

Surfacereally *** 04-26 wonderful
After eating this combo recommended by a friend,Not to mention,Really good,Grandmas h?Frequent forgetfulness has improved a lot.In fact, phosphatidylserine is used before taking the combination,The effect is not particularly great?.Or combined Ern?management is more comprehensive.Highly recommended for other friends in need!

yuxi *** 07-10 wonderful
Bought only the basic,Carry out maintenance and prevention.Compare the two products of Ginkgo biloba and Phosphatidylserine.It’s the same as that that was sent abroad by relatives.Though the other two have no comparison,But it also looks good.I will w?heal.

Mini*** 03-24 wonderful
First purchase,Find out about the order w?during the event,But forget to use the voucher,Xiaoan contacted me quickly,Then refunded me the differenceAt this point,5 star ratings,I hope, the effect can be as good as the service ~~~~~


Shen Yanguai o *** 03-01 wonderful
Bought for parents,I always bought GNC Spirulina,After more yearsThe effect is good on heavy food!This time did I get this combination?changes, to try,The service was greatgood,The quality?t is also very good,After buying it, my parents insisted on eating.In the future, it will be bought from Huitouyu Global.But I hope, to send some giftsMany Thanks!

newd *** 10-24 wonderful
I ate vcWhen you see a combination which specifically on Immunit?t aims start determinedThe price is really affordable,That’s 6 yuan a dayAnd it’s a lot cheaper than my single purchase.yes I like

ddm flower *** 04-08 wonderful
I’m?Really want to complain about express shipping.The slow package is still crap?digt,But the effect is really goodI am a person who often stays up lateThe K?body is well regulated,I explainI rarelyI hope, to raise awareness in this regard?rken.

H?sweet little rubbing free *** 10-28 wonderful
It feels very easyDo I have low immunity?t,Bought, about the immunit?t refill,Logistics is fast,The packaging is also very tight,The service is very good too,After eating for a while I don’t feel so easy to get outltet.I bought it back.

aa11 *** 03-12 wonderful
Got mad some time agoIt’s acne and canker soreAfter eating this one month,The effect is pretty obvious.I have to go long?rt, that this basic package has a good effect on improving immunity?t of the K?rpers has.Unexpectedly, it can relieve symptoms of angerThe acne on the face is no longer so obvious.Thumbs up.

lizo *** 06-20 wonderful
Fast enough,The courier’s attitude is very good,A bige box,Plus the probiotics, that I bought extra,11 bottles,Well packed,The effect of the elev?hung of resistance and immunity?t is really goodThe price is very affordable too,I still can’t differentiate between VIP members?tzen ~

lsmm *** 03-04 wonderful
First time,Recommended by customer service,The price is acceptable,Works well,The pill is too big,The mother-in-law said it is a little difficult to swallow.

A couple of buckets of incense *** 08-13 wonderful
My girlfriend said it’s pretty goodI also bought probiotics and sea cucumber peptides for her,But she said that sea cucumber peptide doesn’t taste that good.You k?can see the effect if you insist on eatingShe’s still eating ~

Song*** 06-04 wonderful
Old customers,This time I bought it for an eventThe K?my sister’s body is too badI hope, that will affect youThe packaging is quite advanced,It’s also very high quality for my sister!

ruzh *** 05-11 wonderful
I’ve been eating for more than two monthsI got it every step of the way?ltet.I don’t seem to find myself so easily now?lten,This should be a strong resistance.And the attitude towards customer service is pretty good,The introduction is very careful,Recommended


Wang *** 01-15 wonderful
The packaging is really perfect,The gift box inside is also very high quality,Is this combination still very effective in improving self immunity?t.When I changed the seasons were rhinitis and pharyngitis not good,After taking a lot of medicine there is no effect,I also ate vitamin C,With the mentality?t, to try this timeStarted eating this combinationAfter a while,Sure enough healed!really not bad,After a while eatTo rate,I hope everyone has to help!

