Why can high blood pressure not be cured?

Gao Qiu
Deputy chief physician
Yixing City People’s Hospital

Good at:It has a high degree in diagnosis and treatment for difficult and critical diseases such as severe viral myocarditis, malignant arrhythmia, Angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction, Aortic dissection and syncope.

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Hello,For the situation that you saidAccording to the symptoms you describedyou have high blood pressure.For the disease of hypertension,Generally caused by genetic factors,60% of patients have a family history,It is currently believed that it is caused by polygenic inheritance,30% ~ 50% of patients have a genetic background,So this disease has some inheritance.For the disease of hypertension,After antihypertensive treatment Blood pressure can be reduced to normal values.It can only be sustained with medicationBut when you complete?want to be healedThere are still many difficulties.I suggest, that you can take antihypertensive drugs orallynnen,Lower blood pressure to normal values,Then continue to take the medicine every day without interruption.At the same time should the Ern?be low in salt,Little sugar,Low fat,Avoid tobacco and alcohol.Train more,Lose weight.Stay healthy.

2019-03-31 18:39


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