Rumor : High blood pressure must take antihypertensive drugs for a long time?The doctor summarized 3 situations,No medication

Do I have to take medication for high blood pressure?Does High Blood Pressure Take Medication for Life?This is one of the concerns of many friends who don’t dare a drug?initiate this treatment, because they have high blood pressure.But in fact,Not all high blood pressure diseases require medication to be treated, to control blood pressure.The reason for taking medication,This is because that blood pressure cannot be well controlled without taking medication.Brings health risks in all aspects of the K?rpers, of the heart of the brain and kidney,If there are other safer and better ways to control blood pressure,Of course there is no need Taking medication.Today I am going to present some situations where high blood pressure is not?must constantly take antihypertensive drugs.

No need, Take medication for hypertension 1-simple first degree hypertension

First degree hypertension means that the systolic (high pressure) value of the blood pressure does not exceed 160 mmHg.Mild hypertension with diastolic blood pressure (low pressure) not exceeding 100 mmHg,If best?is done, that it is mild hypertension,And no diabetesFor high blood lipid levels and other risks for cardiovascular diseases, especially for the mild high blood pressure of some friends in young and middle age,It is not recommended Taking medication to control blood pressure.

For mild hypertension, let’s try lifestyle intervention first to regulate blood pressure.Low Salt Di?t,Do you fit the Ern?management structure appropriately.Quit smokingand restrict alcohol?thankAre you adequately adhering to medium-intensity aerobic exercise?t.Weight control,Avoid staying up lateKeep a good scheduleMaintain a peaceful and optimistic attitudeLifestyle conditioning in these areas has improved.Are important aspects of life that help control blood pressure,mostly,Through targeted life interventions,First degree hypertension is often a good control.Many friends use this wayControl your blood pressure so that he is in the standard range f?llt.And can be waited for a long timeSuch a situationOf course, there is no need to take antihypertensive drugs.

There is another situationI had high blood pressure.Have started, Taking medicationBut what?while taking the medicine,Pay attention to the st?strengthening conditioning control of life,Even after I stopped?rt had taking the antihypertensive medication,Blood pressure can still effectively maintain compliance levels.In this case,There is no need at all “Taking medication”.Still need to emphasizeThe goal of hypertension control is keep blood pressure stable and up to date.Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,As long as you can control your blood pressure?nnen, without taking medication,Of course it is not necessary Taking medication.

High blood pressure without drugs 2-pseudohypertension

Sometimes high blood pressure isn’t really high blood pressure.Why are you saying that,Some friends,There will be normal blood pressureThe Ph?noun of “high blood pressure in white?en Kittel “took however w?during the measurement in the office.For this situation, the specific mechanism of installation is not particularly clear.But do you believe and feel nervous?s,Cause sympathetic nervous excitement,What to get?blood pressure leads, has a certain relationshipTo rule out pseudohypertension, it is not complicatedSelf-test blood pressure at home (with a reliable?blood pressure monitor?t),If multiple measurements are normal,Or through 24-hour outpatient blood pressure monitoring,The average blood pressure is in the normal range,Is a problem of pseudohypertension,For the problem of pseudohypertension, of course, there is no need to Consider taking medication.

High blood pressure without medication in 3 seconds?re hypertension in some f?ll

Most (approx?90%) of hypertensive patients have significant hypertension problems.Essential hypertension,If through life conditioning,Can’t control blood pressure effectively,You need to take medication to control blood pressurerken.But for a few seconds?re hypertension, caused by illness or medication problems,It’s not necessary, Taking medication to control blood pressure.

At second?rer hypertensionWe k?cannot generalizeMost of the second?ren hypertension problems,When the second?the disease cannot be corrected or cannot be eliminatedTo reduce the health risks caused by high blood pressure,It should be controlled by drugsBut there are some secondsr diseases,Such as high blood pressure from renal artery stenosis,If you can have an operation?nnen,Improving the problem of renal artery stenosis,The problem of high blood pressure is also gel?st.Of course there is no need continue to take antihypertensive drugs.Another example is a friend with sleep apnea syndrome,Through appropriate weight loss and associated means of control,If the problem can be effectively improved,High blood pressure will also improveThese situationsIn all f?There is no need to take antihypertensive drugs.

all in all,Ben?Do you need drugs to control high blood pressure?It has to be combined with certain circumstancesnd are assessed and determined.It’s not necessary, Taking medication,Take medication for a lifetimeIt is not necessarily so, that you cannot take any medication?can.Taking medication does not lead to dependency.ness.Withdrawal of the drug generally leads to an increase in blood pressure.High blood pressure medication or no medication,Dep?lack of blood pressure control in hypertensive patients,The ultimate goalIt should promote the health of the cardiovascular system and other target organs of the K?protect rpers.

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