What is the most effective way to lower blood pressure?These five recognized antihypertensive foodsHow many do you know?

What is the most effective way to lower blood pressure?These five recognized antihypertensive foodsHow many do you know

1. Orange juice is a great antihypertensive food.Orange juice is not only rich in vitamin C,Can the immunit?t of the K?rpers st?rken,It can also be the Sch?end of blood vessels in the K?Effectively reduce body caused by free radicals.There is also rich potassium in orange juice,Can effectively lower high blood pressure.According to scientific knowledgeM?middle-aged for a month,Do you drink two glasses a day?great orange juice,The symptoms of hypertension were significantly reduced.

2. Celery is rich in flavonoids, Dietary fiber, Chlorophyll, Butyl phthalides, Aminos?uren, uns?saturated fat?uren, Minerals and many other active ingredients, which lower blood pressure and blood sugar k?can.The physiological function of lipid lowering,Therefore, the effect of celery extract in lowering blood pressure and lipids should be the effect of the combined action of these ingredients.

3. Capsaicin in chilli helps lower blood pressure and lipids.This reduces the risk of heart disease.Capsaicin in hot peppers has the effect of To expand blood vessels,At the same time it can increase the blood flow to the K?rpers f?turn,It also has the function of lower blood sugar.According to experiments, long-term mountain?use of capsaicin?Can effectively control high blood pressure.but,Excessive consumption of chilli can also lead to high blood pressure, Hyperlipid?mia and diabetes.therefore,Patients with high blood pressure?moderate amounts of chilli.

Fourth, does the seaweed S?ure in seaweed the effect, lower blood pressureLaminine Monocitrate indicates?were rabbits stinged intravenously?se injections.Can lower blood pressure for a short time,Therefore, patients with high blood pressure use h?often seaweed, to lower blood pressure.Not only that,Seaweed also has the effect lower blood sugarUnder the action of the algae?rke in seaweed,The blood sugar can be effectively reduced.

5. Onions are great antihypertensive foods.Onions contain prostaglandin A,Is a natural blood thinnerIt can increase a person’s urine output.hen,F?change in the rapid excretion of sodium in the bodyrper,This can effectively prevent the formation of high blood pressure and brain thrombosis.In Erg?nzung,Onions are rich in cetin and sulfide,It can be theEffectively prevent the destruction of blood vessels and regulate the role of blood vessels.It has obvious implications for the treatment of cardiovascular sclerosis.

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