What kind of medicine is good for high blood pressure? Three things, that you should know about taking medications to lower blood pressure

Hypertension is h?frequent illness,In most patients, the cause of high blood pressure is not clearThis situation accounts for more than 95%.Once you have high blood pressure, there is no thorough medical treatment.Just money.Then,Which drug is good for high blood pressure?What are the precautionary measures?took for taking medication for high blood pressure?What are the Tues?t therapy methods for high blood pressure?Let’s take a look.

What medicine is good for high blood pressure

Treatment of high blood pressure cont?Many people are currently taking some antihypertensive drugs.Indeed k?Antihypertensive drugs can only temporarily lower blood pressure.And it requires long-term medicationThere are also some side effects on the K?rper.Therefore it is recommended that patient proprietary?re using Chinese medicines.Although the results are slow,But the side effects are minor.Then,What are the am h?most commonly used proprietary?ren Chinese medicines to treat high blood pressure?

1. Longdanxiegan pills

Has a clear liver fireThe role of moisture and W?rme.Suitable for younger age groups,Shorter course,See headache Head swelling, hota head, short red urine, red tongue, yellow coating and other high blood pressure with excessive heat in the liver canal.Take an appropriate amount according to the severity of the symptoms of liver burn.6-9 grams each time orally,2 to 3 times t?take like.

2. Angelica Longhui pills

It has the function to purify the liver and to l?ting, to have a laxative effect and lead to stagnation.Suitable for strong K?rperbau,Red-faced,?afraidConstipation,Headache and dizziness,Also vomiting, Kr?fights and other hypertensive conditions such as irritability.6 grams every time2-3 times t?like to takeTake it after meals with warm water.

3. Brain liqing

Naoliqing has the effect suppress the liver, Suppress yang and reduce side effects.Therefore, it can treat high blood pressure, caused by the reversal of qi and blood.Patients take 10-15 capsules each time.Oral 2-3 times a day,Take it after meals with warm water.

4th Qingnao antihypertensive tablets

Qingnaojiangya tablets have the effect of Suppressing yang and lowering blood pressure.Symptoms of Liver Yin deficiency such as insomnia, Irritability, Dizziness, red tongue and little fur, Tinnitus and deafness etc. to treat.It can also treat high blood pressure, caused by liver burn.The patient is taking the medication,4-6 tablets each time,Note that pregnant women should not take it.

5. Qi Ju Di Huang Wan

Has nutritious kidney yin,The role of the liver?rme.Suitable for dizziness and dizziness caused by kidney yin deficiency,Dazzling,Five ver?angry fever,Sore waist and knees,Old and weakHypertension with a long course.9 grams every timeTake 2 times a day,Suitable for long-term use.

The benefit of Chinese medicine in treating high blood pressure is that that the pain of long-term drugs in high blood pressure patients and the Sch?completion of the K?rpers can be avoided by hormones of western medicine?can.Treat both symptoms and causesL?fundamentally solve the problem.

Precautionary measuretook for taking medication for high blood pressure

1. The use of antihypertensive drugs to treat the prim?Renal hypertension requires long-term medication.therefore,Oral antihypertensive drugs with mild, slow, long lasting, low side effects, that are easy to grasp and convenient for patients to use, should be used as basic antihypertensive drugs.W?Then choose other antihypertensive drugs according to different stages of the disease.

2. Use of antihypertensive drugs generally starts with a small dose.He?are you coming?ugly the dose,After the purpose of lowering blood pressure has been achieved,The maintenance dose can be used to consolidate the effect.Do you use as little maintenance as m?resembled to reduce side effects.

3. If you use antihypertensive drugs which can cause obvious upright hypotensionnnen,It should explain to the patientbe rt,When getting up from sitting or lying down,The movement should be as slow as m?be alikePay particular attention to when you get up at night to urinate.At Unf?lle through pl?Avoid dangerous drops in blood pressure and fainting.

Hypertension di?t

1. Celery porridge

120 grams of celery with roots,250 grams of japonica rice.Wash celery,Cut in six minutesWash the japonica rice.Celery,Put the japonica rice in the pot,Add an adequate amount of water,Bring to the boil with martial fire and then k?let chuckle, until the rice is rotten to a pulp Add a little salt and MSG,Stir well and serve.

2. Mung bean seaweed porridge

100 grams each of mung beans and seaweed,The amount of rice.Chop the seaweed and cook the porridge with the other 2 flavors.Can be eaten as dinner for a long time.

3. Peanuts in vinegar

Soak raw peanuts in vinegar,Eat after 5 days,Take 10-15 capsules every morning,It has the effect the blood pressure, Reduce hemostasis and lower cholesterol levels.

4th Sweet- sour garlic

Some cloves of garlic, the l?soaked in sugar and vinegar for more than 1 monthnkt wereEat 6 cloves of garlic a day,And drink 20 ml of his sweet?- sour juice,Serve 1 month,Suitable for refract?re hypertension.

5. Clams and shepherd’s purse soup

10-30 grams of mussels each, Shepherd’s purse or celery,T?like making soup and drinking,The 15th is a treatmentEffective for lowering blood pressure.

6, Carrot juice

It takes abouthr 1000 ml per day,Drink in divided cans.Medical research certificate,Patients with high blood pressure drink carrot juice,It has an obvious effect on lowering blood pressure.

7th Tremella white?thorn soup

20 grams whitehe mushroom,40 grams of mountain cake or mountain cake,1 L?ffel sugar.After washing the whiteen mushrooms,Soak in cold water for 1 day,All through,Pick and wash,Put it in the casseroleAnd pour?e who knowse mushroom liquid a.Whitethorn cake cut into small cubes,Whitesugar in the whiteput in a mushroom pot,Half an hour k?let chuckle,Until he knowse mushroom is rotten,The juice gets thicker and longer.the fire.As a snack or eat before bed1 small bowl at a time,1-2 times a day,End of the solar eclipse on 2.

Summary: Through the above reading,I think, everyone has a detailed understandingacknowledgment that what drugs to take for high blood pressure.Patients with high blood pressure are best treated with Chinese medicine.Although Chinese medicine takes a long time and works more slowly,But it can cure the causeAnd there are no side effects on the K?rper,You k?So you can try the drugs presented in this article.However, it should be done under the guidance of a doctor.

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