What are the manifestations of hypertension, caused by spondylosis of the buildingneck of the mother is caused?

There are two types of high blood pressure: One is not recognized by current medical methods,It’s still not clear what caused it.Essential hypertension.The other is identify the cause k?nnen,Due to certain diseases, who can be diagnosed?nnen, does human blood pressure rise,We call ithypertension.He Mingwei, Department of Pain, Beijing Anzhen Hospital

There are many reasons for secondary?ren high blood pressure.AsCoarctation of the aorta, Ph?ochromocytomaand many more,However, many people do not know that patients with cervical spondylosis h?Frequently one receivedwould have blood pressure.

Many patients in the outpatient department reported dizziness, Headache and neck pain.There is also an increase in blood pressure w?during the onset of pain.Why does cervical spondylosis cause secondary?ren high blood pressure?Are we looking at the physiological structure of the cervical vertebrae?ule on.



As you can see,There are many nerves and blood vessels that go through the throat.Connect our head and K?rper,When the degeneration, Inflammation or Instability?t the cervical vertebra?ule stimulates the sympathetic nerves,Sympathetic nerves constrict blood vessels,As soon as the shrink tube narrows the resistance will increaseHe?check the arterial blood pressure.On the other hand receivedThe sympathetic nerve stimulation ht the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline.St?strengthening myocardial contraction,Cardiac output significantly increasedhen,He?watch the systolic blood pressure.

Cervical spondylosis causes high blood pressure is relatively h?ufig,The characteristics are as follows:

1. The increase and decrease in blood pressure are associated with the appearance of symptoms of cervical vertebra disease?ule synchronized.If the patient has symptoms of cervical spondylosis, like pain in the neck, Headache or dizziness,The blood pressure rises after the head and neck symptoms are relieved,The blood pressure also drops.This feature is especially evident in the early stages of the disease, because the disease progresses?is annoyed,This Ph?noun is gradually?ugly reduced.

2. Before high blood pressure occurs,Hypotension or fluctuations in blood pressure k?can occur for a long time.The patient showed symptoms such as dizziness, Dizziness, Ged?loss of awareness and general weaknessche.

3. Most of the self-hypertension is not effective with oral antihypertensive drugs.And for the treatment of cervical spondylosis,The effect is remarkable.If the condition of spondylosis of the Geb?throat improved,The blood pressure basically stabilized?really.

4th W?During the 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in the treatment of spondylosis of the birth?neck with traction and manipulation, patient’s blood pressure may drop by 20 ~ 30mmHg.The blood pressure rises w?during the intermittent treatment again.

5. The degree of hypertensive bone hyperplasia is not necessarily the same.Because in some ways, bone hyperplasia or ossification of the anterior L?ngbandes increaseht the stability?t the vortex?ule,It reduces the influence of abnormal growth of the K?rpers on the local nerves and blood vessels.

and so,If your blood pressure has the above characteristics, please contact the pain department in good time.So as not to delay the state?gladly.

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