What foods to eat can prevent high blood pressure

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1.Eat yiqing2113light
eat more5261NewFresh vegetablesVegetables and fruits.According to reportsTao,Eat more fruits and vegetables4102Stroke riskobviouslyDecline.1653Citrus fruits, Fruit?fte, Cabbage, Radish, Celery, Cucumbers, Cabbage and other green leafy vegetables have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.Can be eaten regularly.
2.Check your salt intake
Too much saltWill make the condition worse.In general, the t?Equal salt intake of hypertensive patients is best controlled to 4 to 6 grams.must be aware ofW?during a low-salt di?t,To increase potassium intakehen,Potassium can protect cardiomyocytes.So eat more foods containing potassium.Like amaranth, Spinach, Rapeseed, Tomatoes, bitter gourd, Yam etc.
3.Do you control your cholesterol and fat intake?uren
Eat less fatty food,Especially animal fats,Descr?encourage the consumption of various animal organs (heart, Liver, Kidney), fatty meat, Butter, Egg yolk, Roe, River eel, Eel, Crab Roe and Other High Cholesterol and Fat Foods?urea content.You k?nnen peanut?l, Corn?l and other herbal?le in measure?to eat.
4thQuit smokingand limit the alcohol content
The nicotine in cigarettes stimulates the heart,He?watch the heart rate,Vasoconstriction f?turn,Raise blood pressure,Nicotine can also reduce the deposition of cholesterol on the W?of blood vessels forrdern.He?determine the likelihood of coronary artery disease and stroke.A small amount of alcohol can increase high density lipoprotein in the blood.hen.Can prevent arteriosclerosis,It is advisable, drinking a small amount of low-alcohol alcohol.excessive drinking of high alcohol content,Accelerates arteriosclerosis,And is resistant to antihypertensive drugs.
Add?in addition to the above maintenance,Insist to eat every day"Xinhe Andang Cordyceps Flower",Can effectively improve the gastrointestinal environment,Improve blood lipid viscosity?t and Gefpermeabilit?t,Protect liver and kidneys,It has the effect lower blood pressure without the K?to hurt rper.

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mushroom,2113Also known as black mushroom, light mushroom,can5261Blood n?listen,doThe human skin is r?daily,contentRadiant,And can prevent shortages4102ironSexual povertyBlood etc.,Has a lot of medication1653Use effect.How to eat: After soaking the black mushroom in water overnight,Come and steam for 1-2 hoursThen add an adequate amount of rock candy,Take a bowl every day.

Water chestnuts are also known as horseshoes, Water chestnut, Peony, Blue green, black yam, Bodrum, ground pear,It is a type of water chestnut belonging to the Cyperaceae family.Water chestnuts and Shanghai bites k?Can treat high blood pressure.How to eat: Take 30 to 60 grams of water chestnut and jellyfish head (washed, to remove the salt),Put them in the pot and cook the soup together,2 to 3 times t?take like.

Celery,Is a Umbelliferae plant.There are two types of cress and dry celery :?similar functions,The medicament is preferably dried celery.Dry celery has a strong aroma,Also known as “parsley”.How to eat: Patients with headache and head swelling due to high blood pressure,Fresh celery can relieve symptoms.

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(1) Pay attention to the combination of work and rest.wantmiss you2113High pr?ventionBlood pressureThe danger5261Damage,Most importantlyshortcutStill4102In the early stageDefense,Pr?vention deals with high blood pressure1653the most effective wayOtherwise, is it too late?t, to wait for complications.In general,In people with blood pressure which is above the upper limit of the normal value (systolic blood pressure of 130-139 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure of 85-89 mmHg),About 41% develop long-term hypertension within 4 years.Therefore, people should whose blood pressure is above the upper limit of normal, also receive antihypertensive treatment.Since excessive tension in the largecerebral cortex are an important factor in the occurrence of high blood pressure,therefore,It is recommended that patients with high blood pressure in life rest and activity?organize them according to their condition.Get 8 hours of sleep each day and a reasonable lunch break.Take a stroll with your family on the boulevards, small rivers and parks.This is suitable for most hypertensive patients.Of course, transferring gymnastics appropriately,Tai chi,To the k?physical st?to maintainIt is also very beneficial the blood pressure recovery to f?rdern.For patients with mild to moderate high blood pressure, it is not a good idea to Ride a bike or swim.Be sure to, that bowel movements remain smooth.Develop the habit of regular bowel movements,?the elderly and patients with severe hypertension,It is best, Activity?under the guidance of a doctor.Do not try, to win by force.Greed for a moment of happiness causes lifelong regret.With some diseases, which can lead to high blood pressure?nnen,You should as soon as m?was like going to the hospital for treatment.

