How I Freed My sister from Hypertension

In just two months my sister got cured of high blood pressure. I had to search over the internet for a working solution and it took a determination and never give up attitude for me to filter through a lot of crap on the internet to get to this lasting solution.

Initially, my sister was not doing well. Typically, she was overweight and needed to lose not less than 30 pounds, she had let herself go and she was really getting out of shape. To matters worse, her husband too was suffering from the same. He was 50 pounds in overweight, they seriously needed help if they were to get in shape and that’s I decided to pay them a visit and help them with getting back in shape. Being overweight has often be associated with serious marriage issues and my sister’s marriage was no exemption.

It was after visiting her doctor that my sister knew that her condition was getting out of hand. Her doctor informed her that she had to lose approximately 20 pounds, exercise on a regular basis failure to which she will have to start taking high blood pressure medications.

After nothing worked out as instructed by the doctor, she had to stop going for her medical checkups. Basically, her blood pressure 120/130 or even sometimes higher!

They were getting desperate and were willing to try out anything as long as it works. When I arrived at their place I proposed they try out Blood Type Diet.

My stay lasted for only three weeks and during this time I asked them to buy a herbal supplement and a juicer. They never ate any processed food and in the 3 weeks of my stay, her blood pressure dropped significantly. A month later she called me to inform me the good news that in that time frame she lost 12 pounds with her husband losing over 20 pounds. They were feeling more confident and her blood pressure had dropped even more. They gave away all the processed food they had after carefully reading through the labels and discovering that they were feeding on poison all these time.

Three months into taking juice my sister had lost 20 pounds and her husband had lost over 30 pounds. Given that they had done away with processed foods they now had money to buy organic foods. That’s not the best part, my sister blood pressure had also stabilized to a stunning 115 /70! She is now more confident of her looks since she can fit in a sexy figure 8. They also had to do away with just any salt and started using Lima French Atlantic Sea Salt, they also drunk plenty of water accompanied by day to day juicing. That is a wheatgrass juicer!

I am glad I made such a difference in their lives and I chat with my sister’s family a lot. They finished their first bowel cleanse and Chiropractor who is my brother-in-law has gained his confidence.

Personally, exactly two years ago I had heightened blood pressure. I visited one of the doctors after I started experiencing some pain beneath my right rib cage. The doctor dismissed this condition claiming that it was due to high blood pressure. I was annoyed since I had to pay her despite the fact that she never performed any tests on me to figure out what the real problem was. Either way, I had to do something about my 118/75 blood pressure and after using this method I can comfortably say that I’m much better than I was 2 years ago.

Don’t be quick to judge this as a hoax, after all, it takes time to have such a post into writing.

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