Why is blood pressure still high after taking antihypertensive drugs?Disregard these 5 pointsNo matter how much medicine you take

High blood pressure is a silent killerWhat people fear most are the excessive fluctuations in blood pressure.Functional or organic causeschanges in organs like heart, Kidneys, Blood vessels and brain.Even take away precious lives right away.Some people use antihypertensive drugs in strict accordance with the doctor’s instructions.But the blood pressure could not pl?to fallHow l?uft that

Why is blood pressure still high after taking antihypertensive drugs?

1. Not on Tuesdays?t pay attention

Just blindly rely on antihypertensive drugsDidn’t you?ethical conditioning respected,Blood pressure cannot be effectively controlled at all.Still, can a high sodium dietcause an arterial spasm.He?low blood pressure,At the same time, sodium salt absorbs water,Cause water and sodium retention,He?hen the load on the heart.It is not so, that cucumber and salt contain sodium.Also watch out for invisible salt like MSG, Soy sauce, Oyster sauce and tomato sauce.Au?besides, in the production of biscuits, Too much salt added to fried dough sticks and bread.Are you also paying attention to the invisible ones?le in the Ern?leadership,Fried foods contain a lot of sat?saturated fat?urs and trans fats?uren, which the K?rper beautifuldigen k?can.

2. No smoking trendlimit

After the nicotine in the cigarette goes into the k?rper has reachedHe?ht temporarily the blood pressure,He?watch the heart rate,He?watch the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle.This increasesht the load on the heart.The contained carbon monoxide is combined with H?moglobin combined in the blood.Reduce the F?ability of the blood, To transport and transport oxygen.There are also some substances in cigarettes,He?ht the blood pressure,He?do you hen the blood viscosity?t and the fat?urinary content in the blood,F?change in the accumulation and adhesion of blood cellsttchen on the diseased blood vessel wall,Narrows the risk?hey,This can cause myocardial infarction or angina.Drinking can also narrow blood vessels,Make blood pressure rise,In summary, it is necessary to stop smoking and drinking?ren.

3. Do not pay attention to movement

Some hypertensive patients think it is time to rest.As a result, he?is it the K?body fat and cholesterol content,He?hen the cardiovascular?re burden.Maintaining moderate exercise helps control blood pressure.Because movement increases blood flow to the K?rpers f?can changeF?change in gastrointestinal motility?t,Help you lose weight.But the movement should adopt the principle of gradual progress.No overdose,Don’t exercise too much.Summer sports avoid the time in which the sun is shiningCan’t train on an empty stomachTo hypoglyc?avoid mia or hypotension,The training time can be arranged two hours after meals.As long as it w?there are complaints during training,Have to stop immediately?ren.

4th Temperature?disregard changes

?changes in ambient temperature k?can affect blood pressure.The tension of the peripheral blood vessels increases in the hot?en summer.The blood pressure will drop.If you look forward to heavy k?perform physical work in a high temperature environment,He?ht the systolic blood pressure.Therefore, antihypertensive drugs must be adjusted in the summer,Actively cool down,Avoid heat stroke.

5. Not controlling emotions

Emotional Ver?changes k?can affect blood pressure.excessive tension, Fear, bige joy, bige sadness, Fear and anger k?can the nerve activity?ten at high level?ren.Improve responsivenessability of the autonomic nerve center,He?do the vasoactive substances in the blood such as catecholamines,Causes kr?fumes and contractions of small arteries.This increases blood pressure.ht.So you have to control your emotionsActively prevent high blood pressure.


When you need to maintain stable blood pressureright,I can’t just rely on antihypertensive drugs.And we need to regulate Ern?leadership, Respect life and mood.Go to the hospital regularly to monitor blood pressure.Do you adjust the dosage?changes in blood pressure.Face the disease rightDon’t be excessiveanxious and depressed.Lower blood pressure cannot be too hastyTo avoid cardiovascular?renal and cerebrovascular?causing complications.Are You Getting Emotional Stability?t and adequate sleep,Pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

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