Love little orange *** 09-26 wonderful
My mother-in-law always had ailments and pain in the past year.To k?physical exam going to the hospital is no big dealthere problem but the immunit?t is low.The doctor asked me take some propolis capsules.To see that in this combination there isAnd it’s still purposefulJust bought itIt feels good to receiveThe mother-in-law said the food is goodAfter a while eatAt least I don’t feel good every day.The number of headaches and cerebral fever has also decreased.

above_ *** 09-12 wonderful
I was pretty surprised to receive the package,A bige box,Me?opened it and saw 7 bottles,Husband often has canker sores,Look whether it is better after eating.The pills are a bit big,Swallowing is a little difficultAfter a while eatThe effect is pretty obviousNot so h?ufig,not bad.Can you send me a little pill box or something?So many bottles are really hard to carry when you go out.

Do you want to fall in love again *** 01-19 wonderful
This combination is very affordable,The propolis, that I ate beforeThis time I saw the new combination and wanted to try it out.It’s much cheaper than buying it individually,And I had a VIP membership beforeSo the price is cheaper,After about three months of eating Works well,Obviously not that easy to spot?as before,Will buy back after eating.

kfjx *** 04-11 wonderful
After a while,The immunit?t is in fact much improved.In the past few years, as long as the seasons?change,I won’t miss myself with the fluNow I rarely sneeze and am no longer afraid of K?lte.And i have a feeling that my skin has improved a lot.Come back after dinner!

nanc *** 10-15 wonderful
It took a while, to rateI have mouth ulcers all year round.Consulted customer service,She recommended me to eat thatFirst time buying,good results,After two?Are mouth ulcers complete?thoroughly healed,I will keep eating!Thank you for the customer service recommendation!

liur *** 04-27 wonderful
I have gort, that it is my sizemom has been going very badly lately.There is no energy to walkI bought this for her to eatI also bought sea cucumber peptides,After a while eatSaid it has some effectDon’t feel so tiredIt’s perfect, if the logistics speed at the n?next time is faster

Mirror flowers like ice *** 02-28 wonderful
Dad is very difficultOften work overtimeAnd no time to exerciseI hope his K?rper will have no problemsI bought this basic package,I also gave him a sea cucumber peptide,Give him conditioningDo You Boost Your Immunit?t,I look forward to good results.

Xu Min Dandan *** 05-06 wonderful
I’ve talked to customer service for a long time, because delivery is slow and service is poorly adjusted.The attitude towards customer service is really good,I speak emotionallyShe is also not b?se,Instead he patiently helped deal with it,to apologize,In the end it turned out very well.st,I will go to service at the n?next time come back and forth, to buy things all over the world.

Yi Yun if *** 05-18 wonderful
Logistics is fast,The express service is very good,The product is well packaged,The customer service is also very professional and likesLately has the immunit?t greatly decreased,The K?lte is so seriousJust bought and eaten about the immunit?t to get?hen,Hope it works!


Moon Night Stroll *** 01-04 wonderful
Also do not understandI just bought it after reading reviews and consulting customer service ~ children m?not very good for vegetables.And the skin is anf?good for skin rashesge,Hope it will improve!Let’s not talk about anything else.Children love to eatAfter dinner I have to ~ ow?Furthermore, skin allergies seem to have improved somewhat.I know? Not, whether it’s a psychological effect.