(2) Do you have a reasonable diet?leadership.The Ern?Hypertension patients should follow the principles of low salt, low fat and low calories follow.And do you pay attention to the sensible combination of the Ern?Food structure: food should not be too full or too fast; it is best, avoid bad habits.Like tobacco, Alcohol etc.In order to prevent high blood pressure, care should also be taken to: adequately control salt intake.?change the habit “hard” to eat.Research showsAbout 20% of the Bev?suffer from high blood pressure due to excessive salt.This group of people is medically called salt sensitive.In Erg?nzung,Some foods are natural “hypertensive drugs”,Be sure to, that you eat right at normal times, to lower blood pressure.You are:

Shiitake mushroom research best?Do this Shiitake can lower blood cholesterol,Prevent arteriosclerosis and vascular degeneration,It is an ideal food for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Milk containslt Hydroxy and Methylglutars?ure,Can the activity?t of cholesterol synthase in the human body?to inhibitThis inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol.In Erg?nzung,Milk containslt more calcium,It can also be the k?Reduce your own cholesterol absorption

Ginger ginger containsIs it an organic compound?similar to salicylic?ure.The diluted L?Solution of this substance is a blood thinner and anticoagulant.It has a good effect on lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure and preventing thrombosis.

Turtlete has nourishing and toning effects.The experiment has proven that Turtle can reduce cholesterol after a high-fat diet.t effectively lower.

Seaweed contains seaweedlt many uns?saturated fat?uren,Can remove cholesterol adhering to the blood vessel wall,Fiber in seaweed,Can the stomach gl?killF?change in the excretion of cholesterol,Control the absorption of cholesterol, the calcium content in seaweed is extremely rich,Can the k?reduce the body’s own absorption of cholesterol,Low blood pressure.The synergistic effect of uns?saturated fat?uren, Cellulose and calcium in seaweed have excellent blood lipid lowering effects.Has a high therapeutic value.

?apples are extremely rich in pectin,May lower the level of cholesterol in the bloodIt also has the effect to prevent fat focusing.There are reports of people the one or two?eat apples a day,The level of cholesterol in the blood can be reduced by more than 10%.

Are oats extremely rich in linols?ure,It makes up 35% -52% of all uns?saturated fat?uren from.The vitamin E content is also very rich,It containslt also saponin,May lower the concentration of plasma cholesterol.More than 20 terti?re sickusers in Beijing have best?tigt, that after years of clinical research, oats reduce total cholesterol, the triglycerides and lipoproteins in the serum were significant.And can serum increase high-density lipoprotein?hen.

(3) drug treatment.For those, whose general preventive measure?measures are ineffective,Active drugs are required.Of course, taking medication is not an accident.It must be in accordance with the incl?good reason?etching can be carried out.It is recommended that patients with high blood pressure do not take the medicine temporarily or temporarily.Medication compliance can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular?renal and cerebrovascular?Effectively reduce complications.Due to individual differences, must w?during the medication st?thoroughly explore,To get the best therapeutic effect with the smallest and most suitable dose.For the selection of drugs,It is currently recommended Taking diuretics and beta blockers in combination.It can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular?ren events and the mortalite?t decrease in patients with diastolic hypertension.?Elderly people should not use beta blockers alone.Unless, Complications require beta blockers.Early hypertension patients right?older patients k?Can be treated with diuretics first.Simple systolic hypertension can also use dihydropyridine calcium antagonists.For example, does the effect of captopril appear in reducing the incidence of cardiovascular?to be as good as those of diuretics and beta blockers.To ensure, that the blood pressure is relatively stable throughout the day without excessive fluctuations,It is recommended that long-acting drugs like Luohuoxi are the first choice.Since there are many types of antihypertensive drugs,Some act on beta receptors,Some are angiotensin II antagonists,If you w wrong?hlen, k?side effects may occur,It is recommended that patients in the hospital still make a clear diagnosis.It is safer, the ?Follow doctor’s prescription.

