Hypertension,How to handle low and high pressureWhat medicine is best

Liu Xiaofeng
Deputy chief physician
Chizhou People’s Hospital

Good at:Has certain successes in CT and MR diagnosis of difficult diseases in different systems,Good on abdominal CT, MR diagnosis and clinical application of new post-processing technologies.

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Simply high diastolic blood pressure,The reasons for its occurrence usually take into account the following: 1. Bad eating habits: like to overeat,Don’t control the weightAt a young age, he significantly exceeds his normal weight.2. Bad habits: add?There are also some lifestyle habits which can cause high diastolic blood pressure?can.Smoke, drink long-term and often stay up late.3. Mental health problems: people are under pressure in life now,Often in stress Anxietynd Depression and other emotions,These emotions also affect a person’s blood pressure.People, who are often nervous?s and?are afraidThe heart rate is usually fasterA faster heartbeat can increase diastolic blood pressure.hen.Regarding the high diastolic blood pressure of young and middle people,It is generally recommended that intervene first by making lifestyle adjustments.Weight control,Light food,Do you insist on k?physical movement,Sleep well,Peace of mind,H?r on, to worryThrough this lifestyle and psychological adjustments,Usually diastolic blood pressure can be loweredIf after three months of lifestyle adjustment,The diastolic blood pressure is still highUnder the pr?miss, exclude pathological factorsen,You k?Can take medication to control.

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