Orange Wei Ai *** 11-06 wonderful
My cub really has several Erk?lungs.The doctor said, that the resistance is not strong,Has asked me, to buy something to meet their resistance?rken,I just saw Huitou Yu on this menu.I bought this and protein powder, after seeing the good reviews.After more than three months of eating The trend is effectiveThe number of Erk?lungs of the boys is considerably reduced.The time dr?ngt,Thumbs up,Do you do the n?next time a VIP membership card.

zhuj *** 02-07 wonderful
I bought it for my granddaughterIt tastes good, Baby likes to eatI know? only not, whether it is the k?improve physical fitness and find out?lungs will prevent.After eating and seeing the effects,If effective, continue to buy.

yyew *** 02-06 wonderful
The overall picture is very advanced,There are seven bottles in a boxThe price is very good too,There are only a few dollars in the?equivalent,It’s nothing compared to the snacks that my baby eats every dayKerry is not great,It is also very convenient to eatJust a little cute,I am worried about my child’s tooth decay.

Moon*** 03-24 wonderful
The express speed is a little slow,Waited long,But the combined product is still good,It’s way better than the vitamins that I gave to my baby before.But is there nothing to send?

Tang Xin Pork Wheat *** 04-10 wonderful
The logistics speed is very fast,The packaging is good,The service is very good too,It was closingeaten by a childSo i asked moreMore careful,Customer service didn’t look impatient at all,Answer my questions patientlyBecause the service will come in the future.

lzda *** 04-03 wonderful
At the k?physical exam in kindergarten lacks vitamins.His K?building is not goodI have chosen this combinationholds,The child likes to eatThe second child and the boss rushed to dinner.I bought him vitamin C rinsed with water beforehand,Children don’t like to drinkDidn’t disappoint?asks.

Love lotus seeds 3 *** 04-06 wonderful
The price is very good,Sweet and angryBaby likes it a lotOften scream to eatI hope it can be his K?help rperPay attention to the n?Next time just put it on the packaging.

Lucy *** 10-25
Children eat,not bad
loll *** 10-25
I know? Not, whether it is real.Lots of scraps!Taste ok,It arrived in two days


Unrequited love Miao Miao *** 12-09 wonderful
I’ve been constipated latelyAusl?Indian brands are safer.Chair is much better now than beforeReason?once or twice a day,I feel really goodBut it must take a long timeAfter all, the stomach is a conditioning process,

Bag 27 *** 12-05 wonderful
Combining a few is, in fact, more effective than eating only digestive enzymes. It is only rated if you eat them specially. Lately bowel movements are smooth and regular, the stomach does not rise, there are no side effects, the staff is professional, the price is cheap and it will return.Bought

Yangyangxi 0 *** 08-13 wonderful
It’s good after unpacking,The product signature is also clear,Visual inspection is real.The bottle is all in Englishcan’t read itHaha, but luckily there are Chinese labelsI hope, that taking it over a period of time regulates the stomach and bloodhunger can improve.This health product is prepared for problemsBuy it and try it,And a bottle of honeyThe whole family can eat together.Hong Kong shipped quickly,Although the price is a bit expensive,But the quality?t is good.

Lin Yan Genius *** 10-28 wonderful
Spent a few daysThe capsules are a bit big,I do not have one yet ?seen changes,But this is not medicineIt is only after l?effective longer application,Will stick with itSF Logistics delivers quickly,It’s just that the processing fee of more than 20 yuan is a little difficult.If you want it?next time to buy, pay directly.Thank you for your thoughtful and caringold customer service ~

Star point mi *** 12-29 wonderful
There are many ingredients in this combination. One can say, that the poor digestion savior has been used for a long time and the condition of gastrointestinal complaints has improved. Thank you for the customer service lady recommendation. The price is acceptable.

Yuan Hetu 1 *** 03-18 wonderful
For husband,Just in time for the expiry of the VIP card,Long durability,Imported from the USA,A full box is enough to eat for a while,Wait till the endI went back and forth to buy it at the fish center, because I bought a set beforehand,The effect is really goodThings are uprightQuality?control

3317 *** 07-17 wonderful
The box was not damaged when you received the item?digt,I bought probiotics in huitou fish before,I have the feeling, that the effect in general on this combination?changes.My mother a? 4 tablets a day for more than 3 months.L?sen the problem of bad breath and constipation.Especially when the parents?are olderBad stomach,To make up for themVIP is not expensiveIt is recommended that snacks can also be used in the packaging?nnen!