After treatment,For patients with high blood pressure in various stages,The systolic blood pressure should be on <150 mmHg gesebe nkt.Die ideale Senkung des diastolischen Blutdrucks auf <90 mmHg. Precautionary measuretook for high blood pressure To the precaution?took against high blood pressure?the following points: (1) adequate dietsleadership, (2) moderate exercise, (3) smoking developmentwarning and alcohol limit, (4) mental balance, (5) self-management, (6) a punctual doctor’s visit.
1. Adequate Ern?leadership
1.The importance of the Ern?for high blood pressure: people rely on food as a dayA reasonable Ern?exercise cannot make you fat or thin.Cholesterol is neither high nor low.
2.The Ern?Guide to patients with hypertension should not be
①carbohydrate food:
Suitable food – rice, Congee, Pasta, Pasta, Arrowroot, Soup, Taro, soft beans.
Food, that should be avoided – sweet?potatoes (food, which produce belly gas), Dried beans and cookies with a strong flavor.
②Protein foods — beef, lean pork, knowit meat, Fish, Eggs, Milk, Dairy products (fresh cream, Yeast milk, Ice cream, K?se), Soy products (tofu, Natto, Soybean powder, ?liger tofu)
Foods to Avoid — fatty foods (beef and pork belly, Ribs, Whale, Herring, Tuna, etc., processed products (sausage)
?Greasy food
Suitable food — plants?l, a small amount of cream, salad dressing
Foods to Avoid – Animal?l, raw lard, Bacon, Sardines in?l
④Vitamin and mineral foods
Suitable food — vegetables (spinach, Cabbage, Carrots, Tomatoes, Lily root, Pumpkin, aubergine, Cucumber), Fruits (?apples, Oranges, Pears, Grapes, Watermelons)
Seaweed and mushroom should be cooked before eating.
Foods to Avoid — Fibrous vegetables (burdock, Bamboo shoots, Beans)
Very hot vegetables (hot vegetables, Coriander, Mustard green, Shallots, Mustard green)
?Different food
Suitable food – slightly fragrant tea, Yeast milk drink?nk
Foods to Avoid — Spices (Chilli, Curry powder)
Alcoholic beveragesnke, salty drink?Naked food (grown vegetables, cooked fish roe)
Pickles, coffee
3 eating habits, to which hypertensive patients should pay attention
①And?check the energy supply,It is recommended compound sugars like st?rke, Corn and less glucose, Eating fructose and sucrose.This type of sugar is a monosaccharide,Easily createdhte blood lipids.
② Limit your fat intake.Do you use plants when cooking?l,You k?can eat more sea fish,Sea fish containslt uns?saturated fat?uren,Can oxidize cholesterol,This lowers plasma cholesterol,It can also reduce the blood pl?pocket aggregation left?to nagInhibit thrombosis,Prevent stroke,It containsIs there more linoleum too?ure,To the elasticity?t of capillaries to increasehen,Prevent blood vessels from bursting.It has some effect in preventing complications of hypertension.
③ Do you take protein in moderation?en on.The t?equal amount of protein for hypertensive patients?gt 1 g per kilogram of K?body weight.Eat fish protein 2-3 times a week,Can the elasticity?t and permeabilit?t improve the blood vessels.He?watch the sodium excretion in the urine,This will lower the blood pressure.How high blood pressure combined with renal failure,Protein intake should be restrictednkt werden.
④ eat more food which are rich in potassium and calcium, but contain little sodium.Like potatoes Eggplant, Seaweed, Salad.Foods high in calcium: milk, Yogurt, dried shrimp.Eat less brothBecause the nitrogenous extract in the broth increases,Can the rise in urine?ure im K?rper f?turn,He?hen the burden of heart, Liver and kidneys.
⑤Limit salt intake: the t?The same intake should be gradually reduced to less than 6 g.That meanst, after the rubber pad of the gew?similar beer mat has been removed,A flat salt lid is approx. 6g.This amount refers to the total amount of table salt, includingLich table salt and sodium, contained in other foods which have been converted into table salt.Appropriate reductions in sodium intake can help lower blood pressure.Are you reducing sodium and water retention in the K?rper.
⑥More fresh vegetables,Fruit.Eat no less than 8 tales of fresh vegetables every day.Fruit 2 to 4 days.
⑦ He?Make your seafood intake appropriate: like seaweed,Seaweed,Seafood etc.
Two moderate exercise
The Importance Of Exercise For High Blood Pressure: There Is A Saying: “When You Are Young,Exchange health for money,In old age,Exchange exercise for health.”Exercise can improve blood circulation f?turn,Add?useful for reducing cholesterol production and can reduce the appearance of muscle, Improve bone and joint stiffness.exercise can increase appetite,F?do you change gastrointestinal motility?t, prevent constipation and improve sleep.Do you have the habit st?Exercise hard: it is best to Doing aerobic exercise.Will help.Aerobic exercise k?can lower blood pressure, just like losing weight.Go, To jog, Tai chi, Cycling and swimming are aerobic exercises.
1. Precautionary measuretook for exercise:
?don’t overdo it or be too strong or too tired.Take a step-by-step approach about the activity?t to get?hen.
