What foods to eat can lower blood pressure / prevent high blood pressure

  Some people have had high blood pressure for many years,Sometimes stableSometimes the blood pressure risesIn terms of the Ern?leadership,Patients with high blood pressure should pay more attention.Patients with hypotension,What foods k?can lower blood pressure?Prevent high blood pressure.But let’s see which method is right for you.

  Watermelon peel  Watermelon is common in summer.Use a paring knife for watermelon peel,Pull off the skin,Then wash itAbout 10 minutes d?fumble,Dip it in sugar,Eating regularly can prevent high blood pressure.

  Zizania  Use about 25 grams each of celery and water bamboo.Then wash itPut it in the potThen you cook it and you k?can take itJust twice a dayDrink long,It can treat high blood pressure.The leftover wild rice and celery k?Can still be used for cooking.Don’t waste it.

  Peanut shells  The peanut shells, we eat k?Can treat high blood pressure.Wash the peanut shells, what’s left of the peanuts that you eat.Make the H?lfte the drinking cup,Gie?put boiling water in a teacup, in order to drink,It can lower blood pressure and also adjust blood cholesterol levels.

  Grape juice delivery f?llt  Use grapes instead of boiled water, to take antihypertensive tablets.The blood pressure is stableNo longer high and flat.This is because that the content of the drug in the blood after taking the drug is significantly h?than taking the drug with boiling water.

  Baking soda  Do you wash your feet?e with baking powder,It has to be hotbe washed in water,Add three L?add baking powder,Do you lower your feet?e, when the water temperature is about to be reached.Every time if you wash for 20 to 30 minutes,It becomes effective after washing several times.

  Banana, Jujube  Take a banana and wash it with your skin.Take abouthr 6 jujubes,Then put it in a small saucepan,Gie?en some cold water,After cooking approx. Let boil for 8 minutes,You k?You can take it after cooling down.Take before meals,Just twice a dayEat the jujube.Eat w?No fatty food during the period.Can’t drinkTake one plate for 1 to 3 months

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