How To Eat For Patients With Hypertension, is good for your health?Give a list of Di?th,Please put it away

Keep being under high blood pressureIt can cause heart disease, Cause heart failure and stroke.Hypertension is h?common cardiovascular disease in China.In addition to the active collaboration with?doctors in medication, Do you also fit your diet?introduction,Do you master the relevant diets?management principles.

What are the principles of Dit therapy for high blood pressure?

1. Limit the lipids

Reduce fat intake,Limit your cholesterol levels.You k?can herbal?le like peanut?l, Corn?l, Soy?l and rapeseed?l etc. w?heal.It containslt linols?ure and vitamin E, to prevent a blood vessel from breaking.If you have coronary artery disease or hyperlipid at the same time?mie suffer,Need, limit the consumption of animal fat.Avoid especially high cholesterol foods like egg yolks, Offal, fatty meat and animal fat, etc.To no hyperlipoprotein?to cause meF?change in lipid deposition,This makes high blood pressure worse.

2. Protein accordinglyuse

The protein metabolism can be nice?produce harmful substances.cause excessive fluctuations in blood pressure,Therefore it is necessary limit the intake of animal protein.But protein is an essential N?nutrients for the K?rper,You k?can high quality protein with biological value such as fish, Beef, Chicken and lean milk meat w?heal.

3. W?Choose polysaccharide carbohydrates

W?Choose polysaccharide compounds and foods high in fiber.Like millet, Corn or brown rice,Can the gastrointestinal motilit?t f?turn,Do you speed up the elimination of cholesterol from the K?rper,Prevent high blood pressure.Avoid Glucose, Fructose or sucrose etc. to eat.In order not to increase blood lipidshen,It is not f?useful for checking blood pressure.

4th Limit your sodium intake

The sodium ions contained in table salt are a high risk factor for high blood pressure.Make sure, that the t?equal sodium intake 500 mg is?gt.Can the K?maintain body metabolism,Hyponatriaprevent mie,The t?equal salt supply re?gt 2 to 5 grams.

5. Potassium and Calcium Pr?ready

When using diuretics is an adequate potassium energy?ning required.Because a lot of potassium is excreted in the urine,Eat more high-potassium celery, Eggplant, Loofah and pea sprouts.Calcium has some impact on the treatment of high blood pressure.W?choose calcium-containing soybean products,Walnut milk,Fish, Shrimp, Tomatoes etc.

6. Erg?use enough vitamin C.

Can Vitamin C Convert Cholesterol to Chols?oxidize acid,And from the K?retired,Improve systemic blood flow and heart function.Vitamin C can be obtained from fresh dates, Tomatoes, leafy green vegetables and oranges.At the same time, the K?rper are not deficient in B vitamins.

7, Di?t

It is sensible to arrange three meals a day.Can’t be too full and hungryCan’t overeat either.Pay attention to the full range of Tues?th,Do you pay attention to the appropriate behavior?ltnis of N?nutrients,No w?religious eaters and partial eclipses.Are you holding a light di?t,Avoid greasy food,To avoid digestive problemsto cause struggles.


People with high blood pressure should not smoke or drink.Because the nicotine in cigarettes stimulates the heart,He?watch the heart rate,Causes constriction of blood vessels throughout the K?rper.He?low blood pressure,It f?also reduces the deposition of cholesterol and calcium salts on the water?nd the blood vessels.Accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis.You k?can usually eat more food which lower blood pressure and lipids.Like carrot cucumber seaweed and celery.

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