K?If people with high blood pressure use grapefruit, Eat oranges and mandarins?Which fruits can I w?hlen?

For now,In our country more and more people suffer from high blood pressure.According to the current data,People, who suffer from high blood pressure in China, k?can reach 2.700 million.Every fifth person suffers from high blood pressure.

For this group of peopleMany people know that when taking antihypertensive drugs, I cannot eat grapefruit.This is because that the grapefruit pulp naringin, Furanocoumarin and other ingredients contain?according toThese substances k?can affect drugs,He?hen the concentration of medicine,To achieve the inhibiting effect.

For people with high blood pressure,When taking antihypertensive drugs,Whether you eat grapefruit directly,Are you still drinking grapefruit juice,Can affect the metabolism of drugsThis affects the state.and so,When you take the medicineThe obvious is that you w?Can’t eat grapefruit while taking the drugcan.under these circumstances?ndDon’t eat grapefruit.

Since people with high blood pressure should watch out for grapefruit,The grapefruits and oranges, the grapefruit ?are similarDoes it feel like after eating?be honest?

Grapefruit and oranges are grapefruit very much?similar.And grapefruit, Oranges and grapefruit are all citrus fruits.If you have your N?consider nutrient content,They all contain some naringin Furanocoumarin and other ingredients.

But compared to grapefruit,The ingredients of grapefruit and orange are slightly lower.For in medicine,It is not clearly stated that grapefruit is prohibited,It can be in Ma?en to be eaten.But to be sureIf you eat these fruits,It is best, not to eat before and after taking the drug.

So many fruitsWhat k?can we eat?

Besides this kind of fruit,There are many fruits that make people with high blood pressure w?hlen k?can.Like summer melonsTake the very popular watermelon,Although the sweet?e is high,But the humidity is also very highEspecially know thate flesh of watermelon,It has a high water content and is mild.also rich in fiber.

This part is suitable for people with high blood pressure or diabetics.It can be cold fried or soup.Au?he watermelon,People with high blood pressure k?Can you also like other melons in summer?heal.Like cantaloupe, Cantaloupe, knowe melon etc.They are great choices too.

In Erg?nzung,People with high blood pressure k?You can also eat strawberries and cherries.Although it’s cute tastes goodBut the sugar content is not highFor hypertensive patients,According to the recommended amount in the dietguideline for Chinese residents,Eat 200 g to 350 g of fruit throughout the day.It’s a very good choice.

It can do the K?body with a variety of minerals, Anthocyanins, Supply vitamins and other ingredients.It is also very beneficial for the condition.

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