The old town is still there *** 04-22 wonderful
I just got itThe express is getting wetBut it’s okay insideAs for the effect,I know? after eating.Because my father often puffed up?ht and hiccups easily,The effect of those who previously ate the intestines, is not very obvious.With regard to the evaluation it is said that this combination is okay,So I bought it and tried it.Hope it works,Praise the first five points

Glass blue *** 06-13 wonderful
Yesterday I was too late for somethingt came back and didn’t have time for comments.I can not wait any longer, to write a comment, as soon as I wake up.This combination health product is really good,It has some gastric blood improvementconstipation and constipation,This is my second order,The price is very good,Logistics is still slow as always?

he is*** 09-05 wonderful
high speed,For Grandpa,Not yetopens,The red gift box gives a good face,Five bottles of products are quite a lot,For 4 months I especially like probiotics,Like a yogurt bottleWonderful?n,I hope, it can constipation?cure elderly people.


This D?mon *** 12-30 wonderful
Have years of enteritis,I’m?want to buy a health conditioning product,So Huitouyu decided on this basic set with carotene.Receive something,The price of a greaten box is relatively cheap,Cost efficient,A total of 8 bottles for 4 months,Hope improve the intestinal environment,Good food will come back!The delivery speed is a little slow,Date fresh,It’s a relatively satisfactory purchase!

Leo Niu *** 02-05 wonderful
The effect cannot be described as immediate.But there are also ver?changes,I’ve been taking it for two monthsBefore gastroenteritis: the stool does not form,It’s getting better nowNo VIP this timeThe price is a little highI hope, the Huitou Fish Mall will participate in further promotions.Let’s please old customers ~~

susa *** 04-24 wonderful
The gift packaging is a bit rough,Unity mother eats for a whileIt can relieve the problems of constipation and diarrhea from time to time,In addition, every product has a corresponding Chinese label.It is easy to eatThings should be realBut this carotene capsule is so fewThe bottle is so big,The capsule is less than half a bottle,It is strange.

katr *** 04-23 wonderful
Ate twice,It’s not very obvious nowBut I’ll eat for a long timePoor gastrointestinal function is a very problematic thing.Especially when traveling,Many K?Eastern dishes k?cannot be eaten.If this basic combination can really regulate my intestinal flora,It really is limitless merit!!SF Express is greatgood,Expect the effect.

Shen *** 04-16 wonderful
The combined product is kept intact,Bige help for grandpa’s stomach ulcer,And the quality?t of propolis is high,The product is very positive.The order was placed several times.no side effects.Xiaoan’s customer service has meticulous service,?Change the delivery address several times in the middle.All l?sen my problems on time

gx89 *** 11-11 wonderful
This brand of Propolis father also used it,However, it is not effective in treating chronic gastroenteritis.I got this combination at the suggestion of customer service?changes.I did not expect, that the effect is surprisingly good.The VIP price is pretty good,Now my father’s stomach ache and diarrhea no longer occur.Will continue to use

bmwz *** 07-09 wonderful
5 capsules per day,Anyway I took it.Now I get constipated occasionallyUsually the stool is very smooth,It’s not bad breath either.It’s kind of useful.Adjust slowly!

jel8 *** 06-11 wonderful
Good thief,I have chronic colitisOccasionally diarrheaTake it every day as directedI haven’t pulled it regularly in the past week.It is biggood, to take several ingredients together.A good product must have a good reputationPers?similar feelings

lc60 *** 04-01 wonderful
In the evaluation I said that this combination is very good for the first purchase, and I also selected the cat’s claw capsule from GNC?holds. When my husband’s bowel inflammation is cured w?re they biggood.

zhu5 *** 10-01
Carewrap properly,Intact,Until n?use next year,One hundred days are not a problem.As always, expect the effect.Praised


