Patients with high blood pressure have an M?opportunity, control blood pressure.These 6 steps are fineEven blood pressure

High blood pressure patients are always careful in lifeOut of fear Eating inappropriate food or doing inappropriate things which can lead to an increase in blood pressure?can.How we all know,As soon as the blood pressure rises,It will be harder to come back downAnd it’s easy increase the likelihood of myocardial infarction and brain thrombosishen.therefore,Controlling blood pressure has become a problem for many hypertensive patients.Then,How can you control high blood pressure in life?

1. Low fat, low salt di?t

The Ern?The principle of high blood pressure patients is low in fat and low in salt.Because a low-fat, low-salt foodscan slow the progression of cardiovascular diseasegladly.A low fat dietcan increaseprevent blood lipids.Prevent arteriosclerosis and plaque build-up.Do you follow the recommendations of the Ern?management guidelines,Adults shouldn’t consume more than 6 grams of salt per day.Patients with high blood pressure don’t just need to think about to calculate the salt when cooking.And forget about the salt in foods like soy sauce, Cucumbers, Cucumber and salted duck eggs.

2. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Long-term heavy drinking is also one of the causes of high blood pressure.Because the alcohol in wine tends to to narrow the blood vessels,Speed up the heart rate,This increases blood heavy smoking,The nicotine in the cigarette can cause blood convulsions.Does this cause coronary artery disease?st.therefore,Do you want to prevent high blood pressure,Stay away from tobacco and alcohol,Good health is the most important thing.

3. Control your emotions

People, who often have negative emotions,The probability, have high blood pressure is in a good mood 1.5 times.Think of everythingDo not be angry,Can l yourself in trouble?sen,Learn to tolerate and understandDevelop an optimistic character,excessive emotions how big?e joy and greatthere compassion,Everything should go as far as m?could be avoided.

4th Don’t drink strong tea

Strong tea is also one of the causes of high blood pressure.Because strong tea contains more theophylline?lt,Easy to cause autonomic nerve excitation,This has adverse effects on the nervous system as well as on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems?re causes diseases.In particular, patients with high blood pressure and cardiovascular?renal and cerebrovascular?ren diseases,To avoid strong tea,Prevent high blood pressure.

5. Avoid to stay up late

The harm to the K?by staying up late it is knownWhen the K?rper is revised,Doesn’t guarantee good quality sleep?t,It is easy, Cause blood pressure fluctuations.and so,Patients with high blood pressure need to take regular breaks in their life.Get enough sleepAvoid Watch exciting TV programs before bed.Maintain a peaceful state of mind.

6th Do the right exercise

exercise 3 ~ 5 times a week,More than 30 minutes each timeAerobic exercise for?turn,Aerobic exercise is a form of exercise used to control high blood pressure.Aerobic exercise includes walking, To jog, Skating, Swim, To go biking, Tai chi, Fitness dancing etc.People with high blood pressure should do low-intensity aerobic exercise?t w?heal.Like tai chi and walking.

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