Liu Lihong : Think about the TCM treatment for high blood pressure

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Someday,A couple from Malaysia went on a special trip, to visit me,Lord is a lawyerThe family is very good.Because my husband performed four cardiac stent operationsSo I would occasionally ask her: Has her blood pressure been monitored?As a result, they respond to that blood pressure is rarely measured during normal times.Lord measure now and thenThe woman never tested it.

I said no,Your financial conditions are so goodZ?like you a blood pressure monitor?t to buy?Hurry up and measure. “As a result,The woman’s systolic blood pressure reached 170 mmHg,The diastolic blood pressure concerns?> 120 mmHg.Then,I started to thinkWhat factors keep our blood pressure from 60, 70 mmHg to 120 mmHg?How w?re it with an increase of 100, 110 mmHg to 170 mmHg?Why is the pressure rising so high?

The important reason for this is thatThe elasticity?t the blood vessel is no longer good,Atherosclerosis (a number of reasons lead to thickening and contractions)respect of the arterial wallnde and a narrowing of the flowering),The transparency is bad.As a Chinese medic, we will investigate: How does this cause atherosclerosis?How to do it?st?How can the blood supply to the heart and brain be blocked?

Understanding hypertension from the perspective of Chinese medicine

Generally we ask patients how high your blood pressure is.The general answer is, “I have normal blood pressure,Below 140/90 mmHg “.But does it really make sense define the normal range of blood pressure in this way?We need to pay more attention to his blood pressure a year agoWhat was the blood pressure six months agoIf it was 100/70 mmHg a year ago,Now it’s 140/90 mmHg,Do you think, he has high blood pressure?This is standard high blood pressure!

Why?There must be a serious obstruction to the blood supply to the vital organs of the K?be rpers.The blood pressure has risen so much.The diastolic blood pressure is 20 mmHg h?here,The systolic blood pressure is 40 mmHg h?here,The K?rper l?st this st?blood supply, by increasing the pressureht.As K?Could it be that big in a year?en give a difference in blood pressure?Will the arteries be that bad in a year?red?I still have none of this going?rt.

and so,I suggest, that, when people reach a certain age,For example, if you are 30 or 40 years old,Are you taking a portable blood pressure monitor?t with.Take blood pressure every day,Use this most convenient tool about the health of the K?rpers to measure.At least the pass?vascular system,Can be measured by blood pressure,This is a greate convenience, that modern medicine offers us.

TCM treatment for high blood pressure

My own blood pressure has reached 130/90 mmHg,Sp?ter it has been gradually lowered by the method of instruction (click on “Read the original text” at the end of the article, to see: Teacher Liu Lihong talks about leadership and stilts).Tats?TCM still has many M?opportunities Blood pressure problems too l?sen.Like Chinese medicine.But here,I’m?want to talk specifically about acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a great way to the blood supply st?tion of the vascular system and the danger and crisis caused by it.sen.In a general hospital,The conventional method of treatment consists in lower blood pressure through western medicine.Let the blood pressure go downBut in chinese medicine we got a better wayThis is acupuncture.

I’ve never used needles in the pastI didn’t learn the internal needle until the end of 2014.Although I didn’t learn acupuncture until I was 60,But after school I still feel very emotional.I also understand why in Neijing,Independentfrom “Su Wen” or “Lingshu”,Are most of them talking about needles and thorns?Because acupuncture was the preferred treatment in the past.

Case of treating high blood pressure

I will share a case with you.Is a 95 year old manI went to see a doctor again more than a month ago.At that time shoulder pain and restrictednected mobility?t,I gel it with acupuncture?st.This time her daughter said that her mother had been a little bad lately.K?could you see me again please?I said,Line,You bring her here.I was shocked, when the people brought her over.I was still very energetic more than a month agoNow is it?changes.

The old man himself described the condition at that time and said: In this more than a week I feel ten years old,Restless walking,Like stepping on cottonThe left foot feels pulled away,The head is swollen and confused.I have a pulseHurry up and ask the nurse measure blood pressure.The blood pressure was as high as 218/118 mmHg.

As soon as I saw that blood pressure I thought: bad,I had a stroke.This stage is a cerebral infarction.The n?In the next second there will probably be a brain hemorrhage,Too much cerebral hemorrhage in the clinic k?can this mechanism beThere is a blood supply failure somewhere in the brain (e.g. B. a cerebral infarction).To get the perfusion?listen, will the K?rperI had to increase the pressurehen,And in the face of this high pressure, a rupture of a weak blood vessel somewhere in the brain can happen at any time.therefore,Will this old man be in the n?have a cerebral hemorrhage in the next second?It’s difficult to say.

I immediately carried out bloodshed?en through,Puncture blood at Baihui, Ear?psel and ear?ppchen,Then he stabbed Ten Xuan in the blood,After about ten minutes, take your blood pressure again.The systolic blood pressure has dropped to 184 mmHg,The diastolic blood pressure has fallen to 88 mmHg,The M?The possibility of a cerebral hemorrhage is reduced.

Help the old man on the bedI kept giving her needlesHold the needle for approx. 40 minutes,She feels very comfortableAt this point, take your blood pressure again,It f?llt still back to 168/88 mmHg,The feeling, to walk and step on cotton is much less.Reason?finally the left foot not postponed.Follow up on the n?next morning,The blood pressure has dropped to 158/80 mmHg. 

It took about?hr an hour, before and after this case was processed.I think, even if this patient goes to the encephalopathy department,The doctor’s been sham for a while too?ftigt.The method of blood sting,Rapidly reduced intracranial pressure and blood pressure,And the potency is also excellent,But in the hospitalThe treatment costs, Time costs and consequences of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system?Many families cannot afford such illnesses.

To recover fasterI suggest, that her daughter will buy an oxygen generator, about aftercare?to support older people.In addition to the oxygen generator is a measure modern medicine,Other methods use pure Chinese medicine from start to finish.The situation ?older people is very good now,Live on the fifth floorGo for a walk alone at least once a day,Go up alone.

Tats?really,Puncture blood is one of the best first aid measures.took Chinese medicine.Colleagues in the encephalopathy department have a responsibility to learn.In this case I hope that everyone is concerned with this topic.You k?can also read the book “Huangdi Neizhen”,Part of it spoke of first aid.

Chinese medicine first aid is very effective indeed.Let’s not learn western medicineI know? just, how to use western medicine to save meAnd forget about the methods of Chinese medicine, who seem earthy and not very strange.Indeed, these methods are very useful!

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