K?Can people with high blood pressure lower their blood pressure by eating fruit?Not,Be careful with these types of fruits

Many friends with high blood pressure control their blood pressure compared to taking medication for a long time.The conditioning intervention in life is also more important.On the one hand, a good job in life helps to stabilizeSide effects, caused by high doses of antihypertensive drugs must be avoided.on the other hand,For cardiovascular prevention?renal and cerebrovascular?ren risks,Are you reducing the incidence of cardiovascular?renal and cerebrovascular?other events.Are very important.Nowadays,Come and discuss with everyoneThe problem of eating fruits for hypertensive patients.

K?Can people with high blood pressure lower their blood pressure by eating fruit?Not,Be careful with these types of fruits

After high blood pressure,K?can all fruits be eaten?

Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure,The greatest feature is that so far there is no cureJust through life and lifelong medicationTo control the condition.But don’t you worry about itjust leave the medication to the doctor.But in lifePeople with high blood pressure also need self-discipline.Especially when it comes to Ern?is going, Be more focused.

Many people think, that hypertensive patients are taboo for any fruit.Tats?It’s good for people with high blood pressure To eat fruits.It can contain the vitamins, Minerals and secondary?ren plant substances?nzen, that of the K?rper ben?does.Helps to stabilize blood pressureBut not all fruits k?Can be eaten by people with high blood sugar. For the following two types of fruit,I will eat less.


Just take it out and seeGrapefruit is a very healthy fruit,Not only in our country, but also very popular abroad.and,Grapefruit has also been found in some studiesHas the advantage of stabilizing blood sugar,It gort to the identity?t of the fruit,It is very suitable for people with diabetes.

But people with high blood pressure should eat this fruit,Can’t eat anymore.Although its N?HR value is highHowever, there are ingredients in the S?ften Western Europe, that can affect the effects of drugs?can.Like furanocoumarin and naringin and other ingredients.People with high blood pressure eat grapefruit at the same time,Also take drugsIt can increase the effectiveness of the drug.hen,Not good for blood pressure control.


The second fruit is durian,People with high blood pressure should not only eat less,And diabetics should eat less.There are 150 calories per 100 grams at 6:00 a.m.,3.3 grams of fat are compared to rice,The heat of durian still needs to rise.Therefore, people with high blood pressure not only tend to too much fat in the k?to accumulate when they eat this fruit.It’s also easy because of the high sugar content in durian,Causes a variety of dry feelings, You feel uncomfortableAffect blood pressure fluctuations.

Are these the Ern?recommendations for hypertensive patients,I hope, You k?can adhere to

Do you limit to?the total calories

In general, patients with high blood pressure have a certain relationship with overweight people in their lifetime.How people with high blood pressure control their blood pressureZun?you need to control your weightAllow his weight to return to normal.If you are obeseThen you should lose weight.

Second, low sodium Di?t

The cause of he?High blood pressure in hypertensive patients is also excessive sodium.Sodium comes mainly?in table salt.Patients with high blood pressure need to control the amount of salt.The t?The patient’s equal salt intake is best controlled within five grams.Is that a little L?ffel.Add?to eat less salt,And eat less pickled foodThe salt content in this food is also very bad.really.

Third, eat more of these two fruits

Apple is a high-potassium fruit.And potassium can interact with sodium in the K?connect rper,F?change in the excretion of sodium from the bodyrper as soon as m?resembledIt can also have the effect regulate potassium and sodium levels and lower blood pressure.

Bananas contain larger potassium ions,And this substance has a very good effect in regulating the internal environmental balance.The Ern?Habit, Sodium and Potassium in the Dietincrease in pricehen, applies even to essential hypertension.It also has a very significant control effect.

Fourth, low fat

Patients with high blood pressure need to adjust their fat intake in their diet.reduce the amount.The t?is the main fat intake?in fat or food?l.I hope, Your t?equal fat intake does not exceed 50 grams,For food?l k?do you call peanut?l w?hlen,Sesame?l and corn?l etc.These all contain more vitamin E,It has certain blood vessel benefits,However, it is recommended that you less?l,Eat less fried foods.

I hope, Do you develop in your t?were like living good eating and living habits.Do you actively stabilize your blood pressure and adjust your mentality?t at.

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