Water monster ve *** 08-28 wonderful
I’ve been eating this since last monthIt works out,In the past, caused digestive disordersrungen h?frequent constipation,It was much better these daysMuch safer than taking laxativesThe most important is, that there is no diarrheaSp?ter i will eat it every daykeep an eye out

Lin Xin let? settle down *** 11-25 wonderful
Start with good expectations,Very sensitive packaging.English on the bottle,The print is very formal,Products also have plastic packaging,Let mom follow the instructions at night

Be a child a *** 03-11 wonderful
Second purchase,I also took an add?useful aloe capsule,Hong Kong delivery is very fast,The return fish service is also great.good.The, that I bought for the first time was used by my father.The symptoms of bad breath and constipation have improvedSeeing the effect is so goodSo i came to buy another set from meThe courier boy’s attitude was a bit bad this time.Other courier companies deliver it all down,He can only find one reasonIt was raining so hard that I picked up the goods in his car!!

Joe_Le City *** 06-11 wonderful
Bought many times,One can say, that after half a year of eating this thing just felt generalAfter more than a month of eating, the stool will not dry out,Slowly until nowOnce a day is very regular.Customer service is very good,Questions and answers againI was concerned about whether there was a laxative,Customer service responded patiently, that it is natural N?act on nutrients,I’ve been eating it for so long without hurting my stomach.Friends with constipation k?try it!

dked *** 08-03 wonderful
I can’t pull it out for longBaba once every three to four days,Now people start to be blessed.I recently found out about this product too,After long shopping online, I decided, to buy it.Really not disappointed?asks,It took three monthsThe hasty foot? is much smoother,I feel good without any burden on my stomachAnd the product is very positive,It’s a little expensive to show the VIP price?wash.

lan1 *** 07-03 wonderful
妈妈 肠胃 不太 好 便秘 好 几年 给 她 试过 好 多种 药 都 没有 什么 改编 就 抱着 试试看 的 心理 买 了 这款 基础 组合 组合 礼盒 有点 简单 一共 6 瓶 没有 内 包装 量 还是 挺多 的 可以 吃 120 天 保健 品 没有 副作用 看 评价 都说 好 我 会让 她 坚持 服用 希望 有效
hot_*** 06-10 wonderful
I h?rte unexpected,I received a gift box and I carried itEach bottle is packed in a sealed pouch.Plantago is a greate bottle,GNC’s better known brand,I think, the effect won’t be bad.The price is acceptable,Should be realPraise first,Examine after ingestion.

Hong *** 02-27 wonderful
Dongdong is still wideIt seems to have the effect clean the intestines *,Not the kind of diarrheaAs in Qingsu,The key is Not to contain the laxative ingredients like rhubarb.No side effects occurred after such a long period of use.Pass stool,Relax!Lekang ointment tastes very good,I like it a lot ~~ I hope I can help those in need.

Love sweete sun *** 03-15 wonderful
This bowel movement is really goodMy wife insisted on 3 capsules a day for a long time.Now I go to the big one punctually at 8 a.m.e toilet.I won’t have a stomach acheNo doubt authentic,The date is freshVery satisfied with shopping ~~

dese *** 05-05 wonderful
Recommended by customer service Andy,Said that the condition of constipation?older people is improved,Just order.The red gift box is quite a face to give away,In addition, each bottle has a Chinese style, to take themThat is very considerateBut the W?rter are a bit old, the old man cannot read clearlyIf there is an improvementWill buy back


9446 *** 05-31 wonderful
Praise,Start eating to protect the eyes.Perseverance is victoryBut no matter how effective the drug is,Also, take care of your eyes ~ Relax your eyes appropriately and look at the green plants in the distance ~

Lint*** 01-10 wonderful
Haven’t eaten yetI bought it for my motherMama often feels blurred vision,Eye pain and dryness,I’m?want to buy it, so that she recovers,Hope it works.The red gift box looks delicate and beautifuln off,Mom likes it too.

