Which fruits and vegetables are better for high blood pressure?What should I do in terms of the Ern?act?

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—————-High bloodFruit, patients should eat32313133353236313431303231363533e4b893e5b19e31333337383837——————–
To the K?body fluid to n?listh, n?hear the lungs revitalize the spleen and stomachApple can prevent the rise in blood cholesterol,Patients with high blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis, coronary artery disease,Suitable for many years without interruption?to eat apples,Eat at least 1-2 medium sized?e?apples per day.
Very rich in foodleadership,Enth?lt carbohydrates, Protein, Raw fibers and a variety of mineral elements.And the fat content is very low.Contain potassium ions in bananas, to lower blood pressure,It has the effect the rise in pressure and the damage caused by excessive sodium saltto resist blood vessels.At the same time,It can do?Improve and adjust ratio of potassium to sodium.That meanst, Proper consumption of foods rich in potassium can improve the k?Effectively reduce your own sodium intake.It also has a better protective effect on cardiomyocytes.
Watermelon containsalmost no fat,The juice of the watermelon containslt almost different N?nutrients, which the human K?rper ben?does.Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the watermelon di?t, to “solve problems and quench thirst”.The broadening of the center and the lowering of the qi “is strong evidence of the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure.What are the active ingredients like citrulline and arginine in watermelon meat?Smoke helps with diuresis and lowers blood pressure.

—————— Vegetables for high blood pressure patients ——————-

Sweet, bitter, cool in nature,It has the effect to calm the liver and W?eliminate rms, To dispel wind and moisture, refresh the brain and refresh the brain, moisturize the lungs and relieve coughs.Regular consumption of celery can lower blood pressure, calm the nerves and refresh the brain.It is a high quality vegetable for patients with high blood pressure and cerebral arteriosclerosis.Celery has a h?higher protein content?, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Vitamin as Gew?Similar vegetables.Celery is rich in vitamin P,Can the pass?reduce capillary fluidity,Soften blood vessels,Has the effect lower blood pressure and lipids,Drink with fresh celery juice and sugar,It has an obvious preventive effect on high blood pressure.Usually people just eat their st?nails,Indeed as Di?t to prevent high blood pressure,It is best to wash the roots, St?ngel und Bl?together and eat them.Or do you use Bl?tter and st?ngel as a vegetable.
Every 100 grams of asparagus contains 100 micrograms of carotene.Vitamin C 45 mg,Its fat content is extremely low.There is a lot of vitamin P in asparagus,That meanst, Rutin snow and mannan, Choline, Arginine and other ingredients,It is beneficial the shape and elasticity?t to maintain the capillaries and physiological functions.It has good effects on the treatment of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.
Bitter gourd:
Bitter taste, cold in nature,?doctors believe that it has the effect W?relieve stress and heatdissipate rme, To replenish qi and purify the heart, Eliminate heat and irritability, to detoxify and the eyesight?gen to improve.It can b?eliminate heat and relieve fatigue,It has a good therapeutic effect on wind-heat headache, Upset and irritability, red face and red eyes, Heatstroke.The content of vitamin C in bitter gourd is unmatched in melons.This is greatIs it important for maintaining elasticity?t the blood vessel, the maintenance of normal physiological functions as well as the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, cerebrovascular?ren accident?ll and coronary heart disease.
Winter melon:
It has the effect Eliminate heat and wind, Eliminate mucus and moisture, to detoxify, to widen the chest, the heart to tr?sten and the Sch?nness to improve.Winter melon is a food high in potassium and low in sodium.It has obvious antihypertensive effects on high blood pressure,If you eat 500 grams of winter melon a day,It can the K?give rper a net gain of 381 mg of potassium.

In Erg?nzung,Eggplant, Tomatoes, black mushroom etc. are also beneficial Di?ten, to prevent high blood pressure.

——————— Ern?for the reason?tze ————————–

(1) Do you have a low salt diet?t a. Sodium salt under the action of certain endocrine hormones,It can increase the sensitivity of blood vessels to various substances.hen, which increase blood pressurehen.Cause spasm of small arteries,He?watch the blood pressure,And can accelerate the process of renal artery sclerosis.Sodium salt has the effect Adsorb water,Eating too much sodium and saltEasy to keep water and sodium in the K?rper,And ?cause deme.The t?equal salt intake should not exceed 5 grams.That meanst, the monthly salt consumption for a dreik?pfige family does not exceed 500 grams.Since MSG contains sodiumlt,It should also be used sparingly.

