What is h-type hypertension?What are the symptoms of h-type hypertension?

I think, everyone has more or less of high blood pressure going?rt.But compared to H-type hypertension,If you are not a professional doctor or a patient with H-type hypertension,It’s hard for someone to say clearly what is H-type hypertension?What are the symptoms of h-type hypertension?In China, three quarters of people with hypertension are type H hypertension.How we all know,China is a country with a high incidence of high blood pressure and stroke.Currently the death rate from cerebrovascular?ren diseases?here than the sum of all b?like tumors.Number one.The first high risk factor for stroke is high blood pressure.Stroke is also highly disabling,The disease can be too k?physical disability, Cause blindness and aphasia.H-type hypertension is a major cause of the high incidence of stroke?ll.

What is h-type hypertension?

Hypertension is in prime?re and secondary?re divided.Essential hypertension,Also known as hypertension,Makes more than 90% of hypertensive patientsAmong them are some special types of high blood pressure,Like salt-sensitive hypertension, White coat hypertension, H-type hypertension.”H-type hypertension” refers to hypertension, those of erh?hten homocysteine (hcy) levels (≥ 10 μmol / l).

Hcy is a substance the w?during the metabolism of proteins in the human bodyrper is produced.Under normal circumstances?ndIt can in the human K?be metabolized,but,If there are defects in key enzymes or metabolic cofactors like fols?ure and vitamin B12 in the metabolic process,Caused, that hcy is not metabolized normally.And collect in the human K?rper.hcy can damage human blood vessels multiple times?digen,IncludingLich Dest?tion of the vascular endothelium,Lead to thrombosis and lipid deposition,This leads to a stroke.If the level of hcy in the blood is equal to or greater than 10 micromoles per liter (blood hcy ≥ 10 mol / l),The risk of stroke in people with high blood pressure is 12 to 28 times higher than in normal people.very likedhonestly.

What are the symptoms of h-type hypertension?

1. Mild H-type hypertension: urine test and kidney biopsy show that the glomerulus has mild symptoms.When treatment is required k?Can nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs be used to improve symptoms. If the urine test is abnormal,Renal biopsy revealed focal segmental mesangial hyperplasia of glomeruli with segmental necrosis, Crescent formation and focal glomerulosclerosis.

2. Severe H-type hypertension: The h?Most common symptoms are acute nephritis syndrome or rapidly progressing nephritis syndrome.Kidney biopsy showed diffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis or sickle?poor nephritis.Progressive decline in kidney function.

3. Asymptomatic H?maturie: Zus?The symptoms of h-type hypertension also manifest as asymptomatic proteinuria (urinary protein)>2 g / 24 h),Or as an asymptomatic H?maturie manifested.

4th Nephrotic syndrome: patients with H hypertension k?can also have nephrotic syndrome.There aren’t many red blood k?body in the urine,The kidney function is stable or the kidney biopsy shows a membrane?se lupus nephritis.In severe F?llen does the kidney biopsy show obvious glomerul?re hyperplasia or pathological disorderchanges

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