How to treat neurological hypertension

Chen Huiqin
Deputy chief physician
Xinshi District Community Health Center, Yumen city

Good at:Hypertension,Diabetes,Gyn?ecological diseases,Gastrointestinal diseases,Respiratory diseases,Iron deficiency?mie,Diseases of the hepatobili?ren systems,Ultrasonic,Urinary system disorders.

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So-called neurological hypertension,Generally refers to due to autonomic dysfunction,High blood pressure due to poor nerve regulation.Usually accompanied by tightness in the chest,Shortness of breath,Hey?it face, Dizziness and other symptoms.Women are in menopauseWhen the level of sex hormones in the K?rper sinks,Easily lead to autonomic dysfunction,And this Ph?noun occurs.In this case,You k?can always take oryzanol,Kuntai capsules and other drugs used for treatment.When the blood pressure st?rises,You k?may take antihypertensive drugs such as valsartan to treat.We have to go on a low-salt low-fat and light dietspay attention.Rest on time,Don’t stay up all nightPay attention to the peace of mindAvoid mood swings

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