tjyx *** 08-29 wonderful
I just received todayAlways wanted to buy blueberriesIt is said that the food the yellow?turning the white? the eyes improved.I often wear contact lenses and the white my eyes are a little yellow.There are many streaks of red blood I know? Not, if it works.The price for this combination of Huitou fish, that I saw, is also good,Cheap price,I just want to try.This packaging is pretty good too,Red gift box.

senn *** 01-23 wonderful
I’ve been eating this all alongNow I’m always waiting for my computer and my phoneParticular attention must be paid to the nutrient?resources for the eyes.This time I’ve also put together a bottle of Swanson’s Vitamin – a more comprehensive diet.leadership.

nian *** 08-26 wonderful
Sent quickly,Customer service Xiaoan is very good,I also used coupons, about the activity?ten to buy in the mall, which is really affordable.Friend is a technical person,Standing in front of the computer every dayexcessive use of the eyes leads to h?Frequently red blood streaks and dry eyes.I hope, it will ease the discomfort in his eyes.
koy2 *** 10-03 wonderful
Baby received,I think, Huitouyu’s reputation and quality?t are guaranteed.After the combo has eaten, the effect is obvious and buy again,Good products deserve trust and attention.Very satisfied online shopping!

Chin*** 07-20 wonderful
Look back at the fish’s treasure do not worry.Papa had eaten beforeStill effectiveDry eyes,The tear?en has improved.Others must be taken long to see the effect.

yunl *** 09-09 wonderful
I am sorry, the goods too late?t to getI h?rte recommend a friend,My friend said that my eyes don’t really feel sour after a few meals.Complete packaging,The brand is also a big one.e brand,Do you expect, Use effect

hum *** 04-07 wonderful
This is the first time that I bought health products at the Huitou Fish Mall.I’ve bought skin care products here many times,All are real and original,Come, to buy and be comfortable.This is really good for the eyesAt least eatThe eyes are not so easily tired.I’ve bought it beforeAre you waiting, until this is eaten.

See you in heaven *** 09-13 wonderful
Bought for momGo to the hospital to see your eyesThe doctor recommended To eat blueberry,But not boughtCarotene only,This time I just saw that this combination is very comprehensive on the Internet.I bought a group and came back to eat,If it works, keep buying!


yaoy *** 12-21 wonderful
The effect is good!Because there are many contacts with electronic products,The vision loss is obviousDo you see things blurrySecretly concerned!After eating this combination,Obviously restored vision,I can see things clearlyBuy it for dad that n?next time.

Lu Wei Li 2 *** 01-29 wonderful
I bought so many at onceI’ve eaten lutein and carotene before.But it feels so normalThis combination is differentThe effect is still evidentA little suggestionWhen you buy so many k?Can you send a little pill box wave?

Er Dao 28 *** 01-15 wonderful
I am not really sure, when I first bought it. I only bought it based on my own knowledge. Recently I’ve read a lot of books and computers. I wear contact lenses and my eyes are dry. I’m?want to add some capsules, to protect my eyes It is better, to take it ~

why8 *** 06-02 wonderful
This basic package is good,But the logistics are very slow,The Midway Express is crap?digt.Fortunately, customer service was responsible for this and took care of it in a timely manner.Also helped me to return and exchange the goods,Customer service is good.

yueq *** 11-13 wonderful
Well,Delivery is fast too,The price is very cheap,Can eat for a long timeMy mother’s eyes are always badI hope it can get better after eatingWill come in the future

Dingo ch *** 07-25 wonderful
Customer service is very good,Asked everything and patiently answered meI bought both the recommended multivitamin and DHA,Works well,But can the price be cheaperOr a discount isn’t bad.

