What should I do with the Ern?Note the instructions for hypertensive nephropathy?

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> What are the contraindications in the Ern?management of kidney patients
A reasonable Ern?Nutrition for kidney patients plays an important role in recovery from the disease.What do kidney patients eat?How Much is Appropriate to Eat?This is not clear in one sentence.Any plan should be made according to the type of illness and the severity of the illness.
1.K?Can kidney patients take salt and alkali?Our normal adults consume about?hr 5-6 grams of salt per day.Some areas eat up to 12 grams of salt per person per day.The salt is sodium chloride,The alkali is sodium carbonate,Soda is sodium bicarbonate,Eating too much salt and alkali with sodium,It is easy, Water in the K?to hold?induce deme,Therefore, should patients with kidneys?which the intake of table salt?Check the solution and alkali.2-3 grams of salt per person are a low-salt diet?t.Salt-free foodis not scientific,It started after a long timegood for tiredness, Dizziness, etc.
2.How Much Water Should a Kidney Patient Drink?The urine output? normal people betr?Usually 1-2 kg per day.Acute nephritis, acute kidney failure and oliguria, nephrotic syndrome, chronic kidney failure with oliguria and?demen,To control the amount of water.Because I can’t get it out when i drink itWater retention in the K?worsen rper?deme,It’s easy too worsen high blood pressureAt this point the water intake should be 500 milliliters of urine.The water intake can according to ErH?urine output hunger?it will be loosened.The water intake of patients with normal urine output? is not limited.In Erg?nzung,Patients with urinary tract infections such as acute pyelonephritis, Urethritis, Cystitis etc.In addition to timely medical treatment and medication, drinking more water and urinating more is very beneficial for recovery from the disease.
3.K?in renal patients fish, Shrimp, Eat eggs and meat?Fish and shrimp feed,Some kidney patients consciously do not eatI think, it’s bad for the kidneys.actually,This type of food is high quality protein,If there are allergic diseases like allergic purpura,Patients with purple nephritis, who are suspected that you are allergic to heterosexual protein or have a history of fish and shrimp allergy should be handled with caution.Generally there is no taboo type.Fish, Shrimp, Eggs and meat are rich in animal protein?.It is the main structural material of human cells and tissues.Very important to the human bodyrper,The liver breaks down after consuming foods that contain protein.Excretion by the kidneys,So when kidney function decreases,To reduce the amount of protein input appropriately,To the metabolic Ern?need of the human body?rpers to cover,The principle is not to increase the load on the kidneyshen.Some patients don’t dare To eat protein because their kidney disease is not severe.Or it’s not right not to care when the condition requires protein restriction.
4thSome kidney patients have a long course,Slow recovery,Discuss oftenExchange information and experiences.It should be notedEveryone has their own characteristicsDo not follow one another.
5.Don’t overeatDon’t eat unclean food.

2> Ern?taboo for kidney disease
1. It is suitable Eat light and easily digestible food.Avoid seafood, Beef, Mutton, spicy food, Alcohol and all m?were like things like: spiced anise, Coffee, Coriander etc.; especially patients with yin deficiency such as: red tongue, bighe pulse,Night sweats?, dry stool, H?maturie etc.; But patients with yang deficiency like pale tongue and white?it fur, heavy pulse,Cold K?body and cold limbs?en, loose stool, warm food.
2. It is suitable to eat fresh vegetables and mixed fruit,Proper Drinking Water: Avoid All Diet Food?fuel, St?remedies and warm foods such as peppers, Lychees, Chocolate etc.Especially the yin deficiency and the internal heat are like purple tongue and pulse stagnation,Patients with congestion such as tightness in the chest and bl?tensions in the abdomen.
3. All patients with nephropathy are allowed to inject neomycin, Streptomycin, Gentamicin, Guanmutong and autoimmune banned.
4th Patient with ur?mie keep their chair free,It is advisable, Having bowel movements 2-3 times a day.Don’t stay up lateRestrained sex life,Pay attention to rest and avoid K?lte.
5. Those, who took hormonesThe dosage and H?The frequency of hormones should be reduced under the guidance of a doctor according to the specific situation.
6th People with difficulty?should avoid salt.Do you limit your protein intake?food,Drink less water.The ?that is not serious,A Low Sodium Dietis acceptable, no?that doesn’t limit the amount of drinking water and protein?, People with H?maturie under the microscope and those which are suitable for to get angry drink more water.Eat more ?apples, Sugar, black sesame, Mushrooms and other foods, the yin n?listen and reduce the fire.
7th People with Ur?mie and hyperkali?You should not eat foods rich in potassium such as bananas, Citrus fruits, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Tea, Eat soy sauce and MSG. The opposite is true for patients with hypokali?mie.
8th. People with high urine?urine content in the blood especially avoid animal organs, Fish, Shrimp, Crabs and clams, Beer, Mushrooms, Eating beans and spinach.
9. W?during treatmentare old Fever, Infections etc. In an emergency, contact a specialist.For timely treatment, avoid aggravating complications.