(2) eat moderately,Weight Control For Obese Hypertensive Patients,Losing weight can lower blood pressure,Should try to control the weight at the standard weight level.

(3) low calorie, low fat and low cholesterol Di?t,Should be thick and thinSuitable meat and vegetable fats have a blood pressure effect.Vegetable fat has the effect of lower blood pressureH?sucks?from the content of un?saturated fat?uren from.Control your total intake of fat and cholesterol.Cholesterol should be below 150 mg per day,The behavior?ltnis of ges?saturated fat?uren too bad?saturated fat?uren betr?gt about 1: 1.

Eat more cereals, Legumes and soy products.Different K?Men are healthier than rice and flour.Oats and buckwheat have a significant effect on lowering serum cholesterol.Xiaomi is second.Beans like soybeans, green beans, Edamame, Mung beans, Kidney beans and soy products, Soy milk, Tofu etc.Not just rich in protein?,And is it rich in aminos?acids and vitamins,The calcium content is also h?here,It can from the human K?be better accepted and used.Eat soy products as usual,Can’t just eat normal?Maintain a financial equilibrium,It can also fully affect the endocrine system?regulate carefully,reduce excess fat,Lower blood pressure and blood lipids,Reduce cardiovascular stress,He?do you have heart vitality?t,Optimize blood circulation,Protect the cardiovascular system.

(4) Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as foods which are rich in vitamin B and vitamin C. The relationship between vitamins and high blood pressure cannot be ignored.B vitamins are involved in various enzymatic activityten of the K?rpers involved,Vitamin C is involved in the formation of collagen in the blood vessels.nd involved.A blood test on 641 adults showed thispeople with a h?higher levels of vitamin C in the blood,The lower the blood pressure in the arteries.What researchers believe: Vitamin C helps expand blood vessels,Eat more vegetables every day Paprika, Lemons and other sour fruits.Helps lower blood pressure.

(5) Eat more foods with antihypertensive effects Food with antihypertensive effects,Like garlic Celery, Shepherd’s money?rse, Spinach, Garland chrysanthemum, Carrot, Water chestnut, Mushroom, Watermelon, Seaweed, Sea cucumber, Jellyfish, Fish etc. should be eaten every day.Eat 2-3 cloves of garlic every day,This is the easiest way to lower blood pressure.A survey of a group of 415 people found that Eat 600-900 mg of garlic paste,The average drop in blood pressure is> 11 mmHg.Garlic Can Help the right amount of an enzyme in the K?Maintain rper and avoid high blood pressure.


(1) Avoid tobacco and alcohol.Drink less coffee, according to a study by Duke University,In one day,If you take caffeine pills the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee by mouth,Human blood pressure increases by 2 to 3 mmHg.Caffeine narrows blood vessels,L?The blood pressure will rise.

(2) Don’t use flour as a dinner staple. Wheat flourht the insulin secretion in the body?rper.The latter can raise blood pressure within a few hours.hen.Some research has found thatpeople with high levels of insulin in their blood suffer three times h?more often under high blood pressure.

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Fatty foods Come 
suitablesourceFood--Plant?l,2113A small amountcreamSalatso?e5261.  
carbohydrateconnectionFood 4102
Suitable food –1653meterRice,Congee, Pasta, Pasta, Arrowroot soup, Taro, soft beans  
Vitamin and mineral nutrition  
Suitable food vegetables (spinach, Cabbage, Carrots, Tomatoes, Lily roots, Pumpkins, Eggplant, Cucumbers and other fiberless),Fruits (?apples, Peaches, Oranges, Pears, Grapes, Watermelons, Bananas etc.),Raw algae, Mushrooms, Fruits and vegetables produce belly gas.Must be cooked soft or made into sauce.
You k?can eat “Xinhe Antang Cordyceps Flower” every day,Make something for teaIt is beneficial to equalize blood pressure.

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