Arixuan o *** 09-08 wonderful
The combination is receivedBought for my motherThere are easy swimmers in the eyesI have gort, that lutein intake will improve.Just saw this combinationBuy it with the attitude to see the effectNow I insist it l?to take for longer than a week,Still under observationIf it works,Come back,I have it w?bought during an event,The price is not badIt is also because that the content is above average.Hope it will work

3766 *** 11-26 wonderful
not bad,Eat more than the H?lfte,good results,Usually computer work,I see a lot of cell phonesEye pain like sleepingstruggles,astringent,The doorthey get betterGreat,Eat on!

1386 *** 05-05 wonderful
My grandpa is getting oldMy eyes have a little bit of macular degenerationTaking medication is afraid the K?to hurt rper.Customer service recommended that this combination is goodJust started,,I bought it with DHA,After more than two months of eating, I took a lookGrandpa’s macula faded a littleWill continue to let grandpa eat.

ange *** 11-02 wonderful
看到 别人 推荐 之后 买 的 也不 知道 效果 一直 吃 的 是 国产 的 想 尝试 一下 新 的 本来 只看 中 了 叶黄素 的 逛着 逛着 就 买 了 套餐 买 给 妈妈 的 希望 有 效果 物流 和 发货速度 都是 很快 的 没有 和 客服 联系 不 知道 态度 折算 下来 是 很 便宜 的 还是 很 划算 的 有 效果 会 追 评 评 会 回购 的 包装 的 很 不错 没有 破损 只是 有 一些 是 没有 盒子 的 所以 可能 只能 用Free to use


Tang Qing Forest *** 12-19 wonderful
People, who have been wearing contact lenses for a number of years and now often have dry eyes, when they see their eyes?open, said that they are really effective.After a while eatWhen I get up in the morning, my eyes are obviously not that uncomfortable.The secretion of the eyes is also much less,Buy after you eatI hope the price can be at n?discounted next time ~

Yang *** 07-15 wonderful
It’s the first time, that I bought this combination product.pretty good,In these years cell phones playipad,Laptops and other electronic products with screens,The eyesight?gen of the son decreased quickly.WorryingAs the saying goes the eyes are the window of the soul,Very important,Must be protected!Reason?In fact, this time will be practicing for more than half a year?tigt, to see the effect!

Liu Zuzo x *** 03-22 wonderful
I used children’s multivitamins for my daughter and let her eat together. The most obvious feeling is that her eyes are gone because they tr cosmetic contact lenses?gt, the inflammation and threadbarecause eye droppings.

yoyo *** 07-13 wonderful
This combination is better than the normal eye protection combination, that I bought for my child.I bought it and left eat himMy eyes are much better than beforeIt’s not uncomfortable to watch the computer for a long time.The logistics are a little slow,The packaging is not in good condition.

hfka *** 01-02 wonderful
I feel, that that t?the same food is effectiveChildren’s eyes are a little tired because they use cell phones a lot, now it’s subsided a lot.It is cheaper w?to buy during the event.I also bought cod liver oil before,This basic package was chosen because of the good results.holds.Didn’t disappoint?asks

eoejiao *** 09-16 wonderful
The date is freshCustomer service is very good too,Affordable,I just started to eatI can’t see the effect for a day or two.Wait a while.

zlj small *** 02-03 wonderful
The logistics speed is very fast,The express packaging is also very tight,After half a month of eating I think it works good for the eyes,It’s not that easy to dry upMy eyes feel betterIn a nutshell, it works,I’m going to buy it, when I’m done,The price for VIP members is in fact much cheaper,Good deal?ft!

kmpi *** 07-17 wonderful
Huitou Fish Mall is trustworthy,My younger brother learns intensely every dayToo much worried himSo we have to do something for himIt depends on, to protect his eyesPr?ventive health care is very important.actually,Lots of people need it.

Zhu Fang Zhong Wo *** 10-24
Praise,quite fast,Buyback after taking effect
Pink temporarily *** 10-24
Is real,The taste is the same as before!


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