The man passed out and was hospitalized.The death of a cerebral infarctionThe doctor said : There are 4 manifestations of high blood pressure, which should be observed!

Original title: The man passed out and was hospitalized.The death of a cerebral infarctionThe doctor said: there are 4 manifestations of high blood pressure, which should be observed!

The emergency room received a m?similar patients, the pl?fainted.The doctor found after checking his k?physical signs,The patient is in a deep state.

The doctor immediately performed a CT scan of the patient’s brain through the green channel.The result of the examination was diagnosed as a cerebral infarction.

The doctor knows the severity of the disease,Don’t you dare to waste timeHave family members sign immediately,Treat patients with thrombolytic therapy,The condition improved slightly,The doctor said to the family, “The condition has stabilized temporarily.But keep watchingNot au?he danger!”After I join family members?rt,Sad and crying.

The doctor must prescribe the correct medicationMust understand the patient’s specific situation,Family description:

The man Mr. Su,48 years old,Have you had a history of high blood pressure for 5 years,And I don’t have good blood pressure controlAlthough I also take antihypertensive drugs,But there is no particular ruleJust take one when you think aboutH?r on to eat, when there are no symptoms.

To the day of sicknessMr. Su felt in the morning pl?actually Schw?che on his right side,And numbnessBecause it’s not very obviousIf you don’t z?gladly, to make things normal you don’t care.

But after breakfast, Mr. Su even became unclear about his speech.Rested all morningI can’t walk in the afternoon or things get in my H?hold.And his right hand cannot move at all.Mr. Su believes that the situation is not rightI’m?to scream but can’t screamI fainted.

Fortunately there are people in the family120 first aid called in good time,Result……

The voice just fellThe one to Mr. Su’s connected EKG monitor gave a harsh alarm sound.The doctor rescued immediately.Unfortunately,A straight line appears on the monitor.

I haven’t waited for to arrange an operation.The people are goneSuch news is a severe blow to the family.But in the face of sickness and death”Everybody is the same.”

The doctor said: People with high blood pressure need to watch out for these 4 manifestations.The brain is not far from you!

1,Dizziness and nausea in the morning

After getting up, I often feel dizzy and have headaches.Also accompanied by nausea and vomiting,And lasted a whileCan by temporary isch?mie are causedPay attention,This is a sign of a brain attack.

2,Stiff limbs, who do not speak k?can

If in a certain K?body part numbness, Stiffness or unsteady walking occursOr can’t speak clearlyIt may be, that inadequate blood supply to the cerebral arteries inhibits activity?t caused the cerebral cortex.Watch out for cerebral infarction.

3.Blurred vision

Pl?I finally realized that I couldn’t see things clearlyCan you see it, that everything is blurryIt’s pointless Bring reading glasses.Can be a manifestation of vision lossIt can also be abnormal retinal function, which by cerebral isch?mie is caused.It is one of the early manifestations of a cerebral infarction.

4thLethargy, G?hnen

When middle-aged and?elderly people continuously g?hens,I always feel I don’t get enough sleepHard to stopSleep, as soon as you sit downThis is caused by central nervous system hypoxia.

If this symptom h?occurs frequently,We have to watch out for a blockage of the carotid artery,The oxygen supply to the brain is impaired?important.

If you or your family have the above situation,Must noteEspecially people with a family history of vascular diseases such as high blood pressure,The best thing to do is to go to the hospital for a check-up.avoid all.

Prevent complications from high blood pressure,Do the “four things” well:

The first,Quantity: control blood pressure

Patients with high blood pressure should take antihypertensive drugs as directed by their doctor.And to regularly monitor blood pressure,Keep blood pressure in the normal range.He?Do not increase or decrease the amount of the drug without authorization.Especially in summerit weather,Patients with high blood pressure have low blood pressure,Relatively “normal”,But it cannot be taken lightly.

In Erg?nzung,Patients with high blood pressure should avoid to be emotional.Do you prevent a pl?dangerous rise in blood pressure.Regulate and stabilize emotions,Only f?useful for checking blood pressure.

Reminder: To measure blood pressure more accurately,When measuring blood pressure, note:

Relax for a few minutesSitting on a chair with a backrestBack against the back of the chairThe lower limb?s are not crossed,do not speak,The arms are at right angles to the K?rper,Continuous measurement 3 times,Each time interval concernsgt 2 minutes.The blood pressure reading is based on the second and third blood pressure reading.

Research showsThe blood measured on a flat arm is 10% h?than blood pressure measured on a right-angled arm.

second,Eating: Control your salt intake

The recommended t?equal salt intake for normal people does not exceed 6 g.The requirements for hypertensive patients are stricter,The recommended t?equal salt intake should not exceed 4 g.

Do you pay attention to light meals?leadership,To control salt do we also need to ingest food?control oil and sugar.Are you preventing yourhte blood lipids and blood pressure.

Erg?nzung uns?did α-linolenic?ure,F?Useful for controlling blood pressure and lowering blood lipids.

Research showsAlpha Linolens?ure is an essential fat?ure for the human bodyrper.It’s the basic factor which makes up the cell membrane and biological enzymes.Do you participate in the K?body fat metabolism, Sugar metabolism and f?Are you changing the activity?t different enzymes,Make blood vessels more elastic, Lower cholesterol,It can improve the blood fat profile and blood sugar of patients with high blood pressure.

In Erg?nzung,Alpha Linolens?ure can lower blood sugar and lipids in patients with mild to moderate hypertension.And reduce inflammatory factor and endothelin levels,Improvement in vascular?ren endothelial function,And has many functions like anti-platelet aggregation,It has obvious benefits for patients prevent atherosclerotic diseases.

Do you consume t?was 5 ml sesame like?l, Sesame?l or walnut?l.Can α-linolenic?ure erg?use.below,Suzi?l containslt approx. 67% α-linolenic?ure,Known as “deep sea fish on land”.

third,Drink: control alcohol, drink healthy water

For hypertensive patientsAlcohol is a “double-edged sword”.

Drink in moderationen f?changes blood circulation,F?changes the health.But drinking too much can cause blood pressure to rise.He?do you hen the morbid?t and mortalite?t of coronary artery disease and stroke?ll.

Research showsThe main reason for excessive drinking to raise blood pressurehen,Causes sympathetic arousal with alcohol,He?hth cardiac output,And indirectly caused the release of renin and other vasoconstrictor substances.

Drink healthy water,Prevent thick blood,Are you preventing yourhte blood lipids.

It is recommended After washing in the morning, take a glass of warm water on an empty stomach and a glass of warm water approx. 1-2 hours before bed.K?body water cannot be refilled,Can also thin the bloodPrevent thick blood,Do you prevent thrombosis and increase?hte blood lipids.

fourth,Exercise: Aerobic exercise is good for pressure control

People with high blood pressure should not move their heads and bend too hard.Don’t you take too much?changes in the K?Position yourself forward and hold your breath.

Remind Hypertensive Patients:

1,Avoid early morning exercise.

2,The exercise should be about?hr take 30 minutes.On their own termsProceed step by step.

3.Exercise about 5 times a week is appropriate.It is recommended with low to medium intensity?t to exercise.Like jogging fast walking, Square dance, Tai chi and so on.

4thAvoid anaerobic exercise such as sprinting,In order not to let the blood pressure rise sharply immediately.

The pictures all come from the internet,If there is a violation? gives, please contact, in order to l?ting.Thank you?n!

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