3> Ern?guidance of patients with kidney disease
1. Do you eat a lighter di?t,Avoid alcohol and spicy food,Eat less fatty and meaty foods, the more animal protein? contain (such as fatty meat, Shrimp, Crabs etc.).
2. Avoid beans and their products (such as tofu, Bean sprouts, Soy flour etc.)
3. People with?demen, High blood pressure, Heart failure,Should less salt or no salt di?t eat.
4th Patients with renal insufficiency and ur?You should pay particular attention to the following:
① Lenten beans and their products,Eat fewer nuts (like walnuts, Chestnuts, Almonds etc.) and canned foods (such as cucumber, Cucumbers etc.).
② The amount of high protein (such as lean meat, Milk, Eggs etc.), the t?like eating should be checked.Depending on the condition of each patient, the average adult is approximatelyhr 2-3 tael per day,And eat 3-5 times.
③The kidney development?capacity?t is limited in kidney failure.Need, control water absorption,It is recommended to be calculated according to the following formula: water absorption = total urine output? of the previous day + 500-800 ml.
④To increase the excretion of creatinine and urea nitrogenhen,You need to clear your urine and bowelsStool two or three times a day instead of once two or three days.Winter melon, Watermelon, Pumpkin can be diuretic, Adzuki Bean Soup, black bean soup, Mung bean soup, Give sugar to drink,Eliminate heat and diuresis.Honey, Bananas, raw pears, Radish, Walnut meat, black sesame, k?can moisten the intestines,These foods k?can be combined with medication,h?Often used.

4> Ern?guiding patients with multiple kidney disease
A / Nephrotic Syndrome: Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome will h?Often from gastrointestinal mucosa?demen and ascites accompanied.Affect digestion and absorption.It is advisable, a digestible, light, semi-liquid di?t to make.A bige amount of urine protein is lost in kidney disease.The K?rper is in a state of protein deficiency?leadership.Before the late ’80s, are you advocating a high protein diet?(1.2 ~ 1.5 g / kg.d),Try, Hypoalbumin?mie and a range of complications.However, animal experiments and observations of kidney disease in humans have best?tigt, that: high protein diets?leadership,Although liver synthesis of albumin increases,But protein excretion in the urine also increased.Doesn’t Help Correct Hypoprotein Leuk?mie,Instead, the glomerul?ren capillaries a high perfusion, high pressure and high filtration.Do you speed up the noninflammatory glomerul?re sclerosis.Limiting protein intake can lead to the development of chronic kidney dysfunction.decrease.Therefore we currently advocate a high quality protein?di?t,0 per kilogram of K?body weight per day.7 ~ 1.0 grams.
Almost all patients with this disease have hyperlipid?mie,Limit your intake of animal fat.The Ern?Is nutrition rich in polyunsaturated?saturated fat?uren (like fish?l) and plants?len (soy?l, Rapeseed?l, Sesame?l). People with high?limit the sodium intake,The t?equal salt intake re?gt less than 3 grams,Suitable Erg?use of trace elements.
Please note the followingfor the reason?tze:
(1) Sodium intake: At?should a low-salt di?t be ingested.Around ?deme not to aggravate,In general, should the t?The same salt content does not exceed 2 g.Prohibit prohibited foods,Use less MSG and alkali.If that ?the after?sst and the plasma protein is almost normal,Can normal Ern?start again.
(2) Protein intake: In nephrotic syndrome, a majore amount of plasma protein is excreted in the urine.The protein of the K?rpers is reduced and is in a state of protein deficiency?leadership.By hypoprotein?The colloidal osmotic pressure in the plasma decreases.Result stubborn?more rugged?deme,The resistance of the K?rpers also decreases.In the absence of kidney failure, should a higher quality protein di?t are given (1 ~ 1.5 g / kg * d), Like fish and meat.This helps Hypoprotein?mie and some of the complications it causes.
A high protein dietHowever, the kidney blood flow and the glomerul?increase the filtration ratehen.Do you make the glomerul?ren capillaries in a high pressure state,At the same time receivedht the intake of a lot of protein also the urine protein,Can accelerate sclerosis of the glomerulus.therefore,Patients with chronic and non-polar nephrotic syndrome should consume a lower amount of high quality protein (0).7 ≤ 1 g / kg * d),What about chronic kidney function?concerns,A low protein Di?t (0.65 g / kg * d).
(3) fat intake: patients with nephrotic syndrome suffer h?often hyperlipid?mie.This can atherosclerosis and glomerul?re sch?the, Sclerosis, etc. cause.Therefore, the consumption of high-cholesterol and high-fat foods such as animal innards fatty meat and certain seafood.be nkt.
(4) Erg?Use of trace elements: if the permeability?t the glomerul?renal basement membrane increases in patients with nephrotic syndrome,Add?add to the loss of protein in the urine,At the same time, some protein-bound trace elements and hormones are lost.Are You Causing The Human K?for a lack of calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and other elements.Suitable Erg?tongues should be given.In general, eating vegetables, Fruit, Cereals and seafoodbe used which are rich in vitamins and trace elements.

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