② Pay attention to the environment and the climate: Summer: avoid the time when in which the sun shines at noon; Winter: keep warm,Prevent stroke.
③Clothes and sweat?wear absorbent clothing: cotton material w?hlen,Sports shoes etc. is needed.
④W?choose safe places like parks, Schools,Aren’t you on the street?on the edge or on the street?e.
⑤When you exercise,Don’t go on an empty stomachTo a hypoglyc?to avoid mie,Should be 2 hours after meals.
2. Taboo of exercise
① Cancel the training if you are sick or unwell
② Do not exercise when you are hungry or one hour after a meal
③ Break w?do not stop immediately during training,Steps to follow the exercise program
④ complaints w?during training,Should stop?ren
Three quit smokingrt and limits the alcohol content
Smoking can lead to high blood pressure.Research shows,Heart rate increases by 5 per minute after smoking a cigarette
-20 times / min,The systolic blood pressure increases by 10-25 mmHg.Why is this?Because that’s in Tabakbl?Nicotine (nicotine) contained in the food stimulates the central and sympathetic nerves,Erh?watch the heart rate,At the same time, the adrenal glands set great?e amounts of catecholamines free,Constrict small arteriesL?The blood pressure will rise.Nicotine also stimulates chemoreceptors in blood vessels,Reflexively cause blood pressure to rise.Long-term heavy smoking can also be greate atherosclerosis f?turn,The intima of small arteries gradually thicken?ugly,H?Do you remove all of the blood vessels?ugly.At the same time, because the content of carbon monoxide and H?moglobin in the blood of smokers increases,This reduces the oxygen content of the blood,Do the arterial intimal hypoxia,The oxygen content of fat in the arterial wall increases,Accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis.therefore,People without high blood pressure k?can prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure, by quitting smokingren.People with high blood pressure should stop smokingren.
Compared to smoking,The pros and cons of drinking at the K?bodies are controversial.Various reports appear from time to time.Some say that drinking a small amount of alcohol is beneficial,Some say it is SCH?dlich,But one thing is certain, drinking a lot of alcohol is definitely nice?dlich,High alcohol content can cause arteriosclerosis.Worsen high blood pressure.
Four mental balance
The psychological manifestations of hypertensive patients are nervousness?t, Irritability and emotional instability?t.These are all incentives to increaseincrease in blood pressure.Patient k?what is their behavior?ChangeA good adaptionability to the natural environment and society for?turn,Avoid emotional excitement, excessive tension and fear.Be calm and serene if you have any problems. Try, to let go of them with greater mental pressure.Gie?en to friends and relatives or f?Do you want to participate in relaxing and enjoyable leisure activities?th.Gie?en the spirit in music or in love in flowers,Live in the best of conditionsTo keep blood pressure stable.
Five self-management
1. Measure your blood pressure regularly.It should be measured at least once every 1-2 weeks
2. The “three hearts” should be respected when treating high blood pressure.That’s trust Determination, Endurance,Just so k?Can we call the beauties?termination of the vital organs of the K?prevent rpers or delay?gladly
3. Take antihypertensive drugs regularly.Do not reduce or stop medication at will.It can be adjusted under the guidance of a doctor and the current condition,Prevent an increase in blood pressure
4th Conditions allowYou k?Can you have your own blood pressure monitor?t bring along and learn Measure your blood pressure
5. Add?Useful for taking suitable medication Also make sure you have work and rest, do you pay attention to Ern?leadership, correct movement, emotional stability?t and adequate sleep.
6th ?older people should not rush to lower blood pressure.The blood pressure should be adjusted to 140-159 mmHg.Are you reducing the incidence of cardiovascular?renal and cerebrovascular?ren complications.
7th Pr?prevent orthostatic hypotension?the elderly and taking noradrenergic nerve endblockers
8th. There is no need to, Strictly prohibit sex: Be aware of the following situations: It is not suitable To have sex. Do not have sexual intercourse immediately afterwards. Sexual life should be prohibited after drinking. If you feel dizzyChest tightness and other unsuitability, to stop sex lifeAnd consult a doctor in good time.

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Help reduce2113Blood pressure vegetablesMainThere are: tomatoes,Shiitake5261,AubergineChild,Celery,sea4102Tape,onion,Winter melon,Garlic,ToAnd the seaSting,1653Fish and shrimp etc.
In Erg?nzung,Apple,Whitemandrel,Mulberries,Kiwi and other fruits.
In summary,The Ern?leading to high blood pressure patients is the main?really low in fat,Low cholesterol,Main?little salt.

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