The incidence of high blood pressure in China is increasing rapidly,What should I do?

Original title: The incidence of high blood pressure in China is increasing rapidly.What should I do?

PresentThe high blood pressure is rising rapidly in our country.In the 2013 report of the Chinese Center for Control and Pr?vention of diseases hott it: In 2004th, Chinese patients with high blood pressure are about 2.200 million people,It’s increased to 3.300 million people.below,More and more young people have joined the ranks of high blood pressure patients.

What caused the explosion in hypertension?Some scholars pointed out, among the causes of high blood pressure,Smoke, eat too much salt (especially with north Chinese M?men) and lack of exerciseThese are the three main factors who are responsible for the number of Chinese, who suffer from high blood pressure among hundreds of millions.

But by far the largest group of diseases in the world, anyone can become one of them.How should we deal with threatening high blood pressure?

1Improve lifestyle

Whether it is a hypertensive or prehypertensive patient,Independentnig of it whether the drug is taken or the blood pressure is up to the standard, lifestyle improvement must last a long time.W?during the whole process.

Weight loss, Mediterranean Ern?leadership, Salt restriction, Alcohol restriction and more exercise are the current life intervention methods with sufficient evidence-based evidence.

2Start medication on time

With high blood pressure, one of the most h?Most frequently asked questions by patients is, “Can I skip the medicine?Can you stop after dinnerren “,The doctor is concerned “whether he is using the drug?whether or not to begin treatment “.

For the first question, I m?see “Reversible factor“too,A fat man who likes to eat fragrant and spicy food,Blood pressure 145/90 mmHg,?doctors usually say: brothers,Work hard,Hopefully no medicine will be practiced?does.For a young man with a healthy life of “five H?users “(ambitious, morally, educated, disciplined and high blood pressure),Blood pressure 145/90 mmHg,It cannot work without taking medication.

In general,For nowIncreasing tendency to diagnose high blood pressure (140/90 mmHg) and to take medication.If you plan to promote lifestyle controlThe observation period should be short,It shouldn’t exceed 3 months.

3Blood pressure control goals

The usual target value for the treatment of high blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg.

For some patients the target value is 130/8th0 mmHg: incl?Lich diabetes,Chronic kidney disease,Coronary heart desease,Heart failure,Second?rpr?vention of stroke?llen,Peripheral vascular disease, 10-y?Real ASCVD risk ≥ 10%.

For ?older patients (6th0-65 years and?lter) a blood pressure target of 150/90 mm is recommendedBelow from ed,It can be better to tolerate a drop to 140/90 mmHg.

4The lower the blood pressure, the better?

Whether the current target for high blood pressure as low as m?should be the same is controversial.For ?Older Patients A lower blood pressure does not necessarily have toadditional benefits.Too low (12th0/80 mmHg) can have disadvantages.

5What antihypertensive drug does the ststrongest antihypertensive effect?

From the point of view of the whole crowd,Dipine, Pristines, Sartans, Have diuretics and β-blockers?Similar antihypertensive effects.So there is no question who st?is stronger than who.howeverSpecific for everyoneThe antihypertensive effects of various drugs k?can be significantly different.

Z.B,Zhang San has a significant effect with sartan,However, blood pressure dropped very little after using Li Si, w?while Wang Wu’s use of β-blockers can significantly lower blood pressure.The blood pressure ?However, did not change significantly after using the same medicine in Maliu.

and soThere can be significant differences in responses to antihypertensive drugs between individuals,Don’t you see that Lao Wang next door is using a certain drug, that works well and follow it.

6Will antihypertensive drugs be resistant?

Generally not.Some people say that I have been using XX medicine for 5 years,It turns out, that blood pressure is well controlled,It’s been bigger latelyIs it resistant?It is not.

with age,The systolic blood pressure is gradually rising?ugly.The reason for poor blood pressure control is that the patient’s blood pressure h?ago than before.Instead of resilient?to be hig.In this case it is generally necessary add another medicine or get the original medicinehen.Instead of trying to change the bandage.

7thThe blood pressure normalized after l?prolonged use of medication.Can the drug be stopped?

If the patient’s blood pressure is not too high prior to medication,And lately I’ve been paying a lot of attention to exercise Lose weight and eat less salt.You k?try stop taking medication after a few months,And closely monitor blood pressureSome patients may have their blood pressure stopped rising after stopping the drug.

If blood pressure rises again after stopping the drug,Then quickly take medication again,And don’t try stop using the drug in the future.

8Does an antihypertensive drug have to be taken after l?to be replaced after a longer application?

Some people worry for a long time about the side effects of some kind of antihypertensive medicine.A dressing change is therefore necessary.In fact, is it unnecessary?tig.

The side effects of antihypertensive drugs generally appear within a few weeks to months of taking drugs.If after more?no side effects occur after long use,That it can be toleratedAs long as the blood pressure control is satisfactory, the drug does not need to be changed.

9Should antihypertensive drugs be taken before or after meals?

Follow the instructions,Different drugs have different requirements.If the manual does not contain a specific description?lt,They are usually eaten after meals.

10Should I take the antihypertensive medicine once?take it in the morning or in the evening?

Varies from person to person,Most people k?can eat in the morning.It is best, perform 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.If blood pressure is high at night or in the morning,You k?can take medication at night, if the blood pressure is high during the day,You k?You can take medication in the morning.

If you socialize every day and drink a lot at night,It is best, taking medication in the morning,Because alcohol works on many drugs.

11How long does it take, until the effects of taking antihypertensive drugs take effect?

Different.Medication, which are taken under the tongue, k?can lower blood pressure after a few minutes (although the effect is rapid,But is it not good for the human K?rper,This drug is generally not recommended.

Oral short-acting drugs usually take an hour or two to work.Long-acting drugs must m?Usually used continuously for a week or two around all?to develop their maximum effect (although slowly,But the blood pressure fluctuation is smallThis is good for hypertensive patients.

12Will antihypertensive drugs hurt the liver and kidneys?digen?

In theory, any drug can affect liver and kidney function.digen.General security h?However, widely used antihypertensive drug in clinical practice is very good.As long as the drug is used rationally under the guidance of a doctor,In general, it has no apparent adverse effects on liver and kidney function.

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