How much salt to eat every dayCan it be used as a low-salt di?t be viewed?No more than this number

With the popularization of health knowledge and the new trend, that people eat healthily?listen,Many people, especially people with high blood pressure, w?choose a low-salt diett, to reduce salt intake.Help, control blood pressure.So said the low-salt Di?t often: under what circumstances?nd is it considered to be low in salt?Why practiceDo hypertensive patients have a low-salt diet?leadership?actually,Just take another 3 grams a day.

Why do hypertensive patients need a low-salt diet?leadership?

When many patients go to the clinic with high blood pressure,Will the doctor’s advice h?ren,Eat less salt.Is this really?really about that in the pathogenesis of hypertension,Salt plays an important role in the formation of high blood pressure.Professor Cheng Kanglin from the Sixth Affiliate Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University?t said: If the K?absorbs salt,Some people k?Can you put a lot of salt in your body?keep rper,When the blood pressure is highSuch people are called people sensitive to salt.For the people, the salt not easy in their k?keep rper,If people are called insensitive to salt,Or called salt resistance,As you can imagine,People, who are not sensitive to salt, have a significantly lower risk of high blood pressure than people who are sensitive to salt.People, who are sensitive to salt,If there is excess salt in the K?rper is recorded,The blood pressure rises accordingly,And after stopping the salt intake,The blood pressure will drop.

This is mainlyreally about that it is difficult for people sensitive to salt excreting too much salt in the urine.excess salt stays in the blood,Absorb water into the blood,Increase blood volumehen,L?The blood pressure will rise.If patients with high blood pressure fail to properly control their salt intake,It is easy, cause excess sodium in the blood,He?reduce your risk for high blood pressure.And for the salt-sensitive Bev?solution,Main?really middle-aged and?elderly people, the ?are older than 50 years,People with family?rer hypertension,People, whose blood pressure is sensitive to salt consumption,There are also overweight and obese patients.

Under what circumstances?nden is low on salt?

The rate of absorption of salt in the small intestine is very high,So if you eat salt, Be sure to, to use the right amount.The Chinese Nutrition Society Recommends: The Salt Intake Per Adult,Includingthe amount of salt in other foods consumed,The total recording concerns> 6 grams.The World Health Organization recommends: If it is to prevent cardiovascular disease,The recommended salt intake per person per day should be less than 2 grams.However, this goal is difficult to achieve.

According to the Ern?guideline for Chinese residents,Ordinary people need to consume 2200 mg of sodium per day.And the food, that the average person consumes every day,For example, fruits and vegetables already contain some sodium,The sodium content of this part concerns?gt about 1000 mg.Add?in addition to this part of the salt intake,The remaining 1200 mg of sodium only need to absorb 3 g of salt.It can basically meet the sodium needs of the K?rpers cover.

but,Due to ver?changed dietDietary Habits and Excessive Persecution of Food TastesPeople today consume more than 3 grams of salt a day.The 2002 survey on Ern?The average Chinese population consumes 12 grams of salt per person.City dwellers are 10.9 grams,The rural population is 12 years old.4 grams.The habit of a poor salt diet?with us must pers?to begin.

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