Hypertension Treatment and Di?t

There are many M?opportunities to treat high blood pressure.The most important is, in two types of drug?sen treatment and the non-drug?divide sen treatment.And medication?This treatment has a number of side effects,Like dizziness nausea,Confused,Asthma,Side effects like?deme,Once you’ve taken it k?You can never do without him again.Heavy drug addictioncreate a sense of need.Antihypertensive drugs f?affect the rapid breakdown of your child’s blood pressure regulation mechanism?rpers.It is even more of a threat to pseudo-hypertension, caused by poor sleep and bad mood. As soon as you take antihypertensive drugs you will be sentenced to death.It’ll make people look like decompression and heart Destroy the brain and kidneysren.Loud ma?alleged statistics dies more than the H?Most hypertensive patients suffer from kidney failure. Heart failure has an important connection with the use of antihypertensive Western medicine.To get rid of high blood pressure drugs, the human blood pressure regulation system must be restored.Does this have to be on non-drug?these treatments are basedDi?t therapy is the essence of the non-drug?sen therapy,Here are different Di?ten suitable for high blood pressure.

Method / step

  1. 1

    Fresh lotus root and sesame sugar treat high blood pressure

    1250 grams of fresh lotus root,Cut into strips or pieces,500 grams of raw sesame seeds,After crushing, put it in the lotus root (disc),Add 500 grams of rock candy,In the potfumes,Divide into 5 parts,Take it to Erk?ltung,1 serving per day,Even the 5-t?Good serving has good results.

  2. 2

    Lemon horseshoe soup for high blood pressure

    1 lemon,Horseshoe (water chestnut). Decoction.Edible and drinkable,Regular serving is effective.

  3. 3

    Songhua conch mash treats high blood pressure

    The loose egg sch?len,Soak and wash mussels,Cooking porridge with rice,Add a little salt if you like.Take it every morning and evening on an empty stomach.

  4. 4th

    Often times, eating bananas can lower blood pressure

    Eat 2 bananas a day,Can reach 10% the effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs,Eat 5 bananas,It can reach 50% of the effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs.

  5. 5

    Juhuai green tea treats high blood pressure

    Chrysanthemum, Sophora japonica and green tea are 3 grams each. Let it steep with boiling water.After thickening h?drink frequently,It can be used as a tea at normal times.

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