New Strategies and New Insights for Anti-Hypertensive Therapy – Analysis of Latest ASCOT Results

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Summary:On the afternoon of the 4th September 2005 in the special report on the update of the clinical study of the Europ?ical Conference on Cardiology (ESC) Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcome Study (Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcome Study,ASCOT) researchers shared the latest research on the blood pressure part after the preliminaryknown results, the ACC in the M?rz of this year.At the same time,The research paper was published in LANCET?public.The results of his lipid lowering part were published in the same journal in 2003?public.
【Sub Category】 [Medicine, Health]> internal medicine> cardiac, Vascular (circulatory) diseases> Abnormal blood pressure> Hypertension[medicine, Health]> Surgery> Traumatology> Trauma
【Keyw?rter】 Antihypertensive Therapy ASCOT New Evidence Clinical Update LANCET Academic Conference Research Report Heart Disease ACC
【Place of departure】 “Journal of Hypertension” 2005, Issue 11, 676-678 pages, a total of 3 pages
【Record